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Valencia- Reference by Zeldeon Valencia- Reference by Zeldeon
I did this yesterday (can you tell I was on a binary craze) but didn't want to post it because three things in one day is a lot. So here, Val's ref.
Another Note- Val exists in Seraphine's world, Aliveil. The concept of hiding wings was from Sera's design, originally bought from FabuIous, so you should all check her out and see where the inspiration for Aliveil came from.

Name: Valencia Kiarie/Smyth
Gender: Female
Age: 5| 15 | 35

Build: A bit on the unhealthily thin side. Small for her age. Better at small, tight flights than things in an open area. Quick on her feet.

Personality: Despite being a young teenage girl, Val can stomach a lot more than one might expect. She's a very fast thinker and knows how to utilize her resources to the best. However, when given too much free time she tends to zone out or become very distant from friends or close surroundings. Val is a realist as well and does not like sharing her absurd story with others.

Sleeping Habits: Valencia suffers from nightmares of violent things that seem to happen in the future. As such, she doesn't enjoy sleeping that much, and will work her best to wear herself out so she can have a dreamless night.

(Note: Val's story has many different versions and follows a very strange timeline. The one you are reading here is her history throughout the Aliveil plot with Gyles and Sera, Neo!Verse edition.)
Valencia Kiarie was born in Caradof, an important city within the country of Aliveil. The country was at war with their neighbor, Lykalt, and she was quick to enlist. Others began to notice her ability to simply stay alive, as well as act quickly under pressure, and rose the ranks rather quickly, despite being a one-wingspan soldier. Before she was thirty-five there was only one rank left to reach: Arch.
Unfortunately, things didn't go nearly as well as planned out on what should have been a simple enough mission, she and her unit was captured by Lykalt soldiers during a period of fighting called the "Rain Wars". She had a reputation, but the Lykalt soldiers neither killed nor ransomed her. The story was that, when mysteriously ambushed by enemy soldiers, Valencia was the only of her unit to survive, when in fact the only "survivor" was an impostor, a golem that relied on her being alive to function and imitate her mannerisms.
In order to prevent her resistance or potential heroic suicide, Lykalt used a rare resource to reset her age back to 2 in hopes to reeducate her for their purposes and to allow the doppelganger to keep functioning. Unfortunately for them, younger Val found a way to escape to a neutral city known as The Uproots. Realizing it would be too much work to pull her back out, Lykalt simply allowed her to live there, aware that she would probably never leave, and let that information fade into the background.
Now reconnecting: by the time Val is 15 (again), Sera and Gyles have, by accident, also ended up in The Uproots. Knowing that this was her chance to get out, Val offered to join their party, with eventual acceptance. She is unaware of her own history, as she lost the majority of her memory (2 year olds don't remember much guys), but she does know that she belongs out in the world, and will eventually play an important role in the rooting out of the imposters.

uwu and there you have it.

Art, Character, Writing (c) Zeldeon
Xweetoks (c) Neopets

A thank you to Nix-Sil for the design help, as well as FabuIous for Sera's design and inspiration for world-concept of Aliveil.
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh gosh what a cute reference! If that's a base I look forward to seeing you use it more because it sure is really, really cute and clean. Your face shape is really nice too, I almost feel like there miiiight be a wee bit of a style change there but it looks fantastic! And her design is just so lovely, I really do love the colors you picked for this gal and everything else about her. Her story is super neato too, dang.
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you Nix! It's not a specific base, though I'm very tempted to convert it into one. Ahh you know I think I usually draw the snout more like a triangle and here it's pretty square? I actually didn't notice that myself, aha.
I'm glad you like the story!
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