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Link x Zora Midna: Hylian-Zora RomanceLink opened his eyes, groaning and shaking his head. His vision was fuzzy at first, but when he blinked, Link’s eyesight cleared up. He felt a bit lightheaded, probably due to somebody sneaking up and bonking him on the head. It was late in the afternoon and Link had just gotten done fighting off a group of Bokoblins and had saved Zelda from them. As he’d been heading home, somebody snuck up and attacked him. Because it had been a sneak attack, Link did not know who it was. Looking at his surroundings, he found himself in a bedroom made from marble and saw a Zora warrior statue close by. He was in Zora’s domain! The fact he was there was a pleasent surprise. Whomever attacked him must’ve been in the midst of dragging Link back to his or her hideout when the Zoras saved him and brought him here. Then again, maybe a Zora attacked him and brought him here for some reason. What was going on? Sidon wouldn’t do that, so who? Noticing the pink hearts on the covers of the bed and the red hearts on the wall above the bed, Link had to guess it was a girl and his guess was right as he saw a picture of himself on the nightstand and a few more on the wall. Probably a crazy fangirl who wants to hang out with me all the time, Link thought, Its best to go meet whoever captured me. Sitting up, the blue eyed lad got to his feet and made his way towards the open doorway leading out into the rest of Zora’s Domain. Walking down the stairs, Link smelled the fresh afternoon air and the scent of fresh water, breathed slowly and felt the soft marble floor beneath his feet. When he made it down the flight of stairs and entered the wide oval-shaped chamber, he found somebody waiting for him.It was that pink Zora gal Midna: Tall and shapely with purple eyes, a sweet smile, smooth arms and long legs and wearing a brown lacy bikini with a matching thong. She leaned against a Zora statue, a hand on her hip. “Nice to see you, Link.” Midna said with a sultry voice, “How are you feeling?” Link laughed nervously, “Uh, I’m ok. What’s up, Midna?” Midna winked, “You don’t know how lonely it is out here, even with the other Zoras, even that strong, handsome Sidon and my other friends. The only real attention and company I want is from you, Link. “That’s why I captured you and brought you here, look at us, nobody else is present and no one’s eavesdropping.” Link blushed, “Sounds like you need some intimacy with somebody you like.” Midna walked up, swaying her hips from side to side, wrapping her arms around Link’s neck, “Exactly, handsome. You’re my special guy, you’re so brave and you deserve somebody else other than Zelda, who needs her when you can have somebody else for a change. “You and Zelda? It's been like that with you for centuries in regards to the whole reincarnation cycle, hasn’t it? But, if you think about it, have any of you and Zelda’s predecessors had somebody else?” Our intrepid Hylian defender gulped, “Er, well, the Hero of Time did settle down with Malon at Lon Lon Ranch and the Princess Zelda of the Hero of Time’s era did end up with a prince from a far off kingdom. “There have... been a few occasions where I, er, the OTHER heroes of Hyrule did get themselves some random girl.” Midna giggled, “See, you have been able to mingle with a different girl and spend the rest of your life with her instead of being with Zelda all the time.” “So, whats your point?”“What’s my point? Figure it out, Link. You’ve chosen me over Zelda and Zelda’s gonna soon decide to have a prince instead of you. In fact, I just paired her with Ragandian Prince Wilson and they’re hanging out right now, discussing the future. As for the two of us, there’s no escape, Link. You’re mine. Think about it, do you find me attractive?” Link chuckled, “To be honest, despite the fact you sorta come off as annoying and over the top sultry, you’re gorgeous and I’m starting to like you.” Midna squealed, “Yes, now you’re mine. Kiss me, hero.” Starting to take a liking to this Zora just as his Hero of Time predecessor had liked Malon, Link kissed Midna upon the lips, Midna kissed back and the two of them shared a deep, passionate kiss before pulling away. “Now, sweet Link,” Midna purred, “Will you join me for a swim?” Link, now realizing he was barefoot and the only pants he wore were black undershorts , took off his blue shirt. “Sure, dear.” As the two walked towards the crystal clear and sparkling waters of the pool, Link tickled Midna on the shoulder causing her to gasp. “I...” She breathed, “…did not expect that or see it coming.” Link smirked, “Just wanted to play, my cute fish girlfriend.” “Well, nice to know you’ve accepted that you’re my boyfriend now, MY soulmate and my sweet passion forever.”“Indeed.” The new couple sat down on the edge and kicked their feet in the water, holding hands, Link and Midna looked into each other’s eyes, smiling with compassion before they dove into the pool. They swam around and splashed each other for what seemed like ages, Link was getting enjoyment out of this. Midna? She felt pleased and satisfied to have most of her dreams come true at long last, the hero she loved so much, her hero and handsome dream man, finally accepting her and willing to be with her forever. All of Midna’s dreams were coming alive. After chasing each other about in the water, Link climbed out of the pool and offