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I'm not convinced at this point the story makes any sense...even though I made it xD, like I said before I was just doing whatever, and....yeah I got nothing.

I have no idea where I got the name Gorithmaka, don't even ask me because that was almost 7 years ago, there was no meat on the bones for this story, if you want to see where things pick up and have substance I'd suggest skipping to episode 9 to 10 or 20 because to me the first 20 episodes are sorta filler...but it does have the adventure atmosphere I'll give it that at least.
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still good. ive been working on a comic since 2001, but it didnt pick up until 2003-2004, after the first major timeskip. The main character's best friend was loosely based on Link, but was an elf so he was present for both arcs. The hero however was more like Link because he would return every 1,000 years or so to prevent darkness from taking over the land. The halfway point is where it REALLY gets juicy when a battle forces all the heroes to relive thier past lives. There's the cursed long lost brother who wants to keep his homeland safe and doesnt believe the new hero is who he says he is, there's the best friend who 1,000 ago was responsible for slaying all the dragons because he sold his soul to the devil to save his village, the wizard who watched over 7 dragon gods who could travel across time, a psychic who lives in the center of the earth, a wind monk who lives in a floating castle because his predessesor failed in his duty to protect it, a princess who was infused with darkness before she was even born granting her son powers of both light and darkness, XD sorry 10 years of story here. It was titled the adventures of Roy because when me and my friend were drawing these we had no idea what names to use, but we both made fantasy comics and liked playing smash bros melee. 2 characters were swordsmen and we had no idea what game they were form at the time, only that they were friggin awesome. So he chose Marth, and I chose Roy. And the rest my friend, is history.