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The Gals by Zeldeon The Gals by Zeldeon
DND having taken over my life, I designed a few potential player characters for myself!
In the end I settled on the leftmost character to play in the campaign; her design needs a little reworking as she's a sorcerer and can't be wearing that much armor at first. It's all good though, it gives me a chance to play with more outfit design. She's an aasimar too, but both her parents were human. Design-wise she takes a lot of inspiration from HW Zelda.

The middle one is my human fey-touched warlock. Originally she was designed to basically be a shiny giratina gijinka (can u tell?) but after messing with her colors for a while I settled on something less edgy. She's probably gotten the least development of the group but has my favorite design!

And the rightmost one is my baby Mirth the Tiefling Bard! I developed her pretty deeply but in the end decided that she just wasn't the one to play this campaign. (I will, however, be playing her for a oneshot with friends thankfully, so she will have her glory days soon.) NGL I was listening to a lot of Critical Role when making her, so Jester and Molly may have been strong influences on her design and personality, hehehe.

Anyways though it's 1am here so that's all for now!
Nix-Sil Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
all very quality gals a+++
am I biased if mirth is my favorite just bc I know the most about her?? I don't mind
your sorcerer gal is cute too though!! rip squishy sorcerers tho
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Student General Artist
yas thank u
Mirth is good! I love her... I have some traditional art of her so I'll be posting that eventually, it's definitely not the last you've seen of her!
Yeah it'll be interesting because last time I played such a tank... we'll see though!
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