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ZELDA Skyward Sword by GunShad ZELDA Skyward Sword :icongunshad:GunShad 711 56
The Darkest Sun
The Darkest Sun
The deadened moss crunched under the Princess Zelda's leather heel as she turned for the second counterclockwise circle around her work. The directions were very precise. They had to be. No matter how badly they had been written, carried in the hands of some foul shaman, there was nothing broad or vague about it.
The veil was a terrible, exacting thing, after all. It was a strong magic that kept mortals out of the Dark Realm, out of that hell of tormented souls and black reflections. Errors would be fatal, catastrophic. A ritual of such a dire caliber required precision. The runes cut into the broken dirt were perfect, the circle  marked without a wobble or break.
Wisdom might have sufficed, she knew. But she knew only a dull fear when it came to summoning this Shadow. She was bringing forth a destroyer of kingdoms, a demon that had been sealed away by the efforts of her ancestors time and time again. She would rather Darkness call Darkness. Defiling herself w
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 19 61
A Royal Pain
Pale, slender fingers drummed the teacup nervously. This looked like a good idea on paper, but with three hard gazes on her, the possibility that this would go up in flames seemed more and more likely.
Zelda looked at Peach, who seemed oblivious to the tense atmosphere. The other princess was dressed much differently than usual, in a pink blouse with white lace trim, pale purple slacks, sandals, and a red ribbon that held her hair in a ponytail. In contrast, Zelda didn't dress as casually. In fact, all she really did was remove her purple vest, the accessories attached to it, and her gloves. She had even kept her circlet on, for crying out loud. And those in front of them, who continued watching her, had all come in their usual outfits -- even though this didn't mean much for Bowser. So much for an air of informality.
"So?" Bowser piped up, placing his teacup down on the floor. Peach winced a little, probably thinking of it getting scratched or dirty, but said nothing. "Are you gonna s
:icona-chana:A-chana 1 4
The Best Laid Plans: Zelda I
The Best Laid Plans
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda x Ganondorf
Part I: Zelda
The Princess Zelda had not wished to sit idly by while she saw her Kingdom warp around her. She saw most everything, though few who knew her could guess it. She related it to being trapped atop a high tower, to look at all the ants below as they marched in formation. She could pick out the tiniest aberration, the smallest upset in the pattern. And she could see that one minute instant in time birth a wake of chaos.
However, in this case it was not a tiny disturbance but a large one. And it did not leave a wake but a coastcrusher wave behind it. It began with the death of her father, and instead of the throne passing to her it passed to Duke Lanaryu, who held the castle in his duchy. She could do little, and not for the first time she cursed her late father's will, and that he distrusted her for the mark on her hand when it allowed her to see so much more than he did.
Such was the nature of fear, she knew. And so
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 10 30
Strange Bedfellows
The Crown Princess Zelda sat upon the Royal Throne of Hyrule, head set demurely to one side and eyes closed as she listen to her head advisor, the man that her father had appointed to guide her before he died. To all the court, she appeared to be calm and serene. Yet the Princess struggled to contain her rising ire, her need to lash out at this condescending man and his foolish suggestions.
"It is not within the nature of the Gorons to fight," he told her, in that wheedling voice that she detested so much. "They are skilled with their hands, but simple in mind, and cowards to boot. You should show a strong hand."
Her advisor, Duke Reyton, resembled a weed in his tall, skinny stature, as well as his tendency to bow at every other moment. He had a thin, foxlike face, and wore expensive yet subdued silks. He was no fop, and certainly no fool; he had a sinister purpose behind his bad advice. And Zelda was not about to let him fulfill it.
"I hear you, Duke Reyton," she said softly and with
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 6 8
The King of Hyrule is a Jerk
The King of Hyrule is a Jerk
