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For licensing enquiries please email

Image Usage

My works are NOT stock images, they are not free for use. You may not use my works in any manipulations or designs, including but not limited to: manipulation artworks, websites, layouts, tubes, wallpapers, banners, blogs, CDs, posters, icons, etc.

My works are available for licensing, consideration has to be budgeted for both the model's usage fees and my own for photography. For licensing enquiries please email

Image Referencing

You're free to reference my images for drawings, illustrations, vectors and 3D artworks for practice/school/fanart ONLY. Permission is not required and you're welcomed to show me any end results; however, they CANNOT be used for print/competition/merchandise/commercial/profit purposes, in which licensing and permission would be required.

You must give CLEAR CREDIT to me and link back to my website and userpage :iconzemotion: with my icon if posting on deviantART.

I do not give out hi-resolution images for references.


For reblogging/reposting of my works for features and articles, do NOT edit/crop/manipulate the image in any way (cropping/collage is fine for image previews).

Prints Purchases

Prints bought from the deviantART print store under the username zemotion or directly from myself are solely for collection purposes ONLY. Buying prints does NOT grant you rights or licenses to use any of my works.

Thank you.


All images and materials found on this website ( under the username zemotion (, are copyrighted to Zhang Jingna; and many of these photographs and artworks are also under legal contracts with 3rd parties that have legal rights and authorisation to use these images.
You may purchase prints of my works for personal collections ONLY, you may NOT use/manipulate/exhibit/resell/reproduce for personal or commercial reasons/uses. Any users, found to replicate, reproduce, circulate, distribute, download, manipulate or otherwise use these images without my written consent will be in breach of copyright laws as well as contract laws (for which 3rd parties may take joint action with me against you).


The following parties have infringed my copyright and other legal rights through their unlawful use of my images downloaded from this site. The following named parties are thus on my 'black-list' and put on notice that legal action is currently being sought against them: Wacken Records, Forever Slave, Harrison Hernandez.

© 2008 - 2021 zemotion
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Hi, I have to ask you to allow me to use your motherland_chronicles_43_dreaming for a drawing and a book cover? It would be really nice of you. You're so talented, everything is great!
Greetings  Gigi
fanatys's avatar
I have used one of your photo for paiting practice…

Hope do you like it! :)
elotta's avatar

i have used one of your photographs as a basis for a pose for a drawing i did (credited you), here it is if you'd want to see^^ [link]
jsergent's avatar
This is really reasonable.
Eva-Kay's avatar
I found this product with a manipulated version of your icon photo, 'The moment after...'. Just in case these people do not have permission to use your image, here's the link [link]
I hope you see this if it is an issue : )
Liliaje's avatar
I used one of your photos in manipulation, just for a small school project (i read below and saw that it was okay) not posting on da,
But I was wondering if I could submit it as part of my AP portfolio? It would just go to colleges to see, I wouldn't be making any money nor taking any kind of ownership for the photo, and it wouldn't be published anywhere.
If it is not okay, I understand and won't submit it.
soarindash2001's avatar
I have a question... is it okay to use them in a video for youtube?
animegirl-hikari96's avatar
Is it okay to use the images as reference for school? You mentioned not using them for competitions, but'd I'd really like to draw them and use them for my AP portfolio, is that not okay?
is it okay for me to use you artworks for a school project??
i'm gonna manipulate/photoshop most of the photos though..
anonamos701's avatar
Whoops. Should have put it here instead. Was reading manga when I passed over an image I thought looked very...familiar..

ironcageskirt's avatar

Wasn't sure that they got your persmission to use the photo, so thought you should see this.
doukana's avatar
Your work is being used here, I'm not sure if you're aware~
shifugicanaru's avatar
Thank you so much for allowing us to draw your pictures :)
ElisabethAnna's avatar
I found your image as a CD cover randomly on iTunes. The band/cd is "Paint the Night Black: We Own the Night". Don't know if it was stolen or if they actually had your permission, but I thought you should know.
ElisabethAnna's avatar
Here's a link of them using it on their myspace music page: [link]
ejen-yairi's avatar
How dare they infringe your artworks?! Actually, I'm still afraid about my artworks security. =)
nahalila's avatar
Umm I was just wondering if I could post some on your pictures on my blog, with a link back to your DA page of course. : )
Sorry to bother I just wanted to make sure.
zemotion's avatar
That would be fine. :)
Artheeria's avatar
I wasn't sure if this was allowed : [link]
EmberRoseArt's avatar
I wanted to show you a painting I've just finished with your photo as image referencing. I had much fun painting this [link]
alitos2's avatar
wow!!! excellent!! thanks for this =D
scheznyk's avatar
Never mind, the image was taken off as I have notified the author and the website owners.
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