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Kiss the hand you cannot bite
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The Scream Hedgehog


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The Scream Hedgehog


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He Doesn't

He   Doesn't            Love                  You. He only Loves The idea Of you. He  Doesn't           Treasure                     You. Not the Person You truly Are. Only your body. He doesn't Care What You say. Only    What          You              Wear. He doesn't Pay attention To what matters To you. Only to what has value to him. To him, You are Just like, Everyone else. Don't      You          Even               Think Of selling Your marvelous self Short.                                                                            

Writings that Inspire

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Meronia Event Day 5: Love/Hate

OMG YAY Anime Fan Art

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PotC: Bring Me That Horizon

Cosplay that goes BEYOND the average group

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Cowboy Bebop

Cosplay Fun

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all eyes on me

AIW Obsession

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Blind Musician

Photography and Manips

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You Are the Light

Nifty Fan Art

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Fame and Fortune

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Genie Restauration

Plushies, dolls, sculptures, and the like

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One heck of a day

Furry Things -animals-

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Alpha Dragon

Total Fantasy

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True Love is like blood..


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prob wont fiish this

Manga - Comic Style

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Art Trade


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(CLOSED)fuzzy bugs


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Hand study 1

Other Things of Interest

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Epic Arts for me or with my characters

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Art of my Adopts

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