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Honorary hunters,Link was in his house, in the Kokiri Forest, packing his belongings. He had returned, some time ago, from an adventure and was about to go on another: to look for Navi, whom he had separated from when he was brought back to his original time. In addition, he had decided to leave Hyrule and not return, for he had told Princess Zelda what would happen if he opened the Door of Time. She handed the Ocarina of Time to him and told him to take it. Thus, Ganondorf would have no way to open the path to the Golden Land. Leaving Hyrule became less painful because of his friends’ offers.“Come live in the Mushroom Kingdom”, Peach invited.“No, he’s going to live in Abel and hunt mavericks with me”, Zero retorted.“I don’t think so”, Alucard contradicted. “He’s going to Europe to help me fight vampires, monsters and demons. Right, bro?”. They looked like adults arguing over the guardianship of a child. The memory made him laugh.—Excuse us.And then two of them, Peach and Alucard, entered the house. They both noticed what the hylian was doing and the vampire asked:—Are you going to look for your friend?—the hero nodded.—Hmm… never mind, then.—Never mind what?—questioned the boy.Peach said that the maverick hunters were racing against time: they had only sixteen hours to prevent a space colony from colliding with Earth. Knowing this, the monarch and the vampire offered to help Zero and X destroy the station. They were to consult Link if he could help too, but were hesitant because they knew he talked about this trip in advance and didn’t want to disturb him. However, he agreed to postpone the journey to help Zero and the others.When they arrived at the Maverick Hunters Base, they were greeted by Signas, the commander, who introduced them to Alia, the navigator, and Douglas, the engineer. The leader thanked the trio for their cooperation and explained that they suffered many casualties, as many warriors were infected by the Sigma Virus and became criminals. Zero and X weren’t there. They went to collect parts to strengthen the Enigma, a cannon that existed on the base and that was going to be used for a shot in an attempt to stop the collision.—How long until the knock?—questioned Peach.—Fourteen hours—Signas answered.—Do you have a plan B in case Enigma fails?—Alucard inquired.—We have a space shuttle, but it’s out of autopilot because of the virus contamination—reported Douglas. —I wish we didn’t have to use it. And we’re missing parts for it too: engines, gas tank and orbital wings.—Do you know where to find these things? If so, we’ll get them—affirmed Link.—We know, but it’s dangerous: they’re in the possession of reploids that are, possibly, infected. Alia, show them, please—requested the commander.—Yes, sir.The navigator tapped a keyboard and pictures of four robots and their locations appeared on a monitor. Signas explained which part each one has and the hylian, the princess and the vampire chose which places they’d go. Alia took them to the teleportation room and sent them off.—Good luck—she wished, before.Link reappeared in an artificial jungle. Before proceeding, the navigator told him that there was an old Repliforce base in the place and that he should be careful with the mavericks that were roaming around. The device, an orbital engine, was with Axle the Red. Unfortunately, the base had no information about him.—I see. I’ll start the mission.The adventure through time made a lot of difference to him, and he had no problem defeating the murderous machines of the place. He proceeded until he found a fork and sighed, frustrated, when he realized that he’d have to climb up the cables, because the black blocks that stalled the shortcut were too heavy. “How I miss the golden gauntlets”, thought Link.Reaching the top, he passed through a tunnel, where he was surprised and almost had his head and feet pierced by Togeroids. He defeated them, got out of the tunnel and went down. “Be careful now, Link! There’s a chasm right down there”, Alia warned. He thanked her and finished going down, careful not to fall. From the edge of the hole, he saw more cables helping to cross. This time, there were Gabyoalls on the ropes, but they were no problem. In one of them, the boy almost fell, for he was, again, surprised by a Togeroid, which almost pierced his head. He destroyed the robot and advanced until he reached a door. He went inside.An alarm sounded five times, making Link ready for any sudden attack. Suddenly, a spiral of rose petals appeared in one corner of the room. From it, a green reploid with petal-shaped hair appeared, who asked:—What do you want with me?—With you nothing—replied the hero, relaxing. —I just want the orbital engine. Where is it?—Are you a thief? You can’t just take things away like that. Go home, kid, or I’ll call the maverick hunters!—threatened.—I’ve come to pick up the engine on their behalf. If I have to face you to take it, then let’s get this over with!Axle the Red, however, was no picnic: he moved fast and jumped very well. At one point, he dropped a seed on the ground, behind the hylian, and a copy sprouted. Both threw a thorny whip and wrapped Link with it, causing him several punctures, scratches and bleeding. Link conjured Din’s Fire and got rid of the whips and the clone.—Noooo!—shouted The Red, whose body was on fire. The hero took advantage and cut the enemy in half, who exploded until disappear. He looked around the room and found the engine.—Alia, I found the part.—Perfect! We’ll send a team to get it. Return to Base, please.Peach appeared in a very hot area, in which there was a weapons storage, according to reports. Alia warned the princess to be careful with the lava there and that the booster engine they were looking for was with the guard named Mattrex.—Thank you, Alia. Here I go.She started the descent, carefully to not be burned by Dragon Magmas or shot by snipers. At the bottom, feeling very hot and very sweaty, Peach reached a point where the only possible way was underneath.—Wait!—interrupted Alia. —There’s a lot of lava there.—Is there another way through?—No, unfortunately. Down there the lava comes in violent waves, but you can avoid them. Stay behind the columns and wait for the wave to pass.Peach felt the ground shaking. She looked down and watched the heat wave pass by at full speed and swallowed hard. She went down and ran straight behind a pillar and waited, safe, until the next wave passed. She did this until she was out of that area. At the next, however, she was faced with a sea of fire. Alia guided:—You can ride on the Probe and go underneath or on the surface. It’s up to you.—I don’t know how to drive it—said the monarch, embarrassed.—It’s not hard. Try it—encouraged the navigator.—There’s no time to learn now. I see a path of stones on the surface of the lava and I’ll go that way.The regent jumped from rock to rock and was spotted by a Pteranoid, which began to chase her. She managed to fight off a few attacks and continued on her way until she found a wall. She was surrounded. She had no choice but to take down the robotic dinosaur to continue. And he seemed furious that the princess had resisted his attacks. She unsheathed Exor and provoked the enemy, who came flying full speed into an offensive. At the right moment, Peach cut the maverick in half and it exploded until it disappears.She turned to the wall that was blocking her path and knew what to do: she mentalized several bombs exploding the obstacle until it opened the way and so happened. Further ahead, she saw cables and a door at the top. She went up and in.When she reached a room, an alarm sounded and Peach prepared herself. Suddenly, flames rose from the floor and they materialized a tyrannosaur-like reploid.—Are you Mattrex, who has a booster engine?—Yes—confirmed the robot. —How did you get here with all this heat, without any protection?—I’m very resistant. Anyway, the Earth is going through a crisis and I need the device you have.—Of course, you can take it.—Can I?—Peach asked, her eyes widening.—Of course not—contradicted the guard. —Do you think you can take things from here, just like that? Why don’t you force me? Cutie!—he added, debauched.Mattrex conjured flames that appeared under the princess and burned her. She screamed, but didn’t come out of the fire. In the end, her body was black as coal and smoking, and yet, she remained standing still. The reploid approached and lifted the princess’ chin with his finger. Peach opened her eyes and the enemy backed away startled.—What?!A pink energy wrapped the regent and healed the burn. She took advantage of Mattrex’s surprise and gave a frying pan hit on his face and a fatal cut on him, which exploded until it disappears. She explored the room and found the booster engine.—I think this is the engine, Alia.—That’s the one. A team of hunters are going to get it. Return to Base, please.Alucard materialized and looked around. He thought he was in space, because it was dark and starry, but it was a planetarium. The navigator said it was a space laboratory in which Dark Dizzy, who was created by Sigma, kept a fuel tank. She also warned to be careful with the constellations, because she detected mavericks in them.Getting past the planetarium was easy: all he had to do was transform into a bat and fly at full speed with Wing Smash, running over the bats that were in the way. In the end, he arrived on a place where there were gravitational reversers. Alia said that Alucard could use these devices to turn the environment upside down and in his advantage. The vampire thanked her advice and went on, cutting through the many mavericks that blocked his path. He entered through a door and saw many bats huddled together on the ceiling. An alarm sounded.The bats dispersed, revealing a bigger one, which said:—I know that smell. I didn’t know that maverick hunters had a real vampire among them.—I’m not a hunter, just helping out a brother in need. Are you the guy with the gas tank?—Yes, but you don’t want to fight me for it, do you? After all, we are comrades. Let’s eliminate criminals together.—Pff... ok, then. I’ll start with you.Dark Dizzy was probably the most pathetic enemy Alucard ever fought: he only knew to dodge around the room, avoiding attacking and watching. He seemed fascinated by the dhampir. At one point, he created bats and ordered them to attack, but, instead, they surrounded Alucard with curiosity. He gave a command and the bats turned on Dizzy, who used his Dark Hold to avoid the offensive. He realized that his opponent wasn’t affected by the paralysis.—You’re not the only one who can manipulate time—explained the vampire, taking a clock from his pocket. He used it to cancel the Dark Hold, jumped very high and, with the Wing Smash, blasted the enemy, who exploded.—Would that be the fuel tank, Alia?—asked Alucard, after searching the room.—Yes, that’s the one. Get back to the Base, please. A team will pick up the tank.The vampire was the first to return to the Hunter Base, then Link (who had his injuries healed by his brother) and, last, Peach. Signas thanked the three and they met X, who told them that Zero had gone to Reploid Air Force headquarters to get the orbital wing from Skiver. Meanwhile, Douglas and some fellow engineers were putting the parts that Zero and X had collected into the cannon.—The Enigma is ready—he announced, a few minutes later. —It’s old, but we’ve reinforced it with some parts and it should work.—Angle, power and energy are adjusted—Alia spoke.—Alright. Blast off!—Signas ordered.—I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Zero—said a white winged reploid, pointing his forefinger at his listener. The red hunter and he were on top of an Air Force plane.