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Motherland Chronicles #4 - The Waiting

Week 4!!!
For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)
I also got a Weibo account!

Photography: Jingna Zhang
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Giuliana/Ford L.A.
Photo Assistant: Xun Chi
Outfit from Max Tan

Los Angeles, 2010

Week 4!! From the archives because no timeeeee. Can't believe I've even managed to keep up with this crazy schedule. I mean, weekly personal work posts, I haven't managed this since my first year! And that's like 7 years ago now. Allow me to be proud of myself please. ._.

I'm looking for cosplayers! Please read more here:…

Motherland Chronicles:

© Zhang Jingna
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I am not normally a fan of Goth or Emo but this one made me stop and look.

The all-black figure with white face is what caught my eye. Dark, black cape and flowing black hair.

The model (you?) looks at the camera/viewer with a strong and confident expression but with a hint of contempt. The pose is erect and forward: This person is powerful.

You wouldn't necessarily expect a person dressed like this to be walking in the forest. This adds a fairy tale or movie aspect. Maybe like "Twilight" but I think more like "Van Helsing." If you wanted to take the "Harry Potter" angle you could say she looks like a female version of "Snape."

Compositionally, don't change a thing.

Depth of field and focus are good. Exposure and brightness are good. I would like to see some more detail in the black cape. I don't know if it's possible with the limitations of an 8-bit JPEG. Take a look at the original and see what's there. Maybe.

Only one thing that can be interpreted as a negative: Lay off the "Vibrance" and "Saturation" controls. Oversaturation is becoming way too common. It often detracts from otherwise great pictures. I like the blue/green cast, especially in the background but I'd like to see a version where you back off the saturation one or two notches. This might even look really good as a black and white image.

Overall: 9 out of 10.
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Haunting, Thank You
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love this. reminds me of Addams family <3
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fascinating picture. It is truly an inspiration. So gloomy and nevertheless colorfull. It reminds me on a fairy, a protector of the woods.
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This is so cool! I love the atmosphere
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Amazing, I absolutely love the colours of this one
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so creapy but beautiful
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....amazing shot and exquisite series, 
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she is so beautiful. it's beyond words. the forest adds a surreal look to the whole scene...
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The witch of the forest. Beautiful and creepy at the same time. Well done.
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Truly beautiful colour palette. Love the feel of this.
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it's captivating, the Figure the posture the surroundings... really beautiful 
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There is serious confidence in this shot. She's either saying 'How dare you venture into my domain....?' or 'come with me. Now.' She's like some ancient and forgotten goddess of the wood. Love this.

I like how she literally looks like she's wearing darkness - there's next to no detail that can be ascertained on the clothing itself. Very surreal and beautiful image.
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That looks is either saying 'come with me, now.' or 'how dare you enter my domain?' either way - the confidence in this shot is great. I love the cold colours used in the background and midground.
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is impossible to resist at such beauty ... I love her hair :love: :clap:
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