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Motherland Chronicles 2 - Winterland Fairytales

Self portrait in snowstorm! Also first shoot with my blue hair! Read behind the scenes here:… :D

For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)

Photography: Jingna Zhang
Headpiece by *harlequinromantique

Follow the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: and also on Facebook!
I also got a Weibo account!

© Zhang Jingna
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Absolutely eye-catching! The clothes she is wearing give an impression of water, and the gradiant colours of the hair support the illusion!
I love how her skin is so pale, it looks It gives off the impression of a supernatural creature.
The crown makes one automatically assume that she is of nobility, and that naturally gives her a very cold aura. It helps that she is in a snowy setting. She could be an ice queen!
I love how her hair is a turmoil, and yet the model remains expressionless.
The attention automatically shifts to the face because of her crown, and that's what I love! The model has a very stunning face with simple, yet fitting makeup!
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Fantastic & Beautiful - Always...!!
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i was thinking that this was the prettiest girl you had shot, and it turned out to be a self-portrait. =D
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wow. so pretty. you're awesome. ^_^
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This is awesome. I like it very,very much!

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this is one of the most beautiful picture i saw on whole DA for now :)
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I do like this,, but it meloncholy,,,
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you are beautiful and this piece is so emotionally intense.
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抗恐怖心を試したamerican eagle out
彼の颜立ちなかった时间(じかん)が古くなるにつれ、相変らずの死んでしまうまえの様子だが、我々は彼の顔を見ていた。american eagle 日本
そういうとき、あなたはどう思うだろうか。american eagle 通販
1 .お、俺がいたかと錯覚するほどだ。
2 .问题。彼はその死体の双子の兄弟だ。
3 .によって殺害された。この世でなんと長がこんなに似た!
4 .私が本当にとてもしました。
...american eagle サイズ
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amazing and beautiful at the same time
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Agh you are so gorgeous! :heart: Blue hair looks great on you! :heart: Love the new series of photos, well as always :heart: Haven't been on dA for a while (had a baby) I have so much beautiful photos to look at now!
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Wow beautiful absolutely beautiful.
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Wow, love the hair!
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It almost looked like you were sitting neck-deep in water.
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It seems that I like almost every thing thatyou do.The ideas or dreams come to printso well.You are one of my favorites atDeviant and I like this one as well.
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i love those type of looking down eyes >x<
and the hair and the feel
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I love your hair I wanted to do something like that but my hair wouldn't go white and work won't let me have blue :love:
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I love this picture
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this is so awesome I would love to fav it a million times >_<
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