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The whole gang's here by Zeldeon The whole gang's here by Zeldeon
Yoooooooooo commission sets completed for Nix-Sil and ko-noe!!!
The top four belong to Nix; the bottom six belong to Kyle (But Loen, featured in the bottom two, is owned by glooping!)

I wanted to get these done before I depart for an extended amount of time, so here they are! All 10 of the quick commissions I took!

I like a lot of them! Arkan's (1st row, 2nd character) a ton; that one might be my favorite. Daisun (4th r, 2nd c) was super fun to do too though hhhhh.... and the back massage going on in the bottom left was great too. Also stretching Ofero (4th, 1st) was great too. There's so much to say about each of them aha!
I referenced a tooon of cats doing funky things, so even though they were just chibis I think I managed to extend my artistic breadth by doing so!

Thank you both for commissioning me!
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Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I still love these so much!! Arkan's truly is great, I really really love how fierce he looks *u* And I am just now noticing Channy's subtle lineart color, it really fits her design so well! Daisun's is too cute for words omg... precious sleeping kitty... and the stretching Ofero is A+ as well wow. These all just turned out so well, thank you for doing them again! <3
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks Nix! You picked well aha, Arkan's was really fun to do and I liked how he turned out. Channy, Daisun and Ofero were all good too, I'm glad you like the ones both in your set and not. My pleasure, thank you for commissioning!
kai-eru Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
yessss look at them all!!
there is so much diversity in poses and body types here it's honestly so good..and everyone's expressions too it really feels like they're all so in character!
i think ciph and channy might be my favourites but i really do love them all, you did a really great job with these!!

thank you again for doing themmmm!!<3
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Ahhh thanks Kyle!
Ciph and Channy are great choices for favorites, they were really fun.

My pleasure!
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June 17, 2016
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