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Daniel Landroche


In my first meeting with fellow photographer Richard Pier Petit some months ago, we (randomly) came to talk about why I rarely photographed men. I said because I photograph for beauty, and I rarely see the kind with what I'm looking for in male models. Richard then said that there were some boys from Ford LA I may like, I was skeptical of course, so when I received Daniel Landroche's photos they surprised me.

With some luck I managed to squeeze in a shoot with Daniel just the day before my flight that trip. And I'm really glad we shot together, it was beautiful.

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Model: Daniel Landroche/Ford LA
Photo assistants: Conan Thai, Matthew Chretien

The full set: [link]

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© Zhang Jingna
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camelotcrusade's avatar

Wonderful! He looks beautiful to me. ✨

A different side of man's beauty. Not the conventional look of male model today. Wished I could model for you one day.. hahaha
misstresshero's avatar
Like the pose and lovely way of the water! XD
candhproductions's avatar
I'm not much for boys, but he is kissable in my eyes. Male femininity can be extremely beautiful and exotic.
writeacrossme's avatar
He is absolutely beautiful! I love this photo and the model so much! Everything about it is amazing. :heart:
Gemini-Skies's avatar
Wow! Such a beautiful photograph! Such a beautiful model!
DasNici's avatar
Wow. A very beautiful man and a very talented photographer ♥
LunaMoonSinger's avatar
My god. He is beautiful.
CreativeSawsan's avatar
He's way too androgynous.I guess that the reason why you liked him is his feminine beauty.I personally dont afford such males.
Although I dont like this photo,it doesnt reduce from your dignity as a great photographer with great taste...^^
I-Am-A-Flying-Bird's avatar
Oh for the love of all things holy. What a wonderful picture, the light, and the refections (?) are fascinating and visually captivating. The model is visually arresting.
Obsessivevic3's avatar
*-*! he looks like an angel X3
levimatthews's avatar
Beautiful looks other worldly. I love the way that it looks like its from a fantasy land gorgeous!
xenaferetek's avatar
I actualyl am diff I don't see beauty a lot in females but I see it a lot in males.
nkauj-baby's avatar
he's beautiful *__*
ATeenageWitchling's avatar
The way I see it, it's like he's emerging from shadows into the light. The balance of dark vs. light, like yin and yang, is beautiful to me. The way he's caught in the middle is very striking. It's hard for me to resonate with photos, but it was like this one was telling a story that I could relate to!
sumihangmayakthungba's avatar
beautiful shots and he is beauti
angemuet's avatar
this boy is beautiful ... I went to see the full set and you have lovely captures of him there as well.
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