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The Local Magical Boy by Zeldeon The Local Magical Boy by Zeldeon
Ayyyy so the other day I offered to line a bunch of catIike's sketches and as thanks was given a sketch of Reese for personal use!
Cries I really enjoyed doing this one guys. So much. So, so much. Weeps.
Reese, my man, my super optimistic and magical angel child. I'm so happy this is his first large piece of art. I love this one so much guys.
And EDIT- Added the face markings!
catIike Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thanks, dA for ruining the last comment. I'll make this one BETTER, STRONGER, with more VITALITY.
No but this is so good tbh. I'm digging all the stuff about this???? Like your shading that you used here is sooo good it's got some really gorgeous focal points, the hair and chest fluff especially. It's so soft but it works so well at not overwhelming him or underwhelming him. 
I love how well you tackle curves on my sketches tbh. It turned out amazing here and on the other pieces you lined too,,, I also love how The lines are colored. Like on the front legs and stuff!!!! I love that they're a slightly lighter blue as if to compensate the lighting!!!! Bwaah I just love everything about this ajsdhdg. <333
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Two weeks later I have come to reply...
Thanks though! I was hoping that the hair and flurf would be emphasized well so I'm glad to hear that. The line lighting was really subtle too and I was worried it'd go unnoticed so that's good as well!
Hehehe. Thanks for sketching this for me!
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