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Protagonists of Messenger 1-3 by Zeldeon Protagonists of Messenger 1-3 by Zeldeon
Eyup. So here's the heroes and heroines of the original three series of Messenger. It was the first real story/fanfiction that I had every really considered doing, and although it didn't happen, I still love my original cast characters.

The Original Messengers:
Crest (aka Luna) was my star, with a few appearances of Carole. NiteMere Inc Served as the only real antagonist, the Arch Antagonist being unknown. The story was just about Crescent's first few experiences as Arceus' personal Messenger, because he's too powerful to require a ColorGuard. The setting varied, from Crescent's home with her family to the Alpha Castle (Arceus' castle) to random places she went on her jobs.
Yes, this story follows what happens to Crescent after the flipnote I posted: [link]

Messenger 2:
Again, Crescent was the star. The story began with her deciding to go on an especially dangerous mission for Arceus. On her journey she passes out due to fatigue, but when she wakes up she is surrounded by the agents of NiteMere and one of their Directors, Sunny. Crest tries to make a brave front and resist capture, but in the end she finds herself coming back around in a cell of their building. When she tries to break out she finds that her ice attacks don't work and her wings are too injured to be of any use.
Then she gets a visitor. Wyvern wants to know who the new person is, so he goes to see her. Crescent is shocked to find that he is basically a genetically played-with eeveelution (that's free to roam), but he explains that as long as he is obedient to the Directors he can do as he pleases- except leave the grounds. After several visits and meetings together, the pair decide that Crescent can't stay and make plans for a simple jailbreak. Sunny finds out about this and messes with Wyvern's eyes so he can see fine with them, but will harm anyone who makes eye contact with him.
And they finally make their way out, Crest completes her mission and they head to the Alpha Castle.

Messenger 3:
This one is sort of a spinoff series, and stars Carole and Chase.
So Carole is just sitting around Alpha Castle, bored because Crescent's gone and she's worried if her friend is okay. She tries to use Future Sight to see how Crest is doing, but a strange dark shield forces her back after multiple tries. She is forced to give up, more concerned for her friend's health than ever.
A few days later Carole hears a HUGE EXPLOSION go off in the portal room. When she gets there, she finds a shiny mew on the floor surrounded by a ring of hot ash. Shocked, it takes her a while to register that this mew needs help. Happy for a little excitement in her life (while being concerned for someone else's), she brings him back to health until he is ready to share his story.
He explains that his name was Chase and that he was a project at a remote unit of NiteMere because he knew Outrage. He notes that he wasn't the only mew there, it was a complex built for mews. Because of the extensive numbers of mews they were testing on, the Children of Arceus (aka Mewkind) were threatened to be wiped out, driving the remaining mews into hiding. The complex was later overthrown by the followers of Giratina, which gave him an opportunity to escape in the turmoil.
Horrified, Carole decides she wants to help Chase rescue their Brothers and Sisters (BY TITLE, NOT BY FAMILY, I'M NOT A TWISTED-MINDED TEEN) and bring as many as they can back to stay in the Alpha Dimension.
Well, later they are joined by Crescent and Wyvern, which is when they make the question, "What could be so important to Arceus that he ignores the Three-Way War?" (Sides: Alpha, NiteMere, Giratina) They don't realize that Arceus is locked in a battle with Giratina, Palkia and Dialga, all three waging war in the empty Reverse World.
Skipping all the stuff between, years pass and the forces of Giratina are defeated first. Unfortunately this also means the gates to the Reverse World are closed until they can find a Legendary strong enough to open them again. The group is joined by Cresselia, Darkrai's archnemisis and cofounder of DayLite, Inc.
Bahh, this is taking too long... so in the end there's this huge battle at the NiteMere HQ. Chase uses outrage, nearly kills Carole, realizes that Carole isn't supposed to die, they are both about to die at the hands of Darkrai which would be a huge blow to their side...
Okay well that's all I'll tell you for now. Maybe when I post the close-up pics I'll give you the individual bios. See y'all later!

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Thanks! (Lol, this was one of those series I was always dropping hints about on flipnote.)
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