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Chapter One
Zeldanime Project - Cover 01 by OniChild
Zeldanime Credit page by crazyfreak
Chapter 1 page 1 by crazyfreak
Chapter 1 The Calling by crazyfreak
Chapter Two
Zeldanime Chapter Two by crazyfreak
Chapter 2 - Page 1 by OniChild
Chapter 2 - Page 2 by OniChild
Chapter 2 - Page 3 by OniChild
Chapter Three
Zeldanime Chapter three by crazyfreak
Chapter 3 - Page 1 by OniChild
Chapter 3 - Page 2 by OniChild
Chapter 3 - Page 3 by OniChild
Chapter Four
Chapter 4 - Page 1 by OniChild
Chapter 4 - Page 2 by OniChild
Chapter 4 - Page 3 by OniChild
Chapter 4 - Page 4 by OniChild
Dead Hand
Dead Hand - Prologue by OniChild
Zeldanime - Dead Hand by OniChild
Zeldanime - Princess Zelda II by OniChild
Princess Zelda - Mage by OniChild Coloring V2 by Freecolat
Zeldanime - Good night by OniChild
Old graphire doodle for Zelda by Freecolat
Zeldanime - Castle sketch by OniChild
Zeldanime - North Castle map by OniChild
Cliffside Temple by Klassie
Zeldanime poll Lost woods by Freecolat
Concepts - Line Art
Demon Ganon by OniChild
Illust studio doodling at 4 am by Freecolat
Number 05 intuos by Freecolat
Number 02 intuos by Freecolat
Side Story - Illustrations Concepts
Zeldanime - Dead Hand the Witch by OniChild
Project Death hand doodle Zelda by Freecolat
Dead hand sketch 01 by Freecolat
Side Stories
Zeldanime - Dead Hand by OniChild
Zeldanime Hylia by Freecolat
Gift Arts
Lady Butterfly by OniChild
Zeldanime Project Logo 2013 by OniChild
Fan Work
Tis but a sketch by Akarui-Sakura
DH Teaser - First Look by OniChild











The ZeldAnime Project

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"Centuries ago, when the world was covered by dark storms, before there was the sea, before there was life, Three Goddesses descended from the heavens and formed the world. After the world was created, each of the Goddesses left behind a piece of their power known as the Triforce to uphold perfect balance. Each Triforce holds unlimited power. Should the three pieces be united, the one who touches the sacred triangle will have any wish granted."

"Will you accept the duties as the keeper of the Triforce? Do you have what it takes? Are you ready?"
"No matter what stands in the way, I will fight."


ZeldAnime is a fan-comic project developed by crazyfreak and OniChild, originally created by crazyfreak. ZeldAnime is a "remake" of the notorious Legend of Zelda cartoon from the 1980's into a comic/manga format. It is not related to any of the video games, however, the story is derived from the cartoon's main plot while mixing story lines aspects from the original Zelda games, such as: The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Link's Adventure, A Link to the Past, along with Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. The ZeldAnime Project's mission is to preserve the feeling of magic and adventure of the original Legend of Zelda games while bringing in new qualities that will focus on the characters' personalities and relationships with one another.

The ZeldAnime Project is a fan-based group and is not associated with Nintendo. ZeldAnime is not affiliated with the Legend of Zelda series and is completely unofficial. The Legend of Zelda and its characters are copyrighted by Nintendo.

***About Submitting Artwork***

We understand that many of you may be eager to share your artwork with the Zelda community. However, this group is strictly about Zeldanime. So, unless you have artwork of the Zeldanime Project, (ex: fan art, your take on our designs, or even crossovers) we apologize, we will not accept them into the gallery.

***About Joining the Group***

Because this is a personal project between us, OniChild and crazyfreak, and how this group on deviantART is strictly about the project, we are currently not adding any members to the group. Any members who are part of the group were invited to join. We will not accept requests. Sorry! However, we do want you to add this group to your dA watch list!
Thank you for understanding!
Hi everyone,

You might have noticed that the website is down.  Since we don't post nearly as often as we used to, we didn't see a point in continuing to pay to keep the site up.  So, we will post the finale here and hopefully have some of our other web-friends help share it.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates, as well!

TL;DR Site's down, but we're not done yet</b>
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Have you played BoTW yet?
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I miss this comic I always wondered what happened to it, now finding it on deviantart.  
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Hi there,

This group isn't quite like others on deviantart; this is a very specific group for a collaborative webcomic between me and crazyfreak with two others as team members.
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I don't know if you know but this was a comic project. If you'd like to talk to the people behind it then you should find them on Tumblr.
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As a suggestion, in the future, do not spend time working on side stories if it causes great deviation from the, which Link's Past and Dead Head, good as they are, have caused.

May even go so far as to suggest not doing ANY side stories until the main comic is 100% complete.

Just a suggestion.
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OH by the way i just read the background story "Link's past" and cried my eyes out ^^;;
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