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Cosmodia by Zeldeon Cosmodia by Zeldeon
"Join me. We would not wish for you to lose your way."
Ok so I'm not saying you have to use color burn and color dodge for shading but it really makes his design pop
This is Cosmodia Orion Pallas, ruler of the Rift Kingdom. His palette was inspired by Cosmog and I think he might have subconscious Midna influences too but other than that he does his own thing.
Cosmodia's definitely a beautiful character but I can already tell he's going to be an important part of my life as well.
Cosmodia puts his duty for his people before anything else, even choosing to break relationships and live unhappily for the betterment of his kingdom. Though the kingdom is rather small and defenseless, they live in a rift in space that protects them from most outsiders even finding them.
As far as almadel strength goes- Cosmodia is magically powerful enough that he has two tamed back tails. No one is quite sure how but he seems to be more powerful than many of his ancestors.
Anyways though I had a ton of fun doing this so I hope you're looking forward to seeing this guy more frequently!

By the way, I am still seeking art trades of him! If you're up for it don't be afraid to comment!
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July 24, 2017
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