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Dragon Anatomy -- Part Two

By zelink14
For class. The skeleton to Part One.
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Thank you for uploading this! I was looking for some Dragon anatomy :iconamgtouchplz:
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I really like this. Great design
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after reading some the comments below. just for a little imput. dragons are mythical yes, but as a bird keeper and insect breeder, ive noticed that most animals capible of flight have a wingspand about duble the length of their body. meaning that each wing spread out is the total length of the body, from nostril to the tip of the tail. i dont know if this helps but i always keep it in mind when drawing my dragons to keep things sort of looking right
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Hi! ^^
I'm doing a project (check my latest journal) about dragons and how to learn to draw them. I've been recently investigating a lot about the skeleton and musculature for the realism of the posibility of flight of a dragon, and a debate about the wing's scapula's position would be great, since most think that they belong to the same shoulder, or scapula, and I theorized that it would make impossible the flight. So, I know there are two scapula, the problem is where?
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Have you ever read "The Flight of Dragons" by Peter Dickinson? It has a lot of interesting information about how dragons COULD exist if they did. He says that nature has never allowed any animal (insects don't count) to have more than four limbs, so a dragon with four scapulas wouldn't exist, technically. :( If it DID, though, I always figured behind the arms, but much bigger to allow for more muscles and flight power.
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I totally agree whit the muscles part. Not only like, biceps and all that stuff. Pectorals are very important for flight I think...(at least I tried to explain why would it be like that and it worked), so I theorized their pectorals and back muscles would be divided (slightly, not so marked) for either the wing or the arm. Another theory commonly known is that they can't move well their arms while flying and vice-verse. Although I very much disagree with total dysfunction, it may be that when in flight or run, the division of the muscle is then made... that it isn't absolute, and connects with the two limbs at the same time.

If a dragon with four scapulas doesn't exist, then maybe it's a second shoulder coming from the same scapula, just that a little bit apart.

I will try and search for that book. It would be a lot of fun reading.
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I think in order to work like wings, they would have to work almost completely independently from the arms -- including the scapula. In Peter Dickinson's book he described dragons' wings as being more like "modified ribs".

Look at the musculature of birds and bats -- birds have that large specially-shaped sternum that has the primary flight muscles attached to it. I just don't know the muscle names anymore. :)

Yes, do read the book! I found it a very stimulating, thought-provoking read.
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Today I asked my biology teacher and she said that 2 scapulas would be less likely than a different shaped scapula for both front legs and wings. They would still be independent, far apart and anatomically correct for proper musculature.

What do you think of that?
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Yeah, I've always wondered about that... it would probably work but the arms would not be usable while the wings were flapping -- which would actually make sense. Hmm... I should research that. It's possible! :)
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Check my journal! My latest update includes a lot of the research I made. I found the ones I posted the most accurate. Thanks for lending me your time. ^^

And the reference of the skeleton is just like my teacher said, a modified scapula.
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Two different shaped scapula would , and does make sense. However technically they would no longer be the typical dragon, as in many stories dragons attack with or use their arms whilst in flight. Perhaps if you made a dragon's legs coming from the front of the body, and their wings a third down thier body, then maybe that would work. But yeah, I'm no expert on animal anatomy and arrangement
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So, is this saying that technically dragons have two forearms? (the regular ones and the ones inside the wings)
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Yeah, the four-legged & winged ones do. Kinda weird how that works... technically no mammal or reptile, etc. in the world has more than four limbs... so dragons are kinda weird.
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Well, aren't most mythical creatures in one way or another. I mean, look at the pheonix and the faun.
the skeleton helps so much!
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ooh informative.
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This seriously helped me alot since I draw dragons alot, having some issues with the wings sometimes. Thanks ! ^____^ :heart:
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Oh, good. :) I'm glad to hear it.
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I love it. It actually makes a lot of sense. But does a dragon really need to be anatomically correct? after all they are mythiological beasts.
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Well... not only is it good practice, but it's good in terms of being able to create feasable beasts. Just because they're mythical doesn't mean they need to stay that way, right?
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I see. Good point.
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The skeleton even looks cooler.
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That is awesome... I love it! :D Its a good refrence too for people who fail at dragons... hehe
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wow awsome i wish a cud draw dragons :( i wqant to be able to draw them
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