—I’d like to ask you—he continued—: was the fight between you and the Colonel really necessary? I'm not accusing you of anything. I just want to know that. I’ve been infected by the Sigma Virus and soon I’m going to become a maverick. That’s the last thing I’d want to know.—... It was. Someone had to stop him—he answered, concisely. He didn’t like to talk about the war between the hunters and the Repliforce, because it reminded him of Iris. The loss still tormented him. —I understand your curiosity, but I’m only going to fight you because it’s my mission—he drew his saber and moved forward.Skiver flew to avoid the cut and, from above, threw strong whirlwinds that hurled Zero to the edge of the plane. There wasn’t much room to stand. He managed to grab on the edge of a wing and climbed up. The enemy advanced, but it wasn’t his own that came: it was an energy clone. The hunter dodged and hit Skiver with a sword strike right on the chest.Very quickly, the white reploid began to fly around the plane and came up trying to knock Zero down with punches. At an opportunity, Zero was faster, jumped over the enemy and clipped his wings. He managed to grab his hand before it falls.—No! Let go of me! Let me fall!—Skiver demanded. —I’m starting to feel the effects of the virus!—If the afterlife exists for Reploids, I hope you find the Colonel again.Zero charged his buster and pierced Skiver’s body with a shot. The hunter let go of him and watched him explode in free fall. Seconds later, he saw a blast of large and bluish energy cross the sky into space.“Was it the Enigma?”, he asked himself, surprised. With the orbital wing found, Zero teleported back home.Upon arriving, the red reploid went straight to the command room, where he found his co-workers and his brothers. He greeted all three and thanked them for their help.—Sorry to have disturbed your trip—Zero apologized to Link.—Not at all! I wanted to come.—Well? Did we make it? Has Eurasia been destroyed?—asked X.—No—said the navigator, mournful. —We just changed the orbit and delayed the time of impact.—Fuck!—cursed Zero.—Can’t you fire again?—Peach questioned.—It only had enough power for one shot—told Douglas. —Now we’ll have to use the space shuttle. The others and I will put in the devices you brought. In the meantime, decide the pilot issue—and got out.No one spoke for a while. They knew it was a very risky option because of the bus’ lack of autopilot. Zero broke the silence saying:—I’ll go—and started walking to the launch pad.—No!—exclaimed Peach and X together.—I’ll go in your place!—the blue robot insisted.—Don’t be an imbecile, you don’t know how to drive the bus!As the two hunters walked away, Link asked, in anguish:—Don’t you have another pilot who can drive the vehicle, commander?—No. I trust Zero.—Me too—agreed Alucard. —He’ll come back fine. Have faith in him, little brother—he asked the boy. —You too, Princess—she nodded.With Zero arranged in the space shuttle, he heard words of encouragement from his friends and Signas ordered the launch, which was perfect. The reploid maneuvered the vehicle around Eurasia and approached. Before it crashed, he ejected the cockpit, turned around and could see a flash, which was the explosion from the rocket hitting the colony.—Did we get it this time?—asked Link.—... 86%! We did it!—announced Alia, animated. Alucard and Signas smiled with relief while Link and Peach hugged each other and danced around. “He did it! He did it!”, they both cheered. The other Base employees also celebrated.—Hey, can you hear me?—Yes, we hear you—confirmed the navigator.—How are you?—inquired X.—Alive—answered the red reploid, smiling.—We’re sending a team to pick you up. Try to get some rest until then.—No need, we’ll go—Peach offered, referring to her, Link and Alucard.—Let’s wait for him to get back to Earth. I can use my lupine sense of smell to locate him.—Before you go—Signas began, taking out a small box—, please accept this.The commander opened the box and there were three medals inside, with the emblem of the maverick hunters. They each took one and Alia pinned them on their clothes.—I, Signas, commander of the maverick hunters, appoint you honorary hunters, for your services to this organization and to all who inhabit the Earth. Congratulations and thank you very much!—finished, saluting. Applause and a few whistles echoed through the command room. Link, Peach and Alucard looked at the medals and then at each other, satisfied.The hylian, the princess and the vampire rescued the hunter (who was sleeping on the chair) and brought him back to the Base. However, they learned of a new virus, which was, tentatively, named Zero, because it had his image. Alia said they could solve it if they went to point 11F5646 (probably in Vietnam), from where a strong viral energy emanated. X wanted Zero not to go, for he was worried about his friend because it was very strange that he was, inexplicably, immune to the Sigma Virus. Zero insisted on going, which was supported by his brothers, who went along.The quintet entered the place and each one stayed behind to face a powerful maverick and open the way for the others. Alucard faced Shadow Devil (who managed to shake the dhampir by transforming into Lisa and nearly killed him), Peach fought Rangda Bangda W, and it was left to Link to witness an argument between the two reploids, with X threatening Zero to take him back by force if he didn’t leave. “Pff... like you can do it”, he scoffed. The blue reploid tried, but lost the duel.—Take him away, please—Zero requested to Link. —I’m going to solve this mystery of the virus. Thank you very much for all your help, little brother.—You’re welcome. See you later, bro. Good luck!—he wished, lifted X and used the Farore’s Wind to leave.
