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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 39

Original Release Date: 2007

Wow this episode was very difficult to pull off even back then, I think I did a pretty good job with it as back then and even now my fans were just howling about that kiss xD

This is obviously where I decided to make the love triangle official which everyone seemed to like, to this point Dark Link and Marina's scenes had a bit more charm than Coolo and Marina's scenes. I think what was most important was that Dark Link was in total denial about his feelings towards Marina and it's not that obvious...but it's still there.

I recreate this scene in Dark Sorcerers Episode 8 part 1 and that moment is really the genesis of their relationship and what it turns into.
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i know that bacon joke is funny but what the heck?
oh rexflame if you are responding to a specific comment remember to click the reply button underneath that comment and type in the chatbox that appears as a result or the person whose comment you are responding to will not get notified of the response.
"I Like extra bacon for breakfast" "Not alot of eggs though" "Wheres my bacon" LOL love it.
EDIT: Not wheres my bacon but "I didn't get my bacon"
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ohhh marina! you starting to feel like you cared about dark link?
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