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For tomorrow I will be here no more.

Model: Courtney.
Photo/direction: me

Image collected in my photobook: Something Beautiful.

to Ash.

© Zhang Jingna
Copyright Notice

✨ My photography course, Artistic Portrait Photography: 😁

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© 2008 - 2021 zemotion
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This looks like it could be tha cover art for a movie poster with GONE at tha bottom with a tagline that reads something like tha following:

"There's only so far a society can push someone before they're completely...."
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I love how this is in black and white. I don't know if colour would show what needs to be felt in this piece. It's a similar look to dissociation.
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:heart: Very beautiful! :heart:
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very nice portrait :)
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beautiful... very beautiful
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Reminds me of the cover of Les Meserables.
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this girl look like a anime draw
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This is one of my favorite photos of all time.  Mind sharing your lighting technique?
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Just like a doll.
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I am in love with this. the crispness of the eyes is absolutely stunning and the lighting is impeccable. Very well done. Very emotive. In a word- striking. 
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Wow. Looks like the poster for Les Mis. Very very beautiful.
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Looks like the Les Miserable poster!! Looks awesome :)
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I used this photo as a reference :) I hope you don't mind
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timeless portrait
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You know what, maybe you inspired Les Miserable to make the movie poster :)
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Reminds me of the Les Miz graphics.
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