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:iconzeldeon:Zeldeon posted a status
I feel like talking. What's up guys?

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Zeldeon Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Student General Artist
If you can't think of a conversation starter here we go-
So today we had a quiet reading class in history. Everyone just sat there reading their history books and not talking and the teacher's at the back of the room doing grading probably. Then an alumni comes to visit and he's excited and leaves the classroom so they can talk without disturbing us. 
So, naturally, when he leaves there's a dull murmur and suddenly one girl goes, "We should all sneak out the window and see if he notices." So everyone excluding four kids silently scrambles towards the window and goes outside. 
The teacher comes back in, laughs, then tells us to lock the window so all the escape artists will have to get a pass to class. 
He also let us goody-two-shoes leave early. It was pretty great until I realized I had nowhere to go so I just went back to the classroom when the final bell rang. 
(The only reason I didn't go through the window was because I've climbed through a school window before and let me tell you it's a lot less awesome than it's written up to be)
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