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Textbook Angst
From the second floor window of the Learning Technology Center, I overlook the throngs of students passing to and fro across the blazing pavement. Across the campus, I see the semi-circular MAC building, which within holds the bookstore that contains the two books I direly need for the Creative Writing class that I attend every Tuesday and Thursday this semester. Yet, I dare not leave my seat here, with my computer and my trance internet radio. It's not just for security reasons; I could easily pack up my things and make myself mobile. However, it is the aforementioned crowds, the nameless faces that occupy the outside world, that keep me where I am now. It's because, no matter how crowded it seems to be down there, there will be just as many people in the bookstore, with lengthy snakes of cue lines wrapping around the many shelves. The wait time is bound to be comparable to those found for roller coasters or other such amusements at theme parks. I am not a patient man, but the thought
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NaNo '10 Draft Prt. 4
Chapter 3 – The Headshot Survivor
Even though I am the official record keeper of Misawa's little crusade to take control of the world, I have got to stop acting like I enjoy this job. Seriously, at this point anything could happen to me. Point in case: as record keeper, Misawa has officially deemed it necessary for me to tag along with her on every single expedition and mission she embarks on. This, unfortunately, meant that I had to sneak off with her and Sylph to the seemingly unprotected city of Sa-Ced. Though going into the city and performing a little reconnaissance didn't seem like a dangerous idea at first, things got pretty risky, pretty quick.
But before we get into that, let's talk more about this Sa-Ced place. If the name sounds weird to you, that's because it's of the Elven dialect. I had asked Misawa what it meant, but she only said she didn't know Elven all that well, despite the fact that a significant majority of her soldiers and servants were Elven. Anyway, by out
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NaNo '10 Draft Prt. 3
Chapter 2 – The Road to Conquest is Laden with Complaints
It's been one week, five days, fourteen hours, and thirty-seven minutes since my inception. A dastardly sandstorm the day after robbed me of what writing supplies I had brought with me from home. Figuring we needed more resources, Misawa decided to raid the nearby Crazy Dan's superstore for food, material, money, and just a place to stay for the moment being. A feeling of dread was washing over me; it was painfully apparent that, despite how confident and ambitious she was, Misawa simply didn't have the manpower or resources for a small army, let alone a supposed superpower poised for world domination. I had begun to think that maybe becoming records keeper for her wasn't such a good idea.
Now wait a second… this is my first official chapter in my record of Misawa's road to conquest. Surely I shouldn't start off with such a negative tone. For the sake of her budding fifty-thousand year reign, I can't be writing such pe
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NaNo '10 Draft Prt. 2
Continued from Part 1...
Amidst the commotion and chaos, four elephants stomped through the streets two by two, on their backs a carriage of ornate design. Colorful dancers did cartwheels alongside them, and leading them was a large band playing brass instruments of exotic design. They marched up the main street, leading to the Elder's grand estate and the village stage. People, both villagers and merchants, lined up and observed this strange spectacle with utmost awe and amazement. I, too, was enthralled by this strange sight. I soon found myself moving through the crowd to follow the parade, though for what reason I could not tell. However, I then crashed into Chad, who apparently was looking for me.
"Hey, Robby! I've been looking all over for you!" he yelled delightfully.
"Er… yeah. Good to see you, too." I said, not as delightfully.
"I'm heading on over to the elder's house to see this chick in person! You wanna come with?"
"Well, actually…"
"Great!" He took hold of my ar
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NaNo '10 Draft Prt. 1
ZeLoz-akaBill presents a NaNoWriMo rough draft of...
The Overlord Aspirant – The Beginning of the End?
Chapter 1 – Actually, This is More of a Prologue...
