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This is a skin texture I made from a number of samples of skin. It was created out of actual photos of skin, and therefore should be good quality. You will likely need to shade it for for whatever you are texturing.


As per the Creative Commons License you are allowed to use this texture as long as you credit me.…

If you use this texture, I also ask that you leave a comment on this page linking to the deviation. I really enjoy looking at all the unique and creative uses people get out of this texture.

If you are interested in seeing what other people used this Texture for, these is a list of pieces that I know of using the stock here:…

Update 2015-04-30: Wow!  I love that people are still enjoying this and still getting good use out of this.  Thank you everyone!  This is probably the only thing on my DA account that I am proud of and I love that all of you use it!
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