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How to Make Costume Elf Ears

Hooray! My first tutorial!
Inspiration: I was looking to buy elf ears, saw the prices and Bam! Inspiration. In my first attempt I used aluminum foil, double stick tape, and plastic wrap. Later, as I got addicted to craft foam by making armor, I came to this method. I just had to make this tutorial for the good of my fellow deviants (and for fame and fortu...well, fame.)
But enough of my silliness, here's the link to my patterns: [link]
I hope this tutorial is helpful, and if you have any questions, just comment or note me.
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The eyes look weird somehow........... super black....
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do you have references for how each style looks while worn?

I plan on modifying some for Marshall Lee.
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This is such a useful, easy to follow tutorial! I was able to whip up a pair of elf ears for MAGfest this weekend, and I think they'll work even better than the store-bought ones I initially had. One thing I found super helpful in finishing my ears was using colored pencils to shade in shadows and highlights, to give it a more natural coloration. I also used blush/toner on the ears to soften the shine and get it even closer to my skin coloration.

Thank you for such a great tutorial! :D
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This is really good! Thank you! <333
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Love Thank you for this tutorial I did not want to pay $30 to buy some.Sweating a little...  I had a lot of fun making these ears for my Legend of Zelda Great Fairy Cosplay! :happybounce: 
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I'm considering cosplaying as Medli, so this will be useful!
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Is it possible to make them longer and add the details of the ear in it,without falling of or making them look floppy?
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Length is no problem. Two thicknesses of craft foam is very sturdy, and it's very possible to add designs in the top part. Making designs where the foam covers your ears is trickier, though. I have not yet found a good method. You might experiment with heated tools—craft foam becomes quite malleable when heated.
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I'm going to try that for my upcoming project,thanks for the advice!
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Ah, this was very helpful.  However, it was a bit hard to attach to my ear with the double stick tape so I used spirit glue instead.   It's still /really/ good and I love them.  Thanks for having this up here.
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Both of my Ocs (Well, still being designed OCS..) have elf ears, so if I want to cosplay one of them then it'll be quite useful! Thanks!
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Would it be to hard to make it look like the internal bit of a normal ear down near the base (where it attaches?) thank you for the tutorial. Might use it for a few cosplay's.
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wonderful!! I will definitely use this strategy for my Soraka ears. They are large, and cost like $50 to buy, which isn't happening lol~ thanks ^_^
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Ha, I know the feeling. It looks like you're going to have fun with colors! Heads up: craft foam generally revolts against being colored a shade lighter or duller than its original shade, so you might want to test around with different foam and coloring devices before gluing the whole ear together.
Have fun! :)
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(( Thanks a bunch for the advice! I kind of used a variation of them for Homestuck ears and they turned out really cool! )) 
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Wow, cool! I'm glad you could make it your own.
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 I cant wait till Monday (when I walk into school with ears like its nothing XD)

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Definitely going to use these for my Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay!! :D -Thanks for sharing
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Hello, I hope you don't mind that I translated your tutorial to Slovak language and posted it on my blog  (… )! I gave you full credit! :33 I had to translate it, since it was on request from a person who doesn't speak English + this tutorial is really good and useful! ^_^
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Wow! I think that is great!
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Nice! ^^
Thanks for the tutorial....I'll make cosplay of Grimmjow Ressurection(Bleach) version girl and after see this, will be easy to make the cosplay :)  
*-* Thanks Thanks Thanks! *-*
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Hahaa! Just what I was looking for!
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