Quest for the lost brothers,The consideration brothers Link, Peach, Zero and Alucard have had good and bad times together. They were together in celebrations and also united in difficulties, always helping each other in hard moments. However, it happened that, from time to time, one of them would disappear, with no news for a long time, which left the others distressed. This is what is happening now with two of them: Link and Zero. Peach and Alucard are very worried about them and decided to start an investigation to find their lost brothers.—I’m going to Hyrule, Alucard—said the regent. —Princess Zelda must know something. I will also consult Saria and the Deku Tree.—I’m off to Abel City, then. The hunters must have information on Zero’s whereabouts. Send my regards to Link when you find him.—Good luck! If you find Zero, tell him I sent a hug.It wasn’t easy for the princess to enter Hyrule, because the kingdom has been, for years, under the dictatorship of Ganondorf, the King of the Gerudos, who seized power using the Triforce. She thought of going straight to Hyrule Castle and did so. However, when she arrived at the market town, she found the place completely ruined and overrun by Redeads. She could see no longer the home of the Royal Family, but a tall and dark tower. The only building that seemed intact was the Temple of Time. Disguising herself as a zombie with the Sneaky Parasol, she headed there.Peach entered the Temple of Time and admired the architecture, for it was very beautiful. She walked forward the place and found two people talking at the end. She rejoiced and teared, for one of them was Link.—Link!—the princess exclaimed, running to meet the hylian. She hugged him. —I finally found you, brother!The hero returned the hug. He had gone for seven years and understood his sis’ joy at finding him again.—Forgive me—he asked, weeping too.—Where were you?—In the golden land, waiting for the time to return.—How come?—I was too young to wield the Master Sword—explained the hylian. —I had to grow up and become stronger to be able to use it. I have a tough mission now. I already know what happened while I was away.—Take me with you, please!—Peach requested. —It’s dangerous to go alone.—... All right—conceded Link. —Thanks for the company.—Who is he?—the regent asked, referring to the man in tight blue clothes standing in front of the Master Sword’s pedestal. —My name is Sheik. I’m of the Sheikah people.—Charmed to meet you, Sheik. Will you help us?—When needed.—Great!—approved Peach. —Where do we go first?—she questioned to her brother.—Kakariko Village—he replied. —Let’s go.As they walked out of the Temple, the hero inquired:—Where are Zero and Alucard? How are they?—Alucard has gone to look for Zero. He disappeared and I'm very worried about him too.—I hope he finds him—Link wished. —After we take down Ganondorf and his tyranny, we’ll help our brother in the search.—Wait, Link! I’ll make a video call to tell Alucard you’re okay.Abel City no longer displayed the splendor it once did. Devastated by many wars between reploids and mavericks, the place now had very few inhabitants. Alucard went to the Maverick Hunter Base, Zero's workplace, but the site was abandoned. He asked a passerby if he knew where the maverick hunters were, but he never had heard of them. Learned, however, about an utopian city called Neo Arcadia, a few hours away from there.“Utopian city? That doesn’t sound good”, thought Alucard. He thanked the passerby and entered the Base ruins for clues. He explored the building transformed into a wolf and sniffed something. He turned into a bat and flew out of there.Some distance away from Abel, a group of reploids and a woman were running for their lives. They were being hunted by Neo Arcadia’s repression force for being falsely considered criminals. The fugitives were searching for a long-abandoned laboratory where, according to sources, they would find a very powerful reploid that could counterattack the utopian city’s army of repression.There was not much time: the resistance was outnumbered and slowly being cornered and killed, for in addition to the Pantheon Hunters, Golens had joined the chase. The girl, accompanied by a fairy-sized robot and a survivor, had reached a door.—A dead end?—gasped her.—No. There’s a very strong energy coming from there—revealed the “fairy”. —!... And there’s another one just as strong coming this way!—Watch out!—shouted the resistant, jumping from in front of the door with the girl. A very fast and dark blur passed by and broke the barrier.—What was that?—asked the scientist, but neither of them answered. Realizing that more enemies might be on the way, they decided to go inside.They met a pale man in black clothes crouched next to a red robot, with long blond hair and deactivated.—I finally found you, brother—spoke Alucard. “So that’s why we haven’t heard from you: you hibernated”.—Excuse me—said a shy and female voice behind the vampire. He turned and spoke:—There’s no time for conversation now. I saw more enemies coming this way. If you know how to wake him up, do it. Please—completed.—So he really is Zero? Do you know him?—Yes—confirmed the dhampir, taking the lead to protect the trio. —Go and wake him up, if you can.—Yeah.—I’ll use my power, Ciel—said the robot. —We don’t have time.—But Passy, then you’ll...—No problem. It’s you and Zero who have to come back alive, everyone is waiting for you!—Thank you, Passy!—Ciel appreciated, tearing. —Wake up Zero, please!Passy entered the red reploid’s body. Slowly, the hunter began to move and the cables that held him down released. He stood up and tried to understand what was happening.—Welcome back, brother—greeted the dhampir, looking at Zero leeringly.—Alucard! Was it you, bro?—I’ll tell you later. First, let’s get out of here.Sitting on a pedestal in the Temple of Time, Link and Peach tried to contact Alucard using the princess’ cell phone. Seconds later, they succeeded. The dhampir answered the video call and the Sword Brothers spoke to each other again (when he saw the hylian, Alucard made an obscene gesture to him, but he laughed and told the vampire to go fuck himself, and everyone laughed). The affliction over Link and Zero’s disappearance was over, but the problems weren’t: Link told about the dictatorship that Ganondorf installed in Hyrule and Zero reported about the difficulties of living in the post-war era between reploids and mavericks. The brothers, then, decided that they will help solve the crises. Link and Peach spring into action to defeat the King of Gerudos, by awakening the seven sages, while Zero and Alucard attack Neo Arcadia’s leaders to finish the pursuit to the robots. They agreed to reunite, when all is well, at the Mushroom Castle.Tired from their fights and adventures, the quartet was congregated in the regent’s office, who promptly invited them to rest, eat and drink in the Castle. Link told the others the reason for his vanishing and Zero did the same. The two apologized to the princess and the vampire for the worry they caused, but for them, seeing the hero and the hunter back and well was enough. For hours, the Sword Brothers talked about the journey they had taken to defeat the evil that plagued where they were.
