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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 57



Original Release date: 2006

It was a long time ago when I started this series, almost a decade ago, I remember I was sad when I had to end it but I was excited to start Eclipso, a show that went in a totally different direction and had the mother of all payoffs, this show was the standard show, it didn't do anything out of the blue it was the basic of basics, which wasn't a bad thing, but I knew my next projects needed more than the bare minimum. I think to this day that Hero Returns is a solid series, it's one of the longest running Zelda series I've ever seen, and I think it's always interesting to watch from beginning to end to see how much it evolves.

I think this show is the Ocarina of Time of my animation, and Eclipso is like the Majora's Mask. I'm not sure how to categorize Dark Sorcerers, I'd guess that it's like Link to the Past? It makes me sad to think that one day I'll finish Dark Sorcerers and that will be the end of these characters that I established 8 years ago and it'll be the end, no more adventures for them. All things must pass just like this show which I still enjoy watching.
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