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Zelda Hero Returns Episode 1

WOW...It has been 8 years since I have made this show, and because my fans have requested it, sorry to Deviant Art because it's a lot of space to fill, I'm re-uploading the Zelda Hero Returns series, in my Eclipso account I gave the original release dates for the episodes and unfortunately I couldn't find the exact dates to all of these episodes, all I can remember is I started with this episode back in winter of 2003. started with this episode here, compared to what I do now it's not as pretty, but it literally is the first Zelda cartoon I've ever made, so here it is, feel free to laugh or cry or say it's awesome because I don't know the right reaction anymore xD
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Every story has a starting point. Love how it snowballs from here.
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Didn't you do a remake of this episode? Also, while I can't say the animation is brilliant, I always found the story-line in your earlier shows utterly amazing, one of the best fan developments of Zelda mythos ever.
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Nice! there are some things that could be improoved, like link's hat for example. but it's still good! and it might be better if you added a voice to the characters! :)
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I find this offensive
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