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Why should I have a Plan by Zeldeon Why should I have a Plan by Zeldeon
Haha still drawing this crew you can't make me stop
Again in that style from yesterday! After that huge project (thanks so much for helping me finish it by the way ;o; ) I just relaxed and as suggested worked on this from sketch to finish. It was fun, played around with lighting but decided not to go with it. It kinda cluttered the image.
Priam is the most mature and has the most intellectual intelligence of the group. (He's also a lot stronger than Pyrrhus but that's besides the point.) Unfortunately Priam doesn't enjoy playing leader and prefers to work by himself. Also in case you missed it no, he does not wear those chains all the time, that would make him look ridiculous and scary, and it's not like Verona doesn't tease him enough as it is.

Art, Priam (c) Zeldeon
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Ohh this is nice! Priam always looks so sassy and grumpy and I love it, he's my fave kind of character, the ones that are exasperated by everything and everyone but they actually care a lot :') Precious little scarred baby. He really looks so fed up here, I'm digging his expression and the shading style works super well with his design! That hair and mane fluff, uhhg, it looks great.
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Hehe thank you Nix~ I'm glad you like his character :'D Doing shading this way is fun.
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