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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 40

Original Release date: 2007

Ugh...Yes once again I use the "Zelda Under Control" device, and I don't know why I thought it was a good idea, I guess I just thought it worked so well to have Link die by the hands of his lover...Originally though, I wanted Ganondorf to kill him and you watch as Link's sword hit's the ground and you see him stab Link in the blade's reflection, I'll probably do that if I ever remake it, but apparently it was too hard to do at the time. This actually had been built up in Episode 36, and it's hinted again in another the same episode, I think I wanted people to believe I'd build this up but then have Link "Not" die but no, he does...but the only problem is you know he's coming back...not much tension there, I was still an idiot apparently. ><
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Third time watching the series and i made a trivia question referring to the previous episode just about 5 min ago in the chat box on the Zelda Linked Green site.
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What is that song called at Links "Death" Scene?
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Aw this is so sad...
Still love it though
I already know what happens this is the second time im watching the series but why did link have to die. and why by Zelda's hands this happens to be my least favorite part out of a series that i love. still love the plot though.
FIRST comment!!!!!!!!!
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