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Buried in Snow Lyrics
I wouldn't go so far as to say
that you're making me feel a certain way.
I wouldn't dare tell you just what I'm thinking
but I can assure you that it has me reeling.
Has me reeling.
Would you like
to come out?
Take my hand,
walk about?
There's a whole
world out there.
Waiting to be seen.
I want more
out of this.
Someone to
share with.
There is a place that I must go
but I don't want to do it alone.
There is something I really
want you to know.
But I find the right words are
buried in snow.
Buried in snow.....
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Earthbound - Smiles and Tears (Lyrics)
And so our journey has come to an end.
It certainly has been scary and strange.
But who can say they saved the world
with a smile on their face?
It can be so hard to stay strong.
You held up your head for so long.
And all the while humming the tune
to your favorite song.
But like all good things that must come to stop.
It sure does get lonely at the top.
But the sights that stretch out beneath,
make it all worth it for me.
Though I did not want you to leave,
it's been many years since it seems.
Sometimes I look back and
feel it was all just a fleeing dream.
And though forgetting you is what I fear,
I'll remember this for all my years.
I will keep every memory close.
All of the smiles and tears.
You have given me such a happiness I've never known.
It's so hard to let go.
And should these words find you, please know...
I miss you.....
I hope to see you again.
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Carrot by ZeldaFreak701 Carrot :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 1 0 Alph by ZeldaFreak701 Alph :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 2 7
The Snowy Woods Lyrics
So you've come to visit my home
a place you've never once before been?
That striped shirt, that cap, that hair.
Something strange is definitely happening here...
I hope you don't find me strange or forlorn
but I think I may have possibly seen you
somewhere before maybe.
What is happening to me?
It's almost as if you came from my own dreams.
Young boy so far away,
safe in bed can you hear my voice?
A dear friend and I are trapped.
We need your help and we need it fast.
You must brave the storm outside,
use your wits and your genius mind to survive.
You must survive!
I am praying for your safety and
it will be so nice to meet you.
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 1 0
Mine Always
Since I first met you I knew right away that you were going to be special to me.
From that moment I felt something
So special I’ll never forget.
And now my eyes are open and I can see so clearly now, this is the start of something great and I can't wait to live it out.
And ever since that day, my life has never been the same.
It's like being awake the first time. I feel alive.
And it’s all thanks to you. And here I tell you now, my eyes couldn't look upon another, my hands will only hold each others, my heart cannot love anybody as it loves you
You’re mine always.
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 0
Brawl Boos by ZeldaFreak701 Brawl Boos :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 0
Onett Lyrics
Well oh we met,
oh quite some ago.
We hit it off
as good friends usually do.
And there we were,
sharing our lives and
our stories and
experiences too.
Fast forward a few years
I cannot say
that things have changed.
The prospect of
you and I being an item
was never true,
never a reality.
Yet here we are
so happy together,
sharing our lives
and our future.
I know things haven't always been perfect
well they rarely are.
But I can say with confidence that we're perfect for
yes perfect for each other!
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 0
Protomen Concert by ZeldaFreak701 Protomen Concert :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 2 0 Tattoo #4 by ZeldaFreak701 Tattoo #4 :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 9
Amazon Quartet Lyrics
Hard to fathom.
Hard to get.
Hard to learn
and understand.
What if I don't want any of those things?
What if I don't want to learn about the birds and the bees?
What if I don't want responsibilities?
What if I don't want to spread my wings?
I want to live one by one
to forever stay young
with no need for twenty one.
Now wouldn't that be fun?
I don't want to grow up and learn how to drive.
Get a job and go to school  
that doesn't sound like the life.
I only want to live life you see!
I want the whole world to revolve around me.
Why can't life be all about fun?
Don't want words of wisdom, who needs them?
I want to live one by one
to forever stay young
with no need for twenty one.
Now wouldn't that be fun?
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 1 1
A Return Indeed
We all have something we're guilty of.
Prove me wrong.
There are some things that we see as just unforgivable.
But how many of those things can
you say that you're
completely innocent from?
I did a bad thing to you I know.
And turned away.
You shut yourself out from my truths and my apologies.  
I can't blame you however.
Honestly I
would have done the same.
But if you choose to return back from the blue
for better or worse I will welcome you
with open arms.
And if you choose to come back for me
I know it will be quite a return indeed.
I know it
I feel it
you might.
You saw it
I've seen it
it's right.
If not
then I just want to thank you for your words and the happy days we've had.
A return indeed...
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 0
Edgar and Sabin Lyrics
Two brothers.
Two different fates.
Two different lives
destined to be lived apart.
Two siblings.
Two different worlds
Two destinies.
When will our lives start?
One goes up
other goes down,
one walks left
while the other walks right.
Such a
decision cannot
be talked out
we must let the coin decide.
Oh brother I do
wish the best for you
in the life you get.
One will live a life of freedom,
one in chains.
So I'll
call it in the air.
Heads for me.
I just hope you're happy.
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 2 0
Demon Invasion Lyrics
The cold came rushing in.
It quickly enveloped me.
It not only took this one soul,
but everything.
Everything in just
one fell swoop.
It all happened so fast.
No one saw it coming.
Or did we just turn
blind eyes
to the
Now we're left  
in what we
saw from miles away.
Why then
did we just sit by
and let this happen?
:iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 0 0
A Mighty Enemy Appears Lyrics
Stepping out of the shadows here they are
they found us once again.
How long did we get away with it this time?
Not nearly as long as usual!
This is starting to get old really fast
this can't keep going on.
Day in, day out, it's the same question:
will this be the last day I see the sunrise?
Something needs to happen.
We need a miracle.
We need something to end this vicious cycle.
I'm tired of looking over my shoulder all the time,
wondering have they found me yet or am I safe for another hour?
This can't carry on any more.
This is no way to live.
Pardon me if I'm sounding crazy but frankly,
I'm tired of running!
Why did we run in the first place?
It's a fight we knew we wouldn't be winning.
But this is a different time now!
We can do something!
This won't be for nothing!
We were scared once,
but now it shouldn't matter.
This is it, whether we live or die
at least we'll know that we stayed and tried.
Pardon me if I'm sounding crazy
But frankly I'm TIRED OF RUNNING!
Is a life of uncerta
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Rob DenBleyker by ZeldaFreak701 Rob DenBleyker :iconzeldafreak701:ZeldaFreak701 1 1

