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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Worldwide: November 20th, 2020

Breath of the Wild 2 (Title Unknown)
Release Date Unknown

~ StargazerSammie



Gallery Folders

BOTW: Hateno Warrior by Jasqreate
Mipha's Grace by MushkiKizou-Art
BREATH OF THE WILD by bellhenge
Breath of the Wild - Zelda's 31st Anniversary. by Bluechui
Fan Art III
Think Link! by Ivaalo
Majorask mask Ikana by May-Lene
Ganondorf by AnythingRedFox
Linkle Halloween Costume: Oracles Link by Sm-ArtThings
Fan Art II
[Ocarina of Time] Princess Zelda by KishinRinku
[Hyrule Warriors] Lana by KishinRinku
[Hyrule Warriors] Cia by KishinRinku
Open your eyes by MichiiMocha
Fan Art
Legend of Zelda   Minimalism by DoAnAileronRoll
A Child's Death by xSwordsDance
Fan Literature
Poems of Majora 15. From Beyond this Realm,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium15. From Beyond this Realm By J.C. SolisThere are these places full of mysteryThat no logic or science can explainThere are these vivid and daring momentsThat just bombard one with nothing but painAnd our eyes see this and can't turn awayFor it’s from these horrors we can't refrainThose foul creatures from a land that's unknownCauses one's mind to be driven insaneAnd so there is danger present right nowAt these Monsters that stalk the realm at nightTheir bodies are frail, their minds are not rightAnd so give the people around them frightThey wander this Earth for a single causeWhich is all towards one little girl's plightThe battle to save one's own livelihoodWill last all the way till Dawn's breaking lightAnd so the Hero tries to stop their planBut their raging hunger will just not sateAs arrows fly and the battle ensuesTo stop this madness that they did createTheir dogma without pause, they will not stopMay the sun rise up before it’s too lateFor if failure was to come from this fightThen a Little Girl will meet a sad fateAnd so the battle rages with furyAnd neither side is going to give inAs the Hero and the brave little girlUse up all of the strength they have withinThe two brave fighters, though they give their allBear the accosting of these creatures’ dinBut in this fight, they are overpoweredAnd inside of the barn they are now pinnedNow there is no more hope that fate will changeNow there’s no more chance that this fate will veerAll is now lost, and soon all will be goneThe little girl will lose all she holds dearThe creatures lurch forwards with grinning gaitsThe red in their eyes as they now come nearAnd so, the little girl gives a last cryThat came true the coming of her worst fearsBut then, the rays of sunshine then arriveThe gait of light causes them all to fleeA miracle, a show of last reprieveBrings the foul creature right down to their kneesThe monsters all burn as they run awayFor the Great Ones heard the little girl’s pleasShe and the hero see the sun up highAnd their faces beam with a smile of gleeNo one knows from where these creatures did comeBut their plans for the farm have gone awryAnd thanks to the daring hero’s effortsNo innocent creature will have to dieAnd with his trusty steed to guide his pathThe hero gives the girl his last goodbyesTo march to lands that are in need to healThe journey that lay ahead is now nigh…
Poems of Majora 14. Spring,Poems of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium14. Spring By J.C. SolisDeath is always a constantIn the blowing breeze of FateAs our lives now carry forwardsWith anticipation that won't sateThe air is now much warmerAnd so Spring has now arrivedThe mountians have now been savedThe people will now surviveThe flowers bud and reminisceOn this miracle of the seasonsThis arrival does now beckon forNew Hope to now believe inAnd so the people cheer and praiseThat a bargain was a successOn this New Morn of snowmeltWhich the Gods had already blessedFor a new season of change has comeAs the Mountains now bloom in greenFor this is the sacred promiseFrom which all of its people weanFor this is the Time where people rejoiceWhere they cheer around and raise their voiceThe air is warmer, the sun is highThough aother doom is still lurking byFor though the mountains have been savedThe whole Land is still set to dieThe Moon still lingers in the airSalvation's chance is still awryAnd as sad as this fate must beThe Cold Embrace will soon returnAs Time must again now rewindBefore the world will start to burnBut the flowers offer a little reprieveIt is still not yet too lateTo change this world, to stop this plightTo change this Terrible FateAnd the Flowers will soon again returnFor there is no need to feel WoeThe Bargain made will still be keepedAs was this promise made as soThe Oath to save these lands aroundHas not yet started to falterThere is still Hope on the horizonFor Fate to now be alteredAnd so another God is freeAnd so right now the Land's in gleeFor Spring flowers bud and bloom aroundAs the mountains bask in Reverie...
Poems of Majora 13. A Frozen Bargain,Poem of MajoraA Majora's Mask Compendium13. A Frozen Bargain By J.C. SolisDeath is always a constantIn the blowing breeze of FateThe pain and joy we shareLive in the memories we createThe past cannot be changedBut the future is not yet setSo there is no need to worryThere is still no need to fretFor though Death may be permanentOur past lives made an impactionThat rally our dear friends and kinTo raise arms and take actionAnd through a bargain to live againNot even Death can stop a soulWho wishes to save his dying landAnd heal those broken hearts wholeThe Evil within the mountainIs no match for a soul in rightFor He still aims to finish his goalAnd carry on this final fightFor no mechanical beast or fiendCan stop a Goron who acts braveAs He carries on his missionAnd his people he tries to save And the face of a Brave ChildSmiles with courage and due heartFor the new beginning of this worldIs very soon going to startAnd Combined this bargain to save livesBeckon the peace that still existsMay this foul monster now be slainMay the Mountains at last find blissThe cold is always a constantWhether in the warmth of comraderyA Brotherhood to at last have peaceAnd set the people of the mountain freeBut warmth shall one day comeAnd Spring will again arriveAs the flowers of the fields now bloomAnd this world shall once more thriveFor though the air is frigid coldTheir hearts maintain a lasting heatFor there is nothing that can stop themAnd this Evil they will defeatAnd with this determination profoundAnd the Hope of two souls as oneWill the Warmth of Spring at last arriveWith the Grace of the Warming Sun...
Fan Comics
The sick fairy - Part 2 by Webmegami
Good Boys Meetup by SkywardWarriorCG
The sick fairy (Part 1) by Webmegami
Zelda Comic by TropeifierComics
Animations - Games
Haunted Wasteland by TheDeviousDarksage
Wear a mask by UltimateCharizard006
Possessed Zelda by LTE-T
CS : To night by Esther-Shen
3D Artwork
Zelda SSBU - Breath of the Wild (V4) by Hakirya
Zelda SSBU - Breath of the Wild Sequel (V3.5) by Hakirya
Winter Zelda - Smash Ultimate (Age of Calamity) by Hakirya
Zelda SSBU - Breath of the Wild (Winter) by Hakirya
Breath of the Wild: The Prince of Her Choosing by Dawgweazle
Link and Marin by SayAki-kun
the og meme team... part two by kaleboodle
Kiss in the Rain by VulpisMajor
Smash Bros Comic by TropeifierComics
Smash Bros Painting by TropeifierComics
Ganondorf - One Punch Man - Crossover by Autobiotic
Twilight Risky - PsychoWolFFy by IncredibleIntruder
[Fantasy Lemurs] The Legend of the Lemur by NightDragon07
Original Characters
.:Zora Babies Set 1:. Auction ends TODAY! 3/3 OPEN by Anilede
Link | The Legend of Zelda by DenpunPhotography

Mature Content

Custom Figurine Mipha - Legend of Zelda NSFW Adult by Radik80
Mature Artwork

Mature Content

An Ancient Relic by MissAnnaMatronic
Fanmade Game Concepts
[LoZ] She Who Brings Chaos by Saccharinerose
Miscellaneous Artwork
Breath of the Wild in Doodles #1 by KatLime



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