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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 43



Original Release Date: 2007

I think I did a good job balancing out the five main characters in this one, Link and Zelda spend more time together and they should after what happened, they even come with how to save Link from his dying body at the end.

And...ok here's the biggest part, Marina chews out Coolo for him just being a jerk and abandoning her every chance he got, which he deserved long ago, but after leaving her to die underwater...that teared it for her.

Then we come to the next scene where Marina has a dream that she drowns instead of Dark Link saving her, Dark Link comes into her room and they...sorta get it on. I think Marina acts on an impulse, since she's mixed with alot of emotions like loneliness since Coolo was about all she had left, now it's Dark Link. but she understands that Dark Link cares about her because if he didn't he wouldn't have saved her. Dark Link isn't void of emotions or love because he understands it by being around the group for as long as he has. I made this scene important because they conceive Young Link in this episode and he shows up in the next show and Dark Sorcerers, and he is the boy that if he had not been born, someone would have destroyed the world.

Speaking of, Eclipso himself shows up in this episode, not an actual character model because I hadn't finished it at this point, and I wanted to keep him a mystery too, but it was a hint that he was coming, and I thought it was neat to have him in all the shows and not just have him come out of no-where in the next show. And just to answer a long time question, when he says "You're tears answer that." he's talking about Coolo being sad that he lost Marina, just to make it clear.
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Dark Link deserves love since in the future he will e reincarnated with no memory of any of this(I,m saying if you imagine
this was a main part in the whole story of the series so I feel sad for him)