Rescuing a dear friend 2,“Dears Mario and Luigi, please come to the castle. I baked a cake for us. Sincerely, Princess Peach Toadstool”.With that invitation, the Mario brothers happily headed to the Mushroom Castle to eat the treat. After all, the princess was a very good cook. On the way, they met Wario and invited him to come along. However, before they arrive, Toad, the princess’ assistant, came running up to meet the Marios and Wario, desperated.—Mario! Luigi! Help! The princess... captured... Bowser... —exclaimed Toad, distressed and confused, not knowing where to start.—No need to say anything else—spoke the red plumber. —Let's go, brother! Will you help us, Wario?—How much do I get for this?—asked, greedily.—I don't know, I have no money to pay you. Come on, Luigi!“I'm going with those morons”, thought Wario, malicious. “I can extort the princess after I rescue her, hehe”.—Bowser stole the Power Stars of the Mushroom Castle and gave them to his servants in the castle’s paintings—reported Toad.—In what?—asked Luigi, not understanding.—In the paintings of the castle! Bowser used the stars to create worlds in the frames!—When did this happen?—questioned Mario.—Three days ago.—So, this invitation we received from the princess is fake?—What invitation?—inquired the assistant, raising his eyebrows. The red plumber showed him the letter he received inviting him and his brother for eating cake. After analyzing it, Toad concluded:—Yes, it's false. The princess' handwriting was forged. There’s no way she could have sent it. Bowser is keeping her under personal surveillance.—Toad, go to a safe place—Mario requested. —If anything happens to us, you know who to call.Three days have passed since Mario, Luigi and Wario entered the Mushroom Castle to rescue the princess and have not returned. Fearful, Toad went to the plumbers' house to make a phone call.—Hello?—answered a deep voice.—Zero! It's me, Toad!—identified himself. —The princess was captured by Bowser! Mario and Luigi tried to rescue her, but they didn't come back! I'm very worried!—I'll tell the others and we'll come to help our sister!—I'm at the Marios’ house! Come over here!One hour later, Zero, followed by Link and Alucard, arrived at the plumbers' home, distressed. The helper greeted them and explained to the trio what Bowser had done.—We are going to recover the stolen Power Stars, leave it to us—ensured Link.—Something must have happened to Mario and Luigi. They probably fell into a trap and were captured—reasoned Zero. —Let's go.As there were many paintings to retrieve stars, the trio decided to split up to speed up the task. In the painting of a battlefield, Link beat the Great Bob-omb and got the information he wanted: Mario and Luigi (and Wario) were captured and are under custody of King Koopa's strong subordinates, inside frames. The hylian told this to the hunter and the vampire and they decided to look for the hostages while they took the stars back.In one of the rooms of the first floor, Link found a painting of Mario and entered, ending up on a path with wooden platforms and purple, poisonous gas below them. He proceeded carefully, cutting down the Goombas on his way, climbed up a beanstalk and came to a hole on a thick log. He went down.When he landed, found a Goomba much larger than the others, with a gray haired mustache and eyebrows and wearing a crown.—Hahaha! I am Goomboss, the great Goomba—introduced himself. —And you, who are you, little one?—I'm Link. Where's Mario?But the giant Goomba didn't have to answer. Link just looked to the middle of the place and there was the plumber: stretched out and, apparently, badly injured, on a circular platform, with poison gas around.—That drain brain has always stepped on us, but now the tables have turned! I crushed him and it’s better for you to leave if you don't want to get crushed too!—threatened Goomboss.—Let's see who's going to crush who—replied the hero, provoking the enemy's anger and preparing for combat. From behind the giant Goomba, four small ones came out and attacked Link, but a spinning attack defeated them. The hylian advanced on the boss and landed a few cuts that made the opponent retreat. Angry, Goomboss began to increase in size and conjured up more Goombas, six this time. They attacked Link quickly, but were defeated. At this, he takes a hit from the boss. The hero defended himself in time, but was thrown backwards by the impact.Disengaged, Goomboss came again for another blow. Link jumped to the side, rolled, and landed a slash across the enemy's back, which left him even more frustrated. The boss grew in size even more, but this did not intimidate the hylian: from the blow he had received, he realized the king wasn’t that strong.—That's enough—concluded Link, pulling out his Fire and Ice Rods. The hero fired a burst of each and destroyed the Goomba king. He jumped up to the platform where Mario was and saw his condition: unconscious, with several bruises, a broken nose and some bleeding. Carefully, Link carried his friend and got him out of there.—Alucard! Alucard!—called Link, as he returned to the entrance hall of the Mushroom Castle. The dhampir came out of one of the doors and went to meet the hylian, who requested his brother to use his healing powers on the plumber.—I found out where Luigi is—revealed Alucard, while healing Mario. —In a haunted mansion in the castle's backyard.—How?—One of Bowser's minions told me that there’s a ghost guarding a cage with a haunted house inside.—And how do we get in?—Leave the mansion to me, places like this are my specialty. Go ahead.—Ok—agreed Link. They left Mario resting against a wall and went in separate ways.Alucard arrived at the castle yard and the place was full of ghosts. The vampire consumed them all until he found the cage with the mansion. As he approached it, he was sucked inside.The place seemed to be a world apart, for Alucard could no longer see the yard, only darkness. There was a night sky with a full moon, black clouds and a two floors mansion. The vampire entered and explored the place until he grabbed all the Power Stars. On the second floor, he found a painting of Luigi. He entered.He landed in a round room, with a rotating floor and containing four exits. He turned into a wolf and sniffed the air, hoping to find a trace of the plumber. He found it and went right, then left and right again. He turned into a bat and climbed up, finding a hole at the end of a red carpet. He got down.The vampire landed in a rectangular room, with a large green carpet and a mirror occupying the entire wall facing it. He saw Luigi on the floor, leaning against the mirror and went over to him. He was very pale, cold and with his eyes open and fixed, but he didn't notice Alucard there, nor did he move.