I couldn't tell you what year this all takes place, as humanity kinda lost track a few years into the beginning of Lord Madora's reign. However, if we consider the beginning of this record as the present, the summoning of Madora, the Lord of Demons and Magic, and the subsequent fall of human civilization would have taken place a few years shy of 80 if the Elder's stories and a few surviving records are to be believed. Now, being a 19-year old, I'm not too keen on what "civilization" was back then, aside from some of the stories that I hear from the village elder. He speaks of things such as "cars," "cities," and "The Internet," though he mentions them like they don't exist anymore. On the contrary, I've heard these things exist  in the surviving cities around the world, but when I was a member of a seclusive write
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Desktop Update 10-18-10 by ZeLoz-akaBill Desktop Update 10-18-10 :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 0 3 Desktop Update 12-11-09 by ZeLoz-akaBill Desktop Update 12-11-09 :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 0 0 Desktop Update 10-31-09 by ZeLoz-akaBill Desktop Update 10-31-09 :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 0 3 Protect What's Yours Gaiden by ZeLoz-akaBill Protect What's Yours Gaiden :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 2 11 Agitated Boredom by ZeLoz-akaBill Agitated Boredom :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 2 1 Assault on HappyDeathSphere by ZeLoz-akaBill Assault on HappyDeathSphere :iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 1 4
Otaku's Melancholy
Robert stared at his computer screen blankly, even when the gentle humming of the laptop's motor had died down. His fingers rested on the keyboard, and his tired eyelids gently slid midway down his fixated eyes.
"What have I done?" He silently mouthed to himself, "What am I... becoming?"
Robert Farrence, at the age of seventeen, was no stranger to the darker side of Japanophilism and the way of the Otaku. This was no surprise, since the Otaku is usually identified by his lust for obscure games and two-dimentional anime girls. But Robert never considered himself an otaku in the latter sense. He loved Japanese culture in general, with the games and the anime just being extra perks. His mother said Japan was a delightful country, and that there was good reason the native-born there don't like to leave their beloved "Nihon". Robert believed her wholeheartedly, and for a long time he has wanted to visit this delightful place. For quite a while, he has carried the titles of "Japanophile", "O
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NaNoWriMo Test Sample No. 003
Nadia the Sorta Unremarkable: Super Sexy Harem of Death!
(Formerly "The Super Magnificent Adventure of Heroic and Somewhat Erotic Proportions (that may or may not be written to completion)!")
Chapter 1: Enter the Protagonists
For miles in every direction, the sea stretched on for an interminable distance, or at least this is how it felt as I looked over the side of the ship (Port side? Starboard? Poop deck? Nuts to sailor terminology). Anyways, the ocean, with it's white capped little waves and whatnot, stretched on for who knows how long. Immediately, I told myself, “This sucks.” It was about noon of the third day sailing on this old schooner, or whatever type of ship it was, and there was still no sign of Karina Isle. Supposedly, the Black Magician Genny was holed up in this island conveniently positioned in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and that his magical hide was worth 50,000 Chachings. I found it quite hard to believe that this supposedly shady character was really
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The Never Story - Chapter 1
The Never Story
Book I: Das Kind von Blut
Original Concept by Bloodling, YinSasoru, Shadowfox31348, and Hanabixwhitexwolf
Rewritten by ZeLoz (akaBill)
Chapter 1 - The Start of Misfortune
One... Two... Three...
Sirus grasped the end of his blade tightly as he eyed his target and looked for the most vulnerable spots. To make the first strike the killing blow was imperitive. He preferred that his prey not know who or what killed it.
The mental signal went off, and his body reacted quickly; first with the widening of his eyes, then with the flash of his slender blade into the strong young oak's thick exterior and through the sturdy interior. Though the blade of the Eastern sword was thin, the gash left in the tree was comparable to a blow from an expertly-handled claymore, and about twelve blows from an expertly-handled woodman's axe. Within moments, the tree creaked in loud protest and bent to his blow, falling to Sirus' feet. He looked at his sword, then at the wooden destruction
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NaNoWriMo Test Sample No.001
This Isn't a Game, Robert Farrence
Chapter of Rambling
You know, I've come to a rather shocking realization. For whatever reason, I think that, just maybe, I could pass off as one of those glasses-wearing Visual Novel Eroge protagonists. I mean really, what with the unkempt short black hair and the glasses and all. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that these characters are developed as avatars for players when they enter these parallel universes, where black haired, glasses-wearing youths have the strange ability to magically hook up with girls fitting any sick fetish with the right dialogue choices, no matter how socially ackward the main characters are. Maybe it's because the developers aim this kind of smut to Japanese adolecents who are socially awkward and follow the otaku stereotype of black hair, glasses, and pervy dark side. I guess that's why characters like Shiki Tohno and Ranmaru Hibikiya seem to fit this bill, so that their equally perverted real-life counterparts can rela
:iconzeloz-akabill:ZeLoz-akaBill 2 4
Emo-ish Musings
What has gotten into me?
What a sad state to be in. I can find no peace within my soul. All that I have cannot satisfy me, but rather bring me down to a greater state of discontent. Why? There is nothing out of my reaches. If I work hard enough, I can have anything.
But then there's that one part just outside of my reach, something I fear I may never acquire no matter how hard or how long I work. However, it may be the answer to my seemingly aimless longing. It's absence may even be the source of my endless dispair. I want to feel complete, but is this even possible considering that I might not ever find how to obtain that which I lack. I may even be driven into madness, if I am not able to so much as touch that which I am in want of.
Ahh, but I suppose tis' all in vain. When the world becomes a mere plaything, the little things become harder to obtain, and it is only the things which I am not able to grasp that might bring rest to this troubled soul. As I go on, searching for somethin
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Rules of Great Literature
1. I am a writer.  It doesn't matter what I write (unless it's genre fiction, in that case I am a deluded fool that needs to be re-educated) or even the quality of said writings; by virtue of being in the company of other writers, I am a writer.  Do not dare tell me otherwise.  After all, writer's egos are notoriously fragile (comes from wallowing in all that angst) and we mustn't discourage the next Great Author of our time from gaining greater perspective of human nature by hanging around with others who are equally disconnected with reality (except when writing poetry about their ex).
2. All Great Authors are published in an anthology.  This is the best way to judge what is literature and what isn't if it's in an anthology it is literature and the author is worthy to be heralded as a Great Author.  Please note that the phrase Great Author should be repeated multiple times to drive the point home through all those deep thoughts writ
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Death Note Gasm by celesse Death Note Gasm :iconcelesse:celesse 41,730 5,836 Angel of Death by maxwindy Angel of Death :iconmaxwindy:maxwindy 1,961 194 Chibi Dirty Pair by fairies-r-real Chibi Dirty Pair :iconfairies-r-real:fairies-r-real 6 2
Warmth                                                       By: Bloodling
It was raining. His anger was fiery red. His hate and lust for his enemies blood. It was not yet satisfied. Death. It had to befall all his enemies. Human, elf, any creature that defied his lust. Dead enemies lay at his feet. Blood. His blood lust was not done. He wanted more death, more killing, more blood. His hate burned so bright you could see it. Red fiery air burning around him. His eyes became sharper, and turned blood red. His fingernails seemed to be forming claws. Even his sword was glowing with the hate he had. So long he had had the hate stored inside him. Not even a portion of it had been released. His teeth were taking form of f
:iconbloodling:Bloodling 4 13



United States
What is up, my homies? I am Zeloz, also known as ZeLoz. I write stuff, mostly fiction, and not a whole lot else. I used to draw stuff, too, but I realized early on that I kinda suck at that sort of thing.

So, if you're not expecting very good drawings, but don't mind my rambling writing style, then welcome! Just give me a few days, or months, or years to post something worth reading.
So guys.  Pokemon Y? Pretty good. Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Stupidly addicting.
An Ocarina of Time is fine, too.

Yeah, I have a 3DS now. PM me for friend code, or whatever.


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