The Legend of Zelda series has been around for well over a decade, and is one of Nintendo's best-selling video game franchises. This series of action-puzzle-adventure games revolve around a single protagonist, Link, as he journeys through the kingdom of Hyrule to save the princess Zelda from the evil sorcerer-warlord Ganon, usually with the help of a trusty sidekick that aids him through difficult puzzles. Although over ten different games have been made, they all contain very similar archetypes and revolve around the same general plot framework: naming of the franchise the 'Legend' of Zelda, rather than simply a series of chronological stories.
On March 27, 2003, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker came out for the Nintendo Gamecube in the United States as the tenth installment in the popular series.  This installment, although many of the same elements appear, uses a heavily different plot framework than the previous Zelda games. For i
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 6 30
GANONDORF: An Owner's Manual2
Congratulations, O Wonderful Customer!
If you are reading this, then that means you have just purchased our newest model as seen in our fabulous Wind Waker catalogue-the Ganondorf Dragmire (version 2.0), as made by the lovely manufacturers of the Hyrule Company. Please carefully read through this guide in order to optimize on satisfaction and proper maitenance of your purchased model.
Technical Specifications
Name: Ganondorf Dragmire (will also respond to Ganon)
Location of Manufacture: Hyrule
Type: Evil Overlord
Height: This model's height varies upon where it happens to be standing. It normally stands at 6'5" and can grow up to 14' at certain distances. Don't worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This is normal for your unit.
Weight: This unit cannot be weighed, nor does it wish to be.
Note: Any inquiries made to your unit about its weight may result in bodily harm and the Hyrule Company is not liable for any permanent injuries.
Length: This unit's leng
:icongalassiel:galassiel 56 61
The princess Zelda saw and knew a lot more than she let on. This was, of course partially because she was the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom. However, she hid that where she could (the castle soothsayer was a bit of an idiot) and most of the staff treated her as the lovely empty-headed princess they thought her to be.
That suited her just fine. It did help when she snuck out sometimes to play with the boys in the Castle Town market. At twelve years old, she liked nothing better than to stuff her hair up into an old cap, smear her nose with soot and, upon putting on some used boys' clothes, play at hoops and ball in the town below.
But, junior mastermind as she was, she thought about more important things as well as how to go about slinking off to play truant.
“You don't scare me.”
The Princess Zelda pointed accusingly at the Gerudo King Ganondorf in the cheerful afternoon sunlight. He sat alone at an ironwork tea table in the castle courtyard, overlooking the gardens and hi
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 15 30
The Reason I Like Ganondorf...
Zelda, Samus, Peach, and I were having a sleep over in my room of the smash mansion and we were talking about people we have crushes on... it came to my turn ...
"Well if I tell you... it may freak you out" I said looking at the other girls in the room.
"That’s ok… everyone has something weird they like" said peach watching me closely.
"Ok...I ... I like Ganondorf!" their eyes widened.
"O my! but.... how!?" said Zelda freaked  
"Yeah how could you like him?" Samus said kind of annoyed.
"Well..." just then the power went out and peach screamed. I made an evil grin that no one else saw and crawled over to princess Zelda after I had lit a single candle...
" You sleep soundly in your bed. But you feel a presence. A dead, icy stare just watching you..."
I did the most evil grin....
"You wake up , staring back at a face. He smiles ever so sinister at you. Laughing silently."
the others eyes turned to terror and I noticed peach was sitting closer to Samus which made me chu
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This came to me when I started writing a crossover and was a bit confused about what groups to post it to, so I have added a crossover folder. All crossover worlds are accepted. Only rule is that at least one Zelda Character has to be involved/the focus. Any new folders needed just shoot me a note and I will get to it....when I can ;)

Your Founder, Carina
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Welcome all, I hope you enjoy yourself while you are here. Mature content is accepted so don't be shy when submitting your work. FAN ART, CRAFTS, AND POEMS ARE ALSO WELCOME


-No trashing others works (that should be a given)
-Fan Fic and or Fan Art has to be in some way related to Legend of Zelda









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