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I thought I'd make a little FAQ section for questions regarding my stock. If there's something you want to ask that isn't already here, please note me.

Can I post my finished art works using your stock on my personal blog, facebook, horse role play sites etc?

YES - You are free to post any finished works where you've used my stock to sites outside of DA. Please send me a link to the finished piece and credit appropriately.

Can I use your stock to make premade backgrounds?

YES - But not from my own pre-made backgrounds. Please show me the finished work so that I can add it to my favourites.

Can I use your stock in commercial projects as well as personal projects?

YES. However, this excludes their use, as is, in PU & CU Scrapbook kits, unless you have purchased a Commercial Scrapbook License

Can I repost your stock as is or in part on graphics forums, filesharing sites, personal blogs etc?

NO - Under no circumstances is my stock to be posted, as is, or in part on any other site.

What do you mean by "as is"?

I require anyone who uses my stock to manipulate it in some way. "As is", means exactly that. As it is - without any manipulation.

What do you consider manipulation?

Manipulation should be something that is different to the original. The original stock piece should be manipulated in a way where the original stock cannot be extracted as is.

Can I make requests/wishes for certain stock?

YES - Feel free to make requests when requests are open (a notice will be put on my profile page when requests are open or closed). If I can't fulfill your request for any reason I will let you know asap. That said; I will do my best to fulfill all requests.

That's all I can think of for the time being - but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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