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so uh i kinda forgot about the comic lol

but ill do it soon (maybe not as comemtn)

but heres something Fazbearmations  got me into lol

just comment me if you want me to check of the boxes for ya lol

If you came to my door at 3am I would..
( ) Answer, then slam the door closed
( ) "Ugh...the door is....too far away"
( ) Ignore you
( ) "Get off my lawn"
( ) Answer, "Do you need something"
( ) Get up from bed, trips sliding across the floor and quickly open the door with a flirty smile
( ) Open the door quickly pulling you inside
( ) let you in and sleep with me

If I saw you crying.....
( ) Hold you and wont let go
( ) "What's wrong?"
( ) Cry with you
( ) Smirk and laugh
( ) Try and cheer you up
( )Hold you and comfort you

If you confess liking me...
( ) Blush
( ) Laugh and walk off
( ) "I like you too!"
( ) Stand shocked
( ) "Um...can we stay friends?"
( ) "Em.. its okay!"

If we kissed....
( ) Kiss back
( ) Pull you closer
( ) grip your hair
( ) too shocked to move
( ) Laugh
( ) Blush

To me you're...
( ) Friend
( ) bae
( ) stranger
( ) acquaintance
( ) My whole world
( ) I don't know
( )Family
( )Father
( )Son
( )Mother
( ) Daughter
( ) Sister

Would I date you...
( ) Maybe
( ) Yes
( ) no
( ) I don't even know

You should...
( ) Put this as your journal so I can comment
( ) Talk to me 
( ) Love me


fuck now I know why Haruhi likes instant coffee so much
Anyone wanna do fnaf rps or any rps in general?
anyone got facetime?

if so add me on it
To the sfm animators & posers

How did you all learn this stuff? Did you watch the 1 hour video by valve, or???

when ur so freaking lonely on DA that noone wants to talk to u on other social medias LMAO


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chakat-stormdancer Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorite :) I like your art!
Zemonak Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you!

Only like 5 pieces though are the most recent. I haven't drawn in months
chakat-stormdancer Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Totally understand! It seems like drawing is one of the things I want to do most, yet somehow I don't make the time for it that I should. Life gets busy, eh?
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