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Magical Princess Unicorn Mermaid by Zeldeon Magical Princess Unicorn Mermaid by Zeldeon
Hi I wish I could say I made this on a dare but I didn't
This is 100% genuine character design from yours truly
I was bored so I made a mermaid half-almadel baby. This is Marina, she was heavily inspired by Primarina
She's also like... high-key a Mary Sue right now so don't take her too seriously ok? We're here to have a good time, not write the next great American novel or anything
So this is Marina! She's the daughter of an almadel prince (not prince of almadels, just an almadel who happens to be a prince ok ok) and his mermaid lover. When she was born they were hoping for an almadel blooded son so the line could be legitimized but when they got a daughter instead her dad kinda put her off to the side and sent her to live with a long-retired noble almadel (Gaepora), and she's been stuck with him ever since.
Her dad still sends her a yearly allowance which she will receive until his death, provided she never seeks to claim her lineage as a princess and spoil his family line. That's fine with her though, not like she wanted to live with many almadels anyways (the day she stopped hearing "what kind of almadel is pure white" was a blessed day for her).
Since Gaepora works at the lighthouse she spends most of her days in her mermaid form, playing in the water with the other sea animals. She's kept in contact with her mother and still sees her every so often, but she enjoys the independence Gaepora allows her so she rarely thinks about going to live with her.
Besides changing into her mermaid form her magic is basically nonexistent. She can distill water and filter it... and blow bubbles... and that's about it.
....And that's all for now I think? Anyways ye I hope you enjoy, she's proven to be super fun already!
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kai-eru Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
Whispers Ping this isn't really an almadel design, you've missed off a lot of the restrictions/defining features...if you needed the info sheet back you should have said but otherwise white body and white there's white markings missing since she' a white body dfghhgf there's a lot that'd need to be tweaked if you wanted to count her as an almadel \o/
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Aaaaaa I like her colors as is so I'll just take away the couple of almadel features I included... I thought it would be fine since she's a half and not whole but if it's still a problem I'll edit her. I would like the ref sheet tho, I thought I missed a lot anyways aha
(though like if I could fix it by just making her a pale blue and emphasizing the paws and cheek [and fixing the eye whites] would that suffice? I know her palette isn't as bright as a normal almadel's but again since she's only half I thought I could justify her pastels as a "wrong palette" by her mother, according to what you sent in the notes... if not though that's fine, I can make the changes)
The white sclera is actually a genuine mistake though, I didn't even realize that was a thing because Gaepora has had the same mistake all along O: oops.
kai-eru Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
i..didn't realise she was half dfghgf i thought that was just her being a mermaid almadel not actually a halfbreed whoops fghgf YOU'RE FINE ON THE COLOURS IN THAT CASE if it's her dad who's the almadel then ye she could easily just have the brows/horn/bands and be white :0

AS FOR GAEPORA IDK HOW I MISSED THAT.....but ye his sclera should be coloured, here's the info sheet :0
[SUB-XWEE] Almadel Info Sheet! by kai-eru
Zeldeon Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Student General Artist
adkjhafhksdjash Kyle u meant well but ye... I'm glad everything's cleared up now though!
OK thank u for the info sheet, will save for future ref
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July 13, 2017
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