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Motherland Chronicles #26 - Euphrosyne

For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook!)

First of a triptych! Ever since MLC #1 I'd been hoping to photograph the large masks from Casin dei Nobili I saw in Venice. I'm so glad to be given the chance to work with these pieces of art. Thank you so much Valentina!

Also Motherland Chronicles 6 months!! Hooray.

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Junya Nakashima
Makeup: Viktorija Bowers
Model: Germaine Persinger
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Ernie Chang, Tiffany Liu

Mask by Casin dei Nobili

Motherland Chronicles:

© Zhang Jingna
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Beautiful work!
And so eerily captivating!
Her stance and how the material is moving makes it look as if you've summoned her from another world which adds another layer of eerie.
At first I thought it was maybe something to do with Gods and Goddesses because, from the thumbnail, she reminded me of the Goddess Kali with the mask/headdress and the blue-ish hue to the overall image but especially the body paint.
Something I'm not too keen on, is the way her hair her positioned. I think it probably has blown that way but the way it crosses over her chest takes away from the streamline curve of her body and also, where a strand comes over the top of the material, by her hand. The material has quite a contrast, being so much paler and the hair seems to break up the natural flow. But maybe it's just me on that.
The lighting is perfect. The way it catches just enough of her hair to show you that it's there is and as if it is almost an extension to the material is lovely.
Overall, this is a terrific image and the series in which it's part of is equally beautiful.

So much movement and kenetic energy. Well done!

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Marvelous... love the flowing lines...  a mysterious presence reminding me of the High Priestess from the Tarot. 
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Amazing! Your photos are some of the best I've seen here on dA. :)
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This is really amazing. It just captures you so you can't look away at all. It reminds me of Shinichi Maruyama's KUSHO series.
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OMG! It's so wonderful *_*
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This one reminds me of the Zora people from The Legend of Zelda series. :heart:
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This shot/character reminds me of Guillermo del Toro's work a bit. Good grief, this is haunting and exquisite.
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Absolutely captivating! This is an amazing shot.
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Wow! Simply fantastic!
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There's certainly an air of mystery to this one, and I love the mask, but Jingna- I'm noticing too much repetitive fabric/hair flow occuring in your photographs. You ought create movement in your pieces using different techniques as I think it's a shame for a photographer of your caliber to stick to this repetition.
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What do you suggest?
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You could do more with your models' poses- create movement using the direction of their body arrangement to guide the eyes of your audience. Sometimes even a sitting pose with subtle gestures can present great, strong movement if the body speaks the language you, the photographer, intend to communicate. Other elements within your environments can effect movement as well, such as props/lighting. I'll use this picture as an example:… See how the scattered flowers are following the direction of your hair flow? The composition fills the whole shot but directs the eye elsewhere, so movement is not lost here.

That said, I'll continue watching to see what you do in the future. ;)
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Yeah I try, but it's also not easy trying to produce a shoot every week with limited resources on my own. I can see what you're trying to say and trust me I really do try to vary up how I shoot because I get bored and hate my work easily, but I think part of the way I work with movement in hair and fabric is part of my style I'd say, especially fabric in this way, I honestly haven't really done something quite like this since Redemption which was 2007. Maybe to you it feels the same as all other movements but to me it's a little more than that when I revisit old specific elements like that.

Anyway that said I do appreciate the comment and it did make me review the pictures a little more closely, thanks!
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I can easily see that you like to shoot fabric and hair motion in the ways you do, and trust me, as an artist myself I love making it all flow in elegant ways. I don't think you have a single admirer who wouldn't appreciate your techniques whatever they may be; Redemption actually, was the very first shot I saw by you and is the first I favorited here. Therefore, I completely understand your side and want you to also know that I would not ever expect you to deviate away from what you love to do, but to do something out of your element may not be such a bad idea. While I see the subtle differences in how you work with movement, the general theme shall always be what it is so long as you make that your basis.

Regardless, your work is worthy of being called art, without a doubt. Thank you for your consideration and feedback. ;)
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