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PotPlayer Skin - Eclipse

// Eclipse v3.0 [24.05.2013]

# Button to popup the Subtitle Explorer added
# View more tooltips
# Fixed position of the tab-buttons
# Fixed Position of "Preset" text

# Fixed position of the add- and remove buttons
# The top of the playlist will fit now to the position of the playbutton in the videomode
# Increased size of the left and rigth border (+ slightly changes in terms of color)
# Removed percent message in videomode
# Changed the right side of tap background

# New chaptersymbols with the option to show or hide them (by using an invisible button)
# If you increase the size of the player (> 785 px) the aperance of the navigationbar will change
- Two buttons on the left side will appear: one for "subtitles on/off | choose subtitles" and one for the "audio lines"
- Therefore the current- and total playtime will be new positioned (+ bigger font and brighter color)
# Clock for the fullscreen mode added... Now you can check the time while whatching a movie (24h and 12h mode are available)

# Removed the AlbumArt from the controlbox. That wasn't the best solution.
# The cover, if embedded... will now be displayd within the playlist.

Things I wanted to do, but couldn't be realized!
# Tatch/Detach - function for the playlist (Can't hide it at fullscreen)
# Making the timebar of the musicplayer grow and shrink.

There are 3 versions:
The differences are only in the audiomode.

# Without AlbumArt

# The cover will be displayed on the left side of the playlist including shuffle and repeat.

# No Controlbox. The main audio features are integrated at the bottom of the playlist including AlbumArt.
# The bottom of the playlist will dock to the top, if you decrease the size.


Album Manager
I've wrote a small extension that make it possible to play albums by clicking on the cover.
I thought... Maybe someone would like to use it, too. So, I have published it!

Please take a look at the included readme for further information.

[Preview] Download
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plz make look like windows media player.

Lioxx23's avatar

Thanks for this! Definitely my favorite theme, the design would be perfect for the new 8k frameless screen, if I had one. ;-)

aonnia's avatar
one of the best skins i ever used!
TheEye2108's avatar
in Windows 10 applying the skin crashes pot player
Zem0s's avatar
Maybe it depends on the version you are currently using.
For me it's working with potplayer 1.6.54915 and Windows 10.

pie-rate's avatar
The best goddamn skin I've even seen for potplayer! OUTSTANDING JOB MATE!
I love this skin! One issue though, when i play in fullscreen a box pops up when i move my mouse to the top, very annoying; any way to get rid of it?
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Very nice, Zem0s.  Many thanks....
D15855135895's avatar
This skin is beautiful and useful,thank you!
Love your skin, However the Album Manager link is dead.
I realize that it's not in my fav'... I'm ashamed.
Still using it after a year since my last comment and always glad to see it when I launch a movie.

See you next year probably to say hi !
esnooze's avatar
This skin has always been my favorite PotPlayer skin and have been using it ever since I came across it a few years back. Keep up the good work!
ExecZero's avatar
Thank you! Love it.
aenerv7's avatar
This skin really is an artwork!
Thank you very much
Zem0s's avatar
Thanks very much 
bennneh's avatar
Thanks very much for sharing this with me, your work is appreciated!
cHu-X's avatar
Excellent! All your works are very detailed. I like that.
Zem0s's avatar
NikDaMark's avatar
Would be great a version with Windows native borders and playlist attached...
Zem0s's avatar
Change UseWindowFrame='0' to UseWindowFrame='1'.

I mentioned, that I wanted to do this in the chagelog above!
The problem with the attached playlist is that, Potplayer doesn't offer a function that hide the playlist on fullscreen.
If you don't fix that manually, it's extremely annoying.

When I have the time, I will add the attached mode and a script that do the edit automatically.
oorseeyou43's avatar
It is really great........Thanks
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