—!... Did you took his soul?—the dhampir questioned someone nearby. Behind him, a large ghost appeared, wearing a crown and with a fireball in one hand.—Hahahaha! Yes, it was me, Big Boo. I'm going to take your soul, too, and turn you into one of us!—I think not—refuted Alucard, using super speed to take Luigi's soul.“How fast!”, thought Big Boo, in disbelief. The vampire began to consume the ghost, who tried to escape, but in vain: he was sucked into his opponent's body and turned in energy for him. Only the crown remained on the ground. Alucard returned the soul to the body of the plumber, who gradually blushed and regained his senses.—Alucard!—Luigi spoke. —I... I... got careless... the ghost... it...—It was defeated—said the vampire, calmly. —Let's get out of here.The vampire and the plumber returned to the main hall. Mario was still dozing leaning against the wall, but he looked much better. Staggering, Luigi went to his brother and sat down beside him. Alucard explained to Luigi what had happened to him and asked him to take care of him until he wakes up. That Link, Zero and him were recovering the stars that Bowser stole.—We are as worried about the princess as you are—he assured. —We've spread out across the castle to speed up the task.—Wario has also come with us—said the plumber.—He'll be rescued when we find him. Did you see who captured him?—... It was a giant ice monster. It was blue, with a big mustache and a horn. That's all I know.—That's enough. I'll keep getting the stars. See you later!—Good luck, Alucard!—Luigi wished.When he met up with his brothers on the lower floor of the castle, the dhampir told them about the monster that was holding Wario hostage. But they didn't find him there. They explored desert, lake, lava and cave, but nothing. Only when they reached the second floor, Zero found a picture of the cheapskate painted inside a room with a mirror on one wall. He entered the frame.The atmosphere was chilly, just the way Zero liked it. He had begun to develop an affection for cold places. The hunter went down a slide and, with the help of the wind, reached the rest of the path, made up of blocks and columns. He went forward, cutting down some enemies that were stalling him and being careful not to slip and fall. After climbing some ice blocks, he found a crater on the ground and descended.As he landed, he saw the creature described by Luigi: a round, blue monster with a gray mustache and a horn. It was pounding the ground like a bull.—Hey!—exclaimed the monster. —Who are you?—Pff... My name is Zero. I've come to rescue the fat man with you—said the reploid, unworried.—Hahahaha! He's frozen somewhere in this lake—revealed the creature, laughing. —My name is Chief Chilly, king of the cold. But why did you come looking for him? He doesn't sound like someone important, by your tone.—Yeah, not that important. My real concern is the princess. I'm in a hurry, so...Zero sped up and struck a blow that almost cut Chilly in two. It was deep, but the king resisted. He jumped high and was knocking pieces of the arena off the sides with each landing. When he finished, the boss ran to strike the reploid again, but he, with his sword on fire, pierced the enemy with a vertical cut. Chief Chilly began to melt as he convulsed on the ground. Zero scoured the edges of the place, looking into the lake and searching for Wario. He found him floating, frozen. He dived in to rescue him.When they returned, Zero found out, from Link, that the Mario brothers, now recovered, went to face Bowser to save the regent. The hero asked the hunter to help the vampire and him to get the missing stars on the third floor. Wario ran as fast as he could to catch up with Mario and Luigi and try to have a small part in the rescue.One hour later, the plumbers and the explorer had defeated King Koopa and were back at the entrance of the Mushroom Castle, with a large Power Star they obtained floating at the height of the princess’ stained glass window. The object began to descend, slowly, and disappeared, showing a beautiful woman with a pink dress and blond hair. Peach opened her eyes and saw the Mario Bros., hat in hand, in courtesy, and Wario, standing back, with his finger in his nose.—Ugh!—t’was her first reaction, grimacing. —Mario, Luigi, was it you again?—Yes—they both answered.—But we had help—Mario admitted. —From your brothers.—Hey! I helped too!—Wario protested.—Link, Zero and Alucard are here? Where?—asked Peach, her eyes widening, ignoring the explorer.—Getting the missing stars—Luigi replied. —They should be close to finish by now.—I'll see them—said the monarch, turning to enter her house. Peach walked around the place calling for the trio and found them on the top floor, Link and Alucard coming out of secret passages in the walls and Zero coming out of a giant wall clock. Upon seeing their sister, they smiled with joy and relief that she was saved and went to meet her. Peach gave them each a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek.—Thank you so much!—Peach said, to the three.—Welcome back, sis!—Link wished.—It was Toad who told me you were captured—revealed Zero. —I told them and we came as fast as we could.—We got the stars back. Look.The hylian, the reploid and the vampire released the stars they had collected and their power energized the castle again. The worlds that King Koopa created in the paintings disappeared and they "closed", becoming just normal frames again. Peach admired the place full of life again, her eyes beaming with joy.—Rest before you go back to your homes, please—the princess requested. —I need to let the people know that all is well again.