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Whew, where DOES the time go? I know the top of my screen says 9 years, but I had been browsing the site a full year before I signed up for an account. So I think now is a good time to address my 10 years on this website. For a place that I don't do too much on anymore I do still visit frequently and see who has liked and commented on my previous work. It's funny how the real talents who have only been on this website for a year or so have exponentially more views and comments than I do. But that's okay. I didn't come here for the fame, just a little exposure is all. As you can tell, I do still upload lyrics from time to time. I have also uploaded some things on youtube, but I felt a little sad when BrentalFloss came around he's a million times better than me, not to mention he can actually play instruments and write his own music. I feel that now I would just be compared to him and I don't want to deal with that. But I'll continue to write for the love of doing so. 

Much of my adolescent life has been recorded on this website from my naivety, my angst (haha), my cynicism, and my failed and gained loves, and my crazy obsession with Sailor Moon that lasted an unhealthy 3 years. It will now probably come back because of the reboot too. DA has been that friend I see often but don't speak to, but is always there should I want to. I'm very happy for the things that it has brought to me. And I'm also happy that many of you have stomached through my terrible drawings and my terribly immature journal posts from days long since past. DA and I have grown so much over the years and, unlike Newgrounds (which I also celebrated my 10 years on last month), we both still have a love for uncensored products of the mind, thought provoking conversations, and an insatiable appetite for creative freedom.  

It has been a wonderful 10 years. And I plan on being for the next 10 years, and all the time after that. 

Thank you,


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Rebecca. I've been writing lyrics since I was six. Anything else? Just ask.


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