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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 42

Original release date: 2007

Here's another fight I was building up without the fans even knowing it, Nightmare comes back pretty much out of no-where in the last episode, a lot of fans were howling again how it was impossible until they saw the beginning of this episode, and it's true that Nightmare in Soul Calibur doesn't have those powers...but this is the Hero Returns version of Nightmare...he does.

Nightmare and Coolo's fight was another big thing where I went all out, trees fly everywhere, lakes get turned dry, mountains get destroyed, it's pretty over the top but it was awesome.

I laughed when I looked back to see that Link only died 2 episodes ago and it's resolved in this episode, so much for tension, but I think it works because you know he comes back, no real reason to dwell on it and I tried to spend the next 3 episodes developing emotions and finalizing whatever I needed to for the show.
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Ha! Danger is GO! I love that song. I remember I had a music game for my PS2 called Frequency and that was one of my favorite songs on there you could play.
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Wow i reallly like your seires!
so do i this is the second time i am watching it
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oh dear. john seem jealous. talking with dark link about marina's lover. please. dark link act he hasn't cared about marina.
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well...he is kinda like the pure opposite of Link.
I personally think he's the vegeta in this series...but then again...who knows:hmm:
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not this personally he's vegeta. dark link's is the mewtwo in this movie and special episode of pokemon series. i know this dark link act like mewtwo's actress and not even smiling.
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I can agree with that.:thanks:
Well i think hes the Vegeta of the series ive seen the pokemon movie and i think Vegeta fits the bill more than mewtwo from poke'mon does.
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