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:iconzeldeon:Zeldeon posted a status
Just gotta say Im really enjoying BNHA season 2

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Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
YES man it was. so good. like THAT'S how you do a tournament arc please and thank you
i'm not joking, my friends and i would get together weekly to watch new anime (including bnha season 2) and we would be yelling and screaming and cheering during the tournament arc. like legitimately cheering for our faves, it was so hype and so great
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Student General Artist
The tournament arc was SO GOOD like it's everything I wanted, just a showcase of everyone's abilities and powers and even though it only marginally advanced the overall plot it's definitely been my favorite part so far.
Honestly though so much about this season has been so good? Like honestly I adore the season 2 opening 1, never skip. But the end credits are really fun too, I loved how they showed all the girls hanging out and being in the park together it was sO GOOD cries, and the little fantasy AU that was going on in the second half of the season's closing credits is 10/10 too, I'd watch a show of just that.
And how everyone has different motivations for being heroes but are all working towards the same goal, like how Uraraka wants to take care of her parents or Shoto wants to prove he's not the same person as his dad even though it takes him a long time to realize it... even how Bakugo's pride has been fleshed out and revealed to be his motivation and his worst enemy is worthwhile
AND THEY TAKE SCARS TOO like Deku and Iida's hands get wrekt, I'm so glad that those are permanent plot elements because honestly it can be so easy to go "they're superheroes in a cartoon they never get more than a light bruise!" but no there are consequences to their abrasive actions and choices and they have to live with the fallout
I'me right before Deku and Bakugo's final exam against All Might so no spoilers yet but I've definitely really loved this season so far and I'm really looking forward to what they do with the rest of the series!

Aaaa that's such a fun story!!
Highkey I want the sports tournament to return in future seasons, I'd love to see everyone go for it again and how all the characters developed over the course of their internships/ later experiences!
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Student Digital Artist
YESSS like honestly the tournament arc was just. pure hype and it was so fun getting to really explore everyone's character and quirk??
like bless all the love tokoyami got bc i LOOOOOVE HIM and his turn during the cavalry battle was so nice. also mei? i love me, my smart baby??

THE ENDING SAVED MY SOULLLLL all the girls being cute and the fantasy au... i always pissed off my friends by making them sit through the fantasy au ending every week because it was so good!! i'm gonna be cosplaying fantasy deku for the spring, i'm so excited lgkjdakgdj

alsoooo OMG YES the whole hero killer arc was also hype as hell and watching iida grow was good good good? and the whole "actions have consequences" theme is really prevalent in bnha which is something that personally i really enjoy as well. both with deku's use of one for all as well as iida's arms and just like the societal consequences of their battle are really important to consider and i'm glad that it's something horikoshi puts a lot of importance on. not spoiling anything but it continues to be a major important plot point further in the series B') mostly on the whole like "if you do this your body will suffer" vein but obviously the other stuff too.

the pair final exams are.... so good... deku and kacchan's is Really Really Important?? it's actually a huuuuge turning point in their relationship and seeing how they tackle it is Good. i love deku with all my heart and i have really mixed feelings about bakugo lol but it's just good to see everyone else too. tsu and tokoyami's was fun and i also really enjoyed todoroki's and momo's!! aizawa is my fave teacher hands down. he's a good dad to the kids

hhhhhhg i'd honestly kill to see them tackle the sports festival again when they're all year two babies THAT'D BE SO GOOD and i honestly hadn't even thought of that haha! (mini spoiler i guess??) they're all still in first year where the manga is currently but that'd be so fun. also i would have loved to see third years sports tournament for Reasons which i will also not disclose due to spoilers haha but yesssss.

i'm super super hyped for the third season this spring and i also highly recommend checking out the manga if that's your thing!! the manga is really good and they did such a great job translating the manga to the anime, it's pretty much spot-on up until things catch up and then things get really intense really fast and it's great!
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Student General Artist
Mei is a pure soul I loved her  the moment I set eyes on her and I hope she joins a great support company when she grows up because she's a riot, too good for my poor heart

AAAaaaaa fantasy AU Deku!!! Send me photos because that sounds like so much fun!!!

hhhhhHHHHHGGG I FINISHED THE SEASON and I'M ... GOTTA LAY DOWN FOR A WHILE... SO GOOD.... yeah tho Deku and Kacchan shift a lot and even though their communication is still trash at least it's like... functional

I'm gonna try the manga!! Love me some manga, more than anime actually haha. Could I just pick up where the anime left off or should I read from volume 1?
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
best support girl /clenches fist

i will!! for sure.... I'm so excited to start on him even though it isn't gonna be for a few months yet haha


hmmm that's up to you! i'm one of those people that really doesn't want to miss anything, so I started the manga from the beginning - you could definitely skip to where the anime leaves off because the anime is actually super thorough and they didn't skip anything big or important from the manga! it's mostly just some detail stuff or seeing some funny panels (honestly the anime did SO GOOD at translating the manga to the anime, i was super impressed). if you wanna jump straight into the manga, chapter 69 is where it leaves off, so that'd be your starting point!
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Student General Artist
Even the little bit of overlap I did read (started at 69) I was able to pick out the commonalities too! The show directors did a great job translating it almost 1-for-1 and I've loved seeing the little panels and knowing exactly how it's going to be drawn out in the future!
Dear lord though EVERYTHING's SPED UP SO FAST AAAAAAA, the summer camp ambush to One for All vs All for One to the room championships to the provisional liscenses.... it's all almost too much to keep up with but I love every minute of it aaaaa....
Also I'm so glad to discover that "a ps vita" is the actuall canon translation and not a meme... blessed
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
it went so hard so fast i...... literally spent a lot of reading those chapters clutching my face and yelling 

(not an exaggeration i did a lot of yelling, my roommate was concerned)

no omg YES the ps vita thing is real!!!!! god bless deku...
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