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Zelda Armor Designs Printouts

EDIT: I changed almost all of the patterns to be more accurate, these are not the patterns used in my costume, they are new, better ones and are accurate to the designs of Zelda from Twilight Princess. (and updated my commentary)

EDIT, EDIT: I added a pattern for the designs on the gloves! Also, the file sizes are now smaller for easier download (I don't need png for black and white) and each pattern is now labeled by name.

I desided to upload all my zelda costume patterns for those who might want to use them for their costume, for I know I had a hard time figuring out mine. You can print this out by downloading it and then unziping it.
Also! SamuraiKeibatsu has reworked some of these patterns and made them more printer-friendly for you guys (yay!). You can find these same-but-different patterns here: top shoulder
lower shoulder

This tells how to do each piece, how I did it, if you have trouble understanding it look at my costume for referance, and ask me if your still stumped.

Anyways here's a link to the craft foam armor tutorial I used. link

Sholder armor pieces:
So you want two of these out of craft foam, one without the designs and just the outline (you can also use "crayola model magic" for the designs, or, for the smaller designs, use hot glue). What I did is I used double stick tape on a tissue box and taped the basic pattern to it. (so it looks like the tissue box is your sholders. Then I took foam cut out with all of the designs on it and used jewl/fabric glue to glue it onto the basic one. If you don't keep it curved while drying, it will never curve correctly later. After this you need to use something on the back to stiffen it. (see link , you can also use a wire mesh.) While it dries you need to have a place where you can keep it curved. Anything with about 6 inches room where you can wedge it in will do the trick.

Tapestry holder: There are two patterns for this, a piece for the whole thing, and a smaller piece (it looks like a V) to go on top. You can also cut out more pieces to give it more depth if you want.

Neckpiece: You need a piece I have a cut-out for then you also need the same thing on top with a little bit of the wings cut off the bottom so it looks like a bat, plus a little off the very bottom so it makes a little split.

Tiara: Get some very thick, gold wire, make a ring around your head with squiggles to the front and back (to really give the foam something to stick to), cut out the main piece, and an extra V shaped piece to go on top(pattern not included) You can add extra depth with more layers and/or hot glue on top.

Tapestry designs: Trace these patterns onto your fabric and paint inside your trace lines.

Bottom of the dress designs: I used "Elmers metallic painters ultrafine gold" pen and I traced this design on. The pattern is a little big (which most people like) but if you don't like it you can shrink the printing percentage. I like the pen because you can see it but its not obnoxious. There are somethings that you can't use this pattern to trace, some things in between. There are cross lines through it and stuff and you'll have to look up further reference to see exactly what I mean.

Well that's it, (finally) if you actually still have questions after that I'll be happy to answer.
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Sure will be helpful when I plan to work on her. Thank you very much.
Is this download no longer working?  I can't seem to get it to open and I could really use this!
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Thank you  SO much!
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I have 6 days to finish and i really need the armor patterns :)))) ill post it when im done
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You are a wonderful person! Thank you so much for this!!!
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BLESS YOU FOR MAKING THIS!! thank you sooo much. this will make my own Zelda costume easier!
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I just wanted to let you know that I used your templates to make my daughter's Halloween costume this year! Thank you so much for posting these! I'll post a link to the blog post I'm writing with pictures of the process and final results once it is finished.
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I love it--it turned out great. Thank you for linking my patterns to your blog!
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Thank you sooo much for these patterns! I am making the zelda costume for my 8 year old daughter and this has been such a valuable resource!
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By the way I thought you might want to see how it turned out with the modified pattern! Here it is before paint [link]
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Wow! It looks great! I like how you added the curve on the lower piece as well.
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Thanks, it was real fun to make. Your patterns made it so much easier!
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Hey! I hope you dont mind I am using your patterns but I modified them a bit more to my tastes and made them printer friendly. Do you mind if I post the modified versions to my deviantart and credit you?
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That's great. These patterns have needed a little updating, and I've always struggled with the printer-friendly department. How about this arrangement: you post your printer-friendly patterns, credit my name AND provide a link to my deviation mentioning that a detailed explanation can be found on my deviation page, and I will in turn provide a link to your deviation commenting that it is printer-friendly and somewhat modified. (Hopefully that way, we'll both get recognition, and viewers will have double the resources). What do you think?
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Ok here are the modified templates, Crown: [link] Pauldron part 1: [link] Pauldron part 2: [link]
SamuraiKeibatsu's avatar
sure thing sounds great! I will be sure to update with the final product as well!
WOW! thank you for the patterns! i'm really clumsy so it really saves me some trouble.
Could you upload the low part of the skirt design? thanks in advance~
Oh, oh, oh, I didn't download the file till now. You're amazing, really!
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I've got two weeks to do my Zelda armor, and you just made my life 1000x easier with this. You're a godsend right now to me
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I think I will probably use these! So awesome!! :D
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Thank you so much! I used these for my cosplay (still a WIP) Here's a pic [link]
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I thank you for posting this. My friend and I are doing Zelda and Link from TP and this is just.... AWESOME. c:
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OMG thanks a lot!!!!! I need make the armor and I don't know how to do it, but you save my life!
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