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Song to the Siren V

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SingaporeBrides.com, Aug 2012

I got to collaborate with *harlequinromantique! Omg omg she was sooooo nice and sent me so much awesome jewelry I could use for the shoot and they were all so pretty *fangirl gush*

Been a long time since I used sand in the studio! We had about 500-600kg of it, setup and teardown was such a pain but so worth it for the concept I think. Thank you SingaporeBrides for the support~! :heart:

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Photo Assistants: Phyllicia Wang, Huafeng
Hair: Wai Fun
Makeup: Dewi Mahoney
Model: Shelby B/Ave
Jewelry: *harlequinromantique

© Zhang Jingna
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I really like the smoke in the background. It sort of creates this mythical/mystical feeling to the image, and also takes away the fact that it is probably just a black background behind the model. I also love models features. The pouted lips, darker eyes really do look serene and perfectly reflects the main idea of the picture series. I don't think that that much accessories were needed. I think compared to the vase necklace and bracelet look a bit cheap and not connected to the era shown and that annoys me a bit. But other than that great job, really enjoyed looking trough every image.
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I think that from all the photos from The Siren Series, this picture embodies the Siren feel a hundred percent. From the partially wet hair to the tone and lighting of the picture, it makes a striking and sensual impact of the feminine fatality of Grecian time, the Siren who lures the men to their death. Some may oppose the black background but I it concentrates more on the view of the siren rather than some oceanic view that would steal away from the pic. The way the sand fades in the background give the view that she's on her recent ship wreck, aided by the scattered shells. The Grecian prop aides in that sentiment, giving the view of some lost relic stranded out at sea from the long ago ship wreck. The photo tells the tale of the fatality of the siren's song, and the striking beauty of the model is enough to see how the fatality comes about.
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vaengiHobbyist General Artist
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This piece really caught my eye. Before I start with all the positives, I first want to say one thing that I (personally) think would have improved this image. I think a nature based backdrop rather than a black background would have given this image a bit more power, but this is just a minor critique.
Anyway, I love this photo. You picked great props and the dress is gorgeous, and I'm not sure if you were aiming for this, it looks like a bridal gown, which is very interesting. Adds some mystery to the image, I think. Out of all the Song of the Siren photos, this one is definitely my favorite.
You have a real talent in photography, I wish I was as good as you!
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Of the Song to the Siren pieces, this one really caught my eye - both the pose framing and the softness of the lighting work really well to bring to mind a painting while still drawing the eye through the shot beautifully. That this carries through both the human and sculpture elements means that as my eye moves through the piece, there's always a texture, a shape, and a tonality that catches my attention.

Makeup, jewelry, and hair work very well in this lighting - typically, when there's a sharp point of color, my eye is draw to it over other elements in a piece, but the exposure and lightness on skin tones and dress balance against those color points such that I reflexively take the entire photograph as a whole.
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andrearenoHobbyist Photographer
very nice
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JustinGedakProfessional General Artist
Really beautiful work!
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linateschphotographyProfessional Photographer
You have been featured :)
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Beautiful photo...  Amablink icon 
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Sakka-samaHobbyist Digital Artist
I believe you should see this fav.me/d6y06bl
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Kay-NoireProfessional Photographer
Oh my gosh, this series is so breath-taking. I love the lighting, the styling and the pose. There's something really mysterious and even mystical in the feel of it, it does make me think of Sirens and Ancient Greek Mythology! :heart:
Keep up the wonderful work! :heart:
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zemotionProfessional Photographer
Thank you!
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I drew some fanart with this as a reference!
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crooked-clockwork General Artist
You've been featured in my Art of the Week poll!
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Mitia-Arcturus Photographer
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soooo beautyful <3
Can i ask you about the Light-Setup?!
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Deborah-ValentineProfessional Traditional Artist
I wish I could do digital painting like that...
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CinnamoncandyHobbyist General Artist
You have been featured. [link] :heart:
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Would you mind if I used your amazing stock in here [link] ?
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zemotionProfessional Photographer
My images are not stock photos. Please remove it.
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^^~. I deleted it
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iam-SHERLOCKEDHobbyist Digital Artist
featured! : [link] :hug:
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