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Squid Heroes Come With Me
The TV roared with the recent news, the popular singing duo covering live, as they always did.
"Another bomb explosion has gone off near Moray Towers. Thankfully, the towers are still standing, but the shopping center nearby can't say the same thing. Emergency responders are still trying to find and fish out any survivors from the wreckage."
The TV was showing the live recording of smoke and dust rising in the air from the explosion in the city, sirens blaring from police cars, fire engines, and ambulances alike.
Callie continued, "No reports on the whereabouts of the suspect have come in, but we hope that they are found soon."
Marie nodded. "In the meantime, Moray Towers is shut down for turf wars and ranked battles alike until further notice. We'll be sure to let every squid know once it's open for battle again. We hope that every squid is safe and that the terrorist behind these recent bombings is found soon."
He shut the TV off, sighing heavily in frustration. From the kitchen, his
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Dragon Ceremonial Robes by zeldaxfanatic Dragon Ceremonial Robes :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 2 0 Pan Dragon Hybrid by zeldaxfanatic Pan Dragon Hybrid :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 3 0
Squid Heroes 2: 2
Ghirahim sat up as he placed his guitar to the side, eyes widened. Volga was missing?! Ever since the no-show at the hospital, he thought Volga had bailed on them. He kept thinking that Volga didn't care at all, and had decided not to show up, even though had had told them that he was coming. Ghirahim had been ignoring his 'brother' ever since, and hadn't even noticed the silence. Surely, Lana would, but Ghirahim wouldn't, now missing him. When Ghirahim saw the reporter starting to list off the number to call, he texted their group chat, asking about the news.
Lana: 'Yeah, I saw it. I thought that he was blowing me off.'
Fi: 'So, there are three people missing?! This is bad.'
Ghirahim: 'Volga, Jasmin, Callie... who's next? This is worrying me. I suggest we try to stay out of it, stay on track with our lives. Maybe Volga is dead.'
Fi: 'Ghirahim!'
Lana: 'Don't be like that! He can't have just died for no reason. Besides, what if he was kidnapped?'
Ghirahim: 'Only he knows what happened.
:iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 2 0
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Let's talk :3
Recently it's been quite boring waiting for someone's art to appear in the notifications but anyone wanna rp, or at? Or maybe rq cause I'm bored and go ahead and yeah. :b
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.: Art Summary 2017 :.
I know I could've done this using the template, but I wanted to do it in a journal instead~ on with the art shall we? 










.: Cuddle Time :. by PinkPrincessBlossom
.: Be Careful Out There :. by PinkPrincessBlossom
This year was kinda all over the place for me- I sort of stopped using colored lines like in my picture for January. I also plan on remaking a lot of my older drawings since well.. I can't stand looking at them anymore lmaooo. The bad parts of the year were when I had to change my eye style, it was really tough for me and I had so much anxiety eating at me because of it. Not to mention I also had
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I missed the Squid Heroes anniversary twice, one with the first picture and one of the first chapter.

Who cares? The rewrite is happening so August 21st will be the new anniversary!
Idk why people are friends with me, I just really don’t know. I’m just an anxious mess who tries and fails at everything.
Me; Alright, let’s try and have a normal day-

Anxiety; *opens door* can I come in nope already am.

Me; *crying* never mind on normal day.
So, I’ve been on this site for a few years now and I never had a journal for the four things and now they are being typed up. Read the rules first but disobey the rules and you are not allowed to do any of the four until December.

Rules: Be Nice in the comments to each other

Do’s: Ships like OC x OC,(non) canon x (non) canon, OC x (non canon). I also do OCs and fandoms like Legend of Zelda, Hetalia, Final Fantasy VII only, Kingdom Hearts and Aggretsuko. I also love fluff and some angst to sprinkle on top.

Somewhat/can handle; Animals and anthromorphics. I am still learning how to do them and if I screw them up then I apologize ahead of time. I still hope you enjoy them.

Don’ts; Fetishes, NSFW (like porn, gore, and gruesome battle scenes), NOTPS (ex.ZelGan, ghiralink, Xemnas x Sora, Sephiroth x Cloud). Don’t make me do any of these please. I also don’t do child x adult.

Please don’t put me on a time limit. If it’s like a birthday gift you want me to draw for like someone you know, then please specify who and ahead of time for me not to be told the birthday is tomorrow. If it’s a gift for someone like a loved one or a friend then I prefer if you tell me three weeks ahead of time.

My rule for OCs is a reference, name, description, personality. I want it as a form and reference should be at the top like this
Reference- (OC picture here)
Name- (OC name)
Description- (OC description)
Personality- (OC personality)
You don’t follow this form, I will NOT accept your OCs. I want this repeated for every OC you want done.

Requests: OPEN. I will do five comment requests. If I don’t get to you right away, I see you don’t worry but I need time. Like the first five comments put down with their characters or ships or OCs, I will do. The next five after that bunch will be done and so forth.

Commissions; NOT open. Prices-
Bust; usually five points. Flat color is seven points, shading is nine, and a background is fifteen.
Half body; usually ten points. Flat color is twelve, shading is fourteen and a background is twenty.
Full body: usually thirty. Flat color is 32, shading is 34. And a background is 40.
Comics; usually a hundred points and an estimation of three panels. Extra panels are a point each, flat color is 102 points for the standard but an extra two points for each panel, shading is 104 points for standard but an extra three points for each panel, background is 110 points for standard as it’s an extra four points for each additional panel.
Headshots; usually three points. Flat color is four points, shading six points and background is ten points.

Art Trades: OPEN, BUT, I prefer to get YOUR end first, if I don’t get YOUR end first, I am NOT doing my end of the trade until I see it.

Collabs: OPEN, comment if you want to collab and we can talk in notes.

So, I hope y’all made it to the end and comment what ya want. Please specify what you want done like a AT or a Collab or a Request for me to chart it down. It makes my life easier to manage.
Alright, I’ve been on vacation for a week and I’m on my way home now. I have been working on OC backstories during this time but no work.

I’m expecting Squid Heroes to make a return by the one year anniversary on August 21st, 2018. It will either be a anniversary picture, new cover to officiate Yog as my co writer or a rewrite chapter. I’m unsure yet and I start school shopping during the anniversary time so we will see.

Anyway, requests will be changed to WATCHERS ONLY.


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Welcome to my personal art hell. I have a serious Volga x Lana problem but that doesn't need help, does it?! I got three years on here and three years of RolePlay experience.

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