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May 9, 2013
PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X by ~Zem0s Odds are you haven't heard of this media player before. Make sure to check out PotPlayer with this marvelous theme by Zem0s!
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PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X

I've tried to realize a real Metro Skin for PotPlayer.
... and that's the result!

It contains the videoplayer, the musicplayer, the playlist and of course the controlbox.

You can choose between 12 different versions.
[three colors, two backgrounds and two available sizes for the Play-Button]

The musicplayer will display the album cover from mp3 files, if embedded.

For the playlist I'm using "Segoe UI Semibold 9".

Different Version: [link]

v1.5 [09.06.2013]
# Added the function for attaching and detaching the playlist (audio- and videomode)
( The attached mode looks at the dark ones a little bit different )
# Changed some bordersizes and button-positions
# Option to select subtitles added
# Removed the gradient at the bottom of the equlizer in the audio mode

v1.6 [23.06.2013]
# Changed the bottom of the right side regarding the light-skins (on fullscreen).
# Changed the playlist-position on fullscreen
# Some modifications on the xml-files... So that the AutoHide-Patch can take effect!

v1.7 [18.11.2013]
# Some modifications on the xml-files... regarding the updated Patch
# Fixed some button positions

Metro.X - Patch v2.0 [With GUI] [18.11.2013]
This patch makes it possible to hide the playlist and the other stuff on fullscreen.
In addition you can transform the skin to a minimalistic version without the three metro squares.

The changes are for both versions: Russian and English

Info! Right-Click on the playlist-icon for attaching and detaching the playlist.
© 2013 - 2021 Zem0s
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can you please add a next tract and previous track buton in the next release?
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Best Potplayer skin. 
tharindu5dh's avatar
Can you add transparent slider for next update? :)
Every time toggle Fullscreen the "windowed" Player moves up a few Pixel (about 20px) also the Docking Point moves up.
Same error as "theSimpleThing 2.0" have.
Zem0s's avatar
Sorry, I'm not able to reproduce this behavior. Which OS and Potplayer-Version are you using?
For those who want to have filename in the titlebar instead of word "video" here is the solution:

1. open VideoSkin.xml
2. find next line

<Image Left='0' Top='0' Width='162' Height='64' ImageLeft='33' ImageTop='832' ImageWidth='162' ImageHeight='64'/>

3. replace this line with

<Label CmdID='CMD_TITLE_MESSAGE' Left='40' Top='30' Width='-104' TextColor='0xa9a9a9' UsingScroll='0' ScrollDistance='1' ScrollInterval='50' FontName='Segoe UI' FontSize='24' />
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great tip! it was really useful.
farout49's avatar
Very cool skin ^^
Lustmusket3000's avatar
Hey Zem0s,

is it possible to have the filename in the titlebar instead of the word "video"?

Thanks in advance!
esnooze's avatar
That's actually a great idea.
Lustmusket3000's avatar
Thank you for this beautiful skin!
cannot download metro x patch 2.0 skin on

plz upload it somewhere else like zippyshare etc.
How do I go full screen on a Windows tablet? I don't have keyboard here, I have only finger. Can you please add fullscreen button?
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Did you check the Mouse Settings?
Preferences->General->Mouse->Left Button - Double Click: FullScreen/Restore!

If you tab with your fingers twice on the video-window the player should change to full screen!
Can you provide a mirror for the v2.0 patch? I get a webpage when i try to download it.
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Sorry! I didn't visit the site since a couple of months ago.
That's correct. Just click the downdload-button there. 
I had to upload the patch somewhere else, because exe-files are not allowed! 
It is perfect in my Acer w4 >-<!
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Would you kindly take a look at my problem please: I have installed the latest flash player and all, but still can not get the skin to display that clock. Same thing happens with .swf animated logo files. I am using potplayer 1.6.49479 64bit. Thank you :)
ObelixXXL's avatar
Hey, I've just got it sorted out :D. It should be the flash player for Internet Explorer. You might want to clarify in the description
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Is it work for W8.1? because i can't obtain minimalist player with patch
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Give me a view days to check that! ;-)
Dirty-Wondah's avatar
No sorry its ok work fine now ty ;)
Zem0s's avatar
What was the problem!
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