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name is Doll...

a painted, very lonely,


i used to go by an alias Doll when i played weiqi/igo/baduk.. actually i still have the accounts.
i don't know what came over me back then..

someone commented once that there is something odd about the image, a certain strangeness that makes it a little different from just beautiful. personally.. i don't know. =cypherx said i ought to post this.

winter 2004. photo by xiaochuan. sunset, it was freezing. i hadn't eaten all day, and i was dying in that corset.

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MinorFiction's avatar so beautiful...that face, angelic and those eyes are so enchanting. She is a rare beauty a vision of loveliness, a living doll. Brilliant job, on a brilliant photo.   
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Your work is featured in "YELLOW - THE COLOUR OF LIGHT AND LIFE - PART II"…

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I like u r art so sweet & beautiful.............ash
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The hair and makeup is so pretty...and the lightning gives it all a special look. beautiful!
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This picture is a bit like, excuse my corny simile, looking at the sun in a broken mirror. It is exquisite and brilliant, yet something about it is strange and startling. I adore this.
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So lovely--glowing and ethereal . . .
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wow thats so beautiful ^^
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You really did looked like a doll here, haha.

=cypherx It was this certain strangeness that captured my attention. I guess that's what great art is about. There are really a lot of photographs online, some of them beautiful, but rarely interesting in a way like this particular one.
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This is another piece that turns my mind to the model Devon Aoki. Pursed, painted lips; expressive eyebrows and piercing eyes, radiant hair. I do not mean to detract by saying I see another in the picture at first glance. The beauty is all yours.
absolutely stunning
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Doll is worth admiration!!!!
You are really talented.
Please keep up this fine work.
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its amazing...the face looks fake, almost as if it were a real doll and the rest looks as if its from another picture, another scene in the "real" world...
yeah dunno if that makes sense, basically i love the picture (:
im going thru ur whole gallery, is that weird? u-u
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this is very beautiful
kinda looks like the girl in Kanon Wakeshima's song "still doll"
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