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The moment after...

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self portrait.
it's not inspired by memoirs.

Image collected in my photobook: Something Beautiful.

self portraits series:

© Zhang Jingna
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Absolutely stunning!
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Very beautiful Jinga
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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you look so much like me! >.<
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I never realized this photo was you. I'm an artist and photographer, and you have unknowingly become an inspiration in both fields. I drew this picture of you years ago when i was trying to draw on white paper for the first time. It's such a beautiful picture of you. And now fast-forward several years, i am now inspired by you as a photographer. If i could be a fly on the wall and watch you work!!! Amazing!! Here's the picture i drew years ago. Calm by KristeeMaysCreative  
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looks like the cover of "memoir of a geisha"
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Wow - this almost hurts how beautiful it is 
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you are sooooooo pretty!!
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I can see how people could get that it is inspired by MoaG but at the same time it's not since it is original^^ :heart:
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wow, you are gorgeous
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The first thing of thought of when seeing the picture was Memoirs of a Geisha, but I did not assume you were inspired by the book cover. It is a beautiful self portrait by the way. :D
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Your picture is stunning! The other day I was browsing through the library and I saw it as a cover on a book and thought I was going insane but I guess not XD
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Is it possible to know what color setting layers you've used for this retouch? I can't reproduce it T-T. 
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forever favorite!
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Edit: Oops! I just realized this is you!
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Stunning! Thank You
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So beautiful, and emotionally evocative!
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Great picture! I love it..
And such a pretty model!!!;-)
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