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Some Rias by Zeldeon Some Rias by Zeldeon
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So I haven't had all that much time to focus my attention to the art trades I've taken on recently, so here's a filler that I did a couple weeks ago to keep everyone occupied.
More Ria! I really enjoyed making that Aisling ref so I went ahead with one for my other bab. This was pretty fun but included some unforseen difficulties as well, such as the fact that I'd owned Ria for a shorter amount of time and didn't know what I wanted for her as much.

Modern- Ria's the type to wear a nice shirt with leggings and such! If we're going full highschool AU then she was on dance squad before realizing it was incredible hard on her mentally and physically, so now she's in the drama department. She wears a variety of hair clips and other accessories so feel free to draw her with anything. Ria prefers looser clothing (or clothing that doesn't really impede her movements much).
Park Ranger- Honestly I really don't like this one? Please don't draw it?? I might keep it as a genderbend outfit but. Ugh.
Adventurer- Definitely my favorite of the three, and also the canon outfit! She carries a small needle and thread in the tail pouch in case she needs to make repairs to her outfit (hence the fifty bandannas). The arm guards are probs optional (she can also be decorated with any number of bandages so). It's dangerous to go alone so make sure you're well prepared!

I'd love to do more outfits for more characters. In particular, Castor, Ellington, Yumai, Taesora and Pixie have all been on my mind lately so I might tackle them at some point when I get free time back!
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April 5, 2016
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