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Forgotten Fairytales II


her heart lingered upon
the promises that were shattered, forlorn.

it did not matter if the unhealing wounds remained,
in her dream, there was... hope.

Sleeping beauty.

Model: Sveta
Photo/art direction: me
Makeup: Joanna
Dress by me.

Image collected in my photobook: Something Beautiful.

Forgotten Fairytales Series:

© Zhang Jingna
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here is a great option
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Amazing :-) ;-) =-O :-D
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Amazing. I'd love to do modeling for things like this XD
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of all the things that the picture inspired.... the best two words that came to my mind were Forgotten Decadence.... something so beautiful....yet so tragic at the same time.... a sense of elegance, and decay.... playing an intricate dance together that it leaves one wondering.... do we leave it.... and allow it as it is.... or try to help.... very well done. :blackrose:
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I love it! Will you be making more?
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Wow. I just don't know what to say. It's really fantastic!
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good one . absolutely love it
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Normally, I do not enjoy things that can depress me; yet this is the only exception. I absolutely love how the background behind the model seems to crack off and fly away while she stays sound asleep. Stunning!
id love to find that dress
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Lovely, the composition is beautiful. The dress is stunning the model is elegant.
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this is amazing. I am awestruck, really. Reminds me of the video for My Immortal by Evanescence.
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aAt first look I saw a stiff person, and a Very strong diagnal composition that was fairly distracting. but it all works togetther to add this sense of a restless sleep. Her hand, the body language in it almost speaks of the hope that you wanted to portray. Your take on Fairy Tales id beautiful. I especially like how you tied this piece to Repunzel through color and use of similar objects in the background of this piece on the foreground of the latter
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I love the way it looks washed out, but still vivid with the contrast and clarity....I don't know technical terms, sorry.
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simply perfect to me.
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I think I'd like this better if the dress was higher up on her chest, if feels like there's too much space between her neck, and where the dress starts.
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