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Where the Wild Things Are. II

I'm sorry it's so much work posts lately, because I've to admit that it is what I'd been doing.

There're some personal stuff, but very few and taking a very long time before I can process it all through. But for most of the jobs I've been shooting, I can actually honestly say that I'm happy to work on because of the good team, concept and direction I'm fortunate to have.

So no, I've not sold my soul to the commercial world for money, and I still hold dA very much dearly. ^^

This is one of my favs from this series, the rest plus some behind the scenes can be seen here: [link]


Harper's Bazaar Singapore Sept 09

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Alli Sim
Hair/make-up: Marc Teng
Manicure: Joyce Chang
Model: Weronika/Ave
Photography Assistants: Hoong Weilong, Abby Lim
Styling Assistant: Jacquie Ang
Additional Assistant: Michelle Chow

© Zhang Jingna
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Hello guys checkout my profile for amazing hd backgrounds
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brb doing my hair like that
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I've looked through the other comments and haven't found anyone that's asked; just how long did her hair take to style like that...? It's phenomenal!

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Her hair is awesome. It's beautiful. :)
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This is so surreal and beautiful!
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HER NOSE... omg it's so perfect!!
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wow that hair is really big!!hahaha
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Your photo is featured here: [link]

I've linked it to your dA page.
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Awesome hairstyling! wow...
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I like your picture. i'm gonna put it on my blog : [link]

If you mind, let me know ! ;)

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that's amazing!!
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great lighting and reflection :thumbsup:
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This is absolutely gorgeous. The pose and the composition in general. Lovely.
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when i see that i just think,omg i wish to have a photo of me like this one day...<3
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i love this photo
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I don;t have words for it. Just amazing!
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This is gorgeous!
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