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Motherland Chronicles #50 - Eurydice

By zemotion
For the Motherland Chronicles project! :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)

New piece~!! Only 2 left to go! 

My inability to title continues, so please, feel free to give your suggestions once again. Wanted to call her Eurydice but I'm not quite sure how that'd fit into Motherland haha. 

This piece was inspired by Antoon van Welie's work in the very beginning, then somehow Gundam 00 and Vinland Saga, and lastly George Frederic Watts. It's possibly the epitome of my anime meets classical influences?! 

Also, for the sake of users who don't have a dA account, I will upload censored pictures from now on. I now even have a permanent censoring layer in Photoshop now called nipple box. XD

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Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion
Hair: Erin Taylor NYC Hair Stylist
Makeup: Kharkova Tatyana
Model: Joanna Bajena
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Haiyin Lin, Ruoyu Xu

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© Zhang Jingna
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True beauty. The picture breathes life...

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in my life.

I will begin talking about what I don't like.
Actually it's only one thing, the background is a little bit too dark.
This is, of course, a matter of personal taste. Looking at the other photos (I almost called them paintings) I see this is part of the artist's style so...
I would have preferred a little more light, that's all.
On the other hand this is a way to focus the attention on the model.
I don't really like the nipple box (yes, I read the description).
This is such a powerful representation of pure pristine Beauty, I don't see how it could be offensive to anyone.
Again, my personal feeling.

Now what I DO like.
It looks like an amazing Pre-Raphaelite painting, the fact that it is a photo just doubles the amazement.
To tell the truth I keep looking at it and I can barely believe it is a photo.
I don't remember to have seen anything like this before.
The model is of absolute, stunning beauty, her features incredibly delicate, her hair almost unreal.
Those eyebrows and eyelashes are unbelievable, almost a sign of this angel's heavenly nature.
Despite her nudity, her pose and expression are so modest she could be the very symbol of Innocence (another possible title, btw).
The mild blush on her face and her closed eyes enhance this feeling even more.
I like the lighting of the model too, coming from above it emphasizes the spiritual atmosphere of the piece.
This artwork is like a glimpse of a lost Paradise, a world where only Beauty can exist and evil and sin are meaningless words.

And when Beauty reaches such high levels I think it transcends its object and becomes universal.
Looking at this picture makes me feel like looking into oceanic depths or facing the highest mountain in the world.
It is a mixed feeling of amazement, reverence and fear.

In short: an outstanding piece of Art, masterfully conceived and shot by a true goddess of Photography.

(This is my first critique, I hope it is acceptable)
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I did find it a bit dark later on too, when it goes to print I will probably be lifting the colours a little more, like #52. Thank you for the kind words!
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Thank you for your artworks, they are truly amazing.
Definitely going to keep my eyes on your gallery.
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This is a super pretty portrait.
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This has a biblical Adam and Eve art feel to it. Its absolutely beautiful.
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Zhang your work is excellent please add more, also covering a beautiful work with a grey cube is silly obsenity , Art and nudes are historic Perfection, see French, Italian, Russian masters!!
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I wish I owned the rights to this photo, it's so amazing and has so much potential for a drawing uugg. 
Stunning! The lighting is perfect. The mood is very calming and alluring.
The censoring blur is very disrupting to the overall piece.
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The poor girl's nipples are blurry and cubic, which distracts from the overall beauty and aesthetic of the image....
It's a great artwork aside from that.
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it looks like Rennaissance; very cool photo, perfect
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I believe the "nipple box" is drawing much more attention to the area than would the the observer otherwise want to spare away from her beautiful face.
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why is it censored?
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Beautifully done. MLS
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Зацензуренный сосок убил всю фотографию.
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Graceful is just the beginning. Enchanting, refined, ethereal, serene.... an image for truly resting your eyes on and soothing a weary heart.
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Forget the censored nip, if there is one thing wrong here it is the eyelashes.  Otherwise very good portrait.
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I've always loved how you set up a photo, It almost seems as if she's surrounded in a bush and sleeping in it. (It even in a way seems comfortable even if scratchy)

I love how her eyebrows and eyelashes have that beautiful color to them and how soft and angelic her hair is. It's so long and beautiful and I can almost imagine the softness of it in that photo alone. It's really beautiful how the photo is taken. The headpiece she is wearing is very suiting for the photo and I really love those types of "head covering" shaped hairpieces that really perfect and give the person such a beautiful look when they're wearing it.

Each flower in the photo has so many beautiful buds and flowers on them and I love how you add nature into each photograph you take You could make anything beautiful I think.The model is beautiful too, Her face is so relaxed and has such a beautiful tint. I love this piece very much. You express such a strong mystic feeling to your art and make anything you photograph an amazing feeling to it. I will always enjoy your photography and it is so relaxing and floral. 
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I'm troubled with the square nipple.....
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Very very beautiful
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She's beautiful. But she might wanna go see a doctor to find out why her nipples are blurry.
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