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MMD NC - Shark Spirit Ranger

By Zeltrax987
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YEAH, he's getting used in the show.

I bought some helmet models from :iconpastel-leaf: and the first for now is the "leader" of the Spirit Rangers in Jungle Fury, the Shark Ranger who is also RJ the Wolf Ranger's dad.

Like Titanium Ranger before him, this suit is completely American-made for Jungle Fury and I honestly love the heck out of the suit.

It took a bit to get the textures right but I'm glad with how he turned out. The "shoulder-pads" are from a Kamen Rider Black model, retextured to be in the same cyan as the rest of the model.

MMD Credits:
Shark Spirit helmet by :iconpastel-leaf:

Stage by :icondjrocket:

Hope you guys like the model/If you don't, that's fine.
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Can I have a dl link

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this is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite seasons of power rangers :D
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Lookin' good, man.
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oh man, now you have to do the other 2, and do the alt shark color, orange for somreason
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If u had geki reds swords u could give them back to him
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Awesome job on this one.
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Thanks, dude.

Once I get the Jungle Fury Red Ranger model from that Super Megaforce 3DS game, I plan to make the other rangers from that series much easier and much faster too.
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True. Being able to get more out of any computer program is a plus.
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True that, dude.
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Wow, looks very nice! *o*
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And if I had all of the helmets you made, they'd be about the same level.

I also custom-made the texture of the model itself. Heck, the base of the model is from a GaoRanger model I had.

I did think about also asking for Elephant Spirit BUT I didn't since Bat Spirit wasn't made at the time.

I also finished Go-Pink's model/Even made a custom Cyborg version from that Lightspeed Rescue episode which is just amazing but I'll post it later, due to me having a doctor's appointment later. After that, I should do Black Condor, Deka-Break and finally RyuuRanger to finish some models.

Again, what I plan to do with your helmet models is to eventually get a replicated Legend War gathering in 3D/A lot of models and A LOT of retexturing, I know, but as we get more Ranger models/I'll need the ones from the GoBusters & Kyoryuger & Super Megaforce 3DS games to make all of that happen since there are now ways to rip models from the 3DS games.

I look forward to buying more of your helmets to make this happen.
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From what I've read, he's not actually Master Finn, but he was created with his power. I haven't got that far, but it would be odd for spirit rangers to be actual living people (Yayoi even pointed that out when she accidently joined Ramirez and Tessai in that one roll call).
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Well, there was that one time when Master Finn joined the roll-call so, that could kinda count?
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Not really. I imagine he could probably use his spirit power to become a shark ranger though, but that option was never explored from what I've read.
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So basically if you wanted him to be Master Finn on your show, it'd easily be explained that he used his spirit power to transform.
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That can work, dude.
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You know, the spirit rangers could have worked but they felt like a missed opportunity.
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My own biases to Gekiranger makes my really hate Jungle Fury, but the idea of the Spirit Ranger could been good.
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