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Stock & Resource Terms Of Use

1. You MAY use them for your personal and commercial artwork, collages, photomanipulations, pre-made backgrounds, book covers, tags,
websites, banners, greeting cards, postcards and printables etc.

This excludes their use in PU and CU Scrapbook kits - see number 5 below.

2. You MAY make and sell prints of your artworks that incorporate my resources..

3. You MAY NOT use any backgrounds in whole or as cropped/cut out elements to create competitive backgrounds.

4. You MAY NOT share or redistributed any resource separately, or include them in another resource pack, (as is/as they are), for sale or for free on any file-sharing sites, personal blogs, community forums or sites of a similar nature.

5. You MUST purchase a Commercial Scrapbook License in order to use the resources for both Personal Use (PU) and Commercial Use (CU) scrapbook kits.

6. You MAY NOT sell the images in a printed form as they are - they are meant to be used as "design elements" and incorporated into your artworks for personal/commercial projects.

7. You MAY NOT to use my resources in artwork that uses images taken from Google image search.

8. You MAY NOT to use my resources in artwork that uses images of celebrities.

These terms are subject to change without prior notice.

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Understood, thank you!

Understood, Thank you!!!

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hello! I have a question regarding point 7.. does this example count as a google image search??

ex. I looked up 'mad hatter hat'on google then i found an image i liked there. clicked the link to go to a website then downloaded it from there.

Hey it seems like the link isnt working?
It says the invite is expired

Thank you very much for making your stock available

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Understood, love using your stock!
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Thank you, I love your work!!
KarmaRae's avatar
Are artistic nudes ok?
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Hey I make a manipulation with that, thank you :)
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If I make a manipulation with like one of your png's in it, can I sell my artwork as print? :) 
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That's fine for me :)
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It seems fair to me, but I have a question: They can be used for the covers of  books? It is not commercial, just these are published in a social network called"Wattpad". 

Sorry if you don't understand, I can't speak very good English...
What about using some of your images on layouts I post on my (noncommercial) Facebook page?
Love your stuff!
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that,s fine by me 
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This all sounds reasonable enough :)
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used here and gave you credit in my art description. thank you for allowing me to use this .   <img src='fineartamerica.com/displayartw… alt='Art Prints' title='Art Prints' style='border: none;'>
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p.s. also gave you credit in my art description..
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i used it here. thank you so much for allowing me to use it.. love it. hope you like   <img src='fineartamerica.com/displayartw… alt='Photography Prints' title='Photography Prints' style='border: none;'>
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