Link's Reunion With Navi This is one of the many legends rarely spoken of by the people of the land... A long time ago, deep within the forests of Hyrule, a young boy named Link lived among the forest people known as the Kokiri. But Link wasn’t a Kokiri, he was an orphaned Hylian, who’d been adopted by the forest’s guardian known as the Great Deku Tree... One day, as the shadow of a great evil descended upon Hyrule, a weakened Deku Tree gave Link a fairy companion named Navi. Link set out into the world beyond the forest, tasked with saving Hyrule... Link met the princess of destiny named Zelda, who instructed him to find the three Spiritual Stones, which were the key to unlocking the Sacred Realm. The first stone the boy obtained was the Forest Stone, given to him by the Deku Tree as he was speaking his final words... After collecting the Fire Stone from the Gorons in Death Mountain and the Zora’s Sapphire from the Zoras in Zora’s Domain, Link headed to the Temple of Time just as a nightmare became reality and an evil man named Ganondorf pursued Princess Zelda... Obtaining the Royal Family’s most valued possession known as the Ocarina of Time, Link and Navi headed for the Temple and placed the Spiritual Stones upon an altar while playing the song that would open the way through the temple’s doors... On the other side of the Temple of Time’s doors, Link discovered the sacred, ancient Blade of Evil’s Bane known as the Master Sword. Setting foot near the sword’s pedestal, the boy pulled the Master Sword from it, but was locked in the Sacred Realm for seven long years... Waking up in the future, Link and Navi discovered that Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule. Tasked with awakening the six sages, the Hero of Time and his fairy companion made their way to the temples scattered across Hyrule and defeated the evil monsters inside... After a long journey, Link was reunited with Princess Zelda, but their reunion was cut short as the Demon King Ganondorf kidnapped the princess as he sought to obtain the power of the complete Triforce in order to rule the entire world... Link made his way to Ganondorf’s castle and confronted the evil king, after an intense battle, the hero defeated the dark lord. But Ganondorf wasn’t done yet, using the Triforce of Power, the Demon King transformed into the nightmarish beast known as Ganon... With the fate of Hyrule resting on his shoulders and despite facing certain doom, Link battled Ganon with Navi beside the hero all the way. The fight was intense, but in the end, Link prevailed and Ganon was sealed away in the Sacred Realm... As peace returned to Hyrule, Princess Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to send Link back through time, seven years in the past, back to his youth. Upon returning to his time, the hero parted ways with his fairy companion Navi... Link headed to Hyrule Castle to warn the young Zelda and the king of what would happen if Ganondorf was left unchecked, after spending a certain period of time in the kingdom, Link left on a journey in search of Navi... His journey led him to the parallel world of Termina, where he ran into the Skull Kid, who’d taken Majora’s Mask and was using its power to stir up trouble in the world. Even worse, the moon was about to fall and would destroy the world in three days’ time... Despite the the challenges thrown his way, Link awoke the Termina’s Four Guardian Giants and fixed all that was wrong in the world, confronted Majora’s Mask and saved Termina from the falling moon... Following the confrontation with Majora’s Mask, Link returned to Hyrule and continued his quest to find Navi. His search has led him to the Mystic Forest where fairies are said to reside. As Link treks into the mysterious forest, his quest nears its end...****** Mystic Forest was big, but not as big as Lost Woods or Kokiri Forest. At least it wasn’t like a maze and there was no chance of stumbling into a parallel world while in this forest, it seemed to be calm, serene and perfectly safe. Large oak trees stood tall and leaves seemed to nearly block out the sky, the sun shone down upon the forest, bringing life to the trees and the plant life. He firmly held his sword, prepared to defend himself, just in case monsters attacked him. Link stayed calm, this forest was safe, protected by the light and by the fairies that lived here. Winged orbs of blue, pink and orange floated around through the trees, circling above the young Hero of Time as a few watched from afar. It had been a few weeks since his encounter with Skull Kid and since the fight with Majora’s Mask, in that time that had passed, Link had not given up on his quest. He wouldn’t rest until he found Navi and they were finally together again. Link couldn’t believe his quest had taken him months, from the day he and Navi parted ways in the Temple of Time to the time he spent trying to save Termina all the way to this peaceful forest where fairies lived. Nonetheless, once he’d been reunited with his fairy companion, Link would have gotten several days’ worth out of his long adventure. It would be quite the tale to tell many years from now, the tale of how he looked for a missing friend and found that friend. He walked past a tree stump and stopped to look at it, noticing a sketch on the stump. It seemed to be done in the style of a mural; The sketch showed a boy in a tunic hugging a fairy while surrounded by fairies, was someone predicting the future? The hero heard a twinkling sound and turned, seeing a series of bright lights ahead of him through the trees and the clear mist. The spirits of the forest were calling to Link, beckoning him to come forth. Wingless, floating orbs of light surrounded Link, dancing around him and providing guidance and company. Traveling deeper into the forest, Link walked around fallen trees and carefully treaded through bushes, trying not to trip on any tree roots or vines. Birds chirped as they made their nests and owls hooted, wolves ran in and out of bushes, their eyes aglow in the dim light. Bushes shuffled and Deku Scrubs popped up, looking around and hiding whenever they spotted Link or one of the forest animals. The Forest Spirits guided Link towards a tree that lay just ahead, standing in the middle of the forest and surrounded by fairies. Looking at the tree, it was big and had a face carved into it, reminding the Hero of Time of the Great Deku Tree back in Kokiri Forest. As he thought of the Great Deku Tree, Link wondered how the Deku Tree Sprout was doing. Had it grown into a big tree yet, was the sprout old enough to become the new Deku Tree and assume the mantle as guardian of the forest? Perhaps the Fairy Tree was the Mystic Forest’s version of the Great Deku Tree, maybe the fairies here were the equivalent of the Kokiri. What would happen to the fairies if they ever left the forest, did Navi answer to a call that came from these woods? Walking forward, Link approached the Fairy Tree and the Forest Spirits left. The fairies saw the hero and surrounded him, filled with curiosity. The young boy looked at each and every one of them, hoping to find Navi among the fairies. He hadn’t forgotten what she looked like; Light blue and with wings, Navi was female and had a nearly high-pitched voice. Hopefully, she’d become less annoying during her time here. Link had an idea and brought out the Ocarina of Time, hoping that his idea worked. The Hero of Time put the instrument up to his mouth, concentrated as hard as he could and started playing Saria’s Song, one of the very songs associated to the forest Link could think of. If Saria’s Song didn’t do the trick, what else could? The curious fairies danced around Link, they seemed to like the song. He played and played, without stop, until he heard a voice speak out to him, “Link?” Listening carefully, the Hero of Time recognized that voice. He turned and saw a blue fairy approaching him, they took a minute to take in what was going on. Then Link smiled as he figured who the fairy was; It was Navi, she WAS here. As the other fairies watched, the boy hugged Navi and she fluttered around him. “You came out here to look for me,” Navi said excitedly, “After we parted ways, I never thought you’d miss me so much that you’d come looking for me, but you’re here. Oh, Link.” “I miss you too, Navi.” Link said. Navi giggled happily and so did the adventurous Hylian, then they shared another heartwarming hug as the fairies and Forest spirits observed. Link would never forget this day for the rest of his life, the day he found an old friend...The End
Young Impa from Age of Calamity by LayzeMichelle
The Legend Of Zelda 35th Anniversary by Zelda74
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The sick fairy - Part 2 by Webmegami
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Chibi Sword Brothers+Dawncan Brotherhood comic by BrunoBlackened2112
Digital Modeling
.:. Links In Trouble! .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
.:. Forest Temple Poes .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
.:. Whats Wrong Link?? .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
Courage and Wisdom by AceL97
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Keaton (Gijinka) - LTE-T AnimaTion by LTE-T
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ZeldaI Item Pot Ceramic WIP Custom by TorresDesigns
Wolf Link Poof Poseable Art Doll by UmbraTundra
Spring 2021 Blupees by UmbraTundra
Clay Triforce Pendant by FeynaSkydancer
Screen Shots
HW Definitive Edition - (BOTW Link and Zelda) by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors - Phantom Zelda Results Screen by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors:  Character Selection - Miss Tetra by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors DLC - Adventurous Corsair by ObsessedGamerGal86
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Today in the snow storm... by SoenkesAdventure
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Zelda 2 Gameboy Mockup by Traslogan
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All together for Halloween by Lunabandid


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Hello, guys! It's TheDarkXelloss! Now known as NeonSoul-Art :iconneonsoul-art:. I know I haven't made any updates on the journals for a very long time, it's like there's no time to do anything anymore. BUT there's now a trailer for the sequel of Breath of the Wild and the excitement is impossible to contain, that's why I wanted to make this journal for our members to talk about their opinions on the trailer, theories about what is coming in this new game, even if you want to go crazy about short-haired Zelda (internet is going crazy for her, it's amazing!), go for it! :D

I'll include the trailer below if anyone hasn't seen it, but I'll also include a very interesting backwards version where you can hear that the background music have interesting lyrics to them.

Can you decipher them? and what do you think they mean :)





It has also been revealed that this game might be even darker than Majora's Mask and that the map will be the same as the first game.

My theory is that even if the map is the same Nintendo wouldn't give us the same place to explore twice, basically making it the same game, instead, Hyrule might be corrupted in some way (maybe like Twilight Princess but more twisted?) making everything recognisable but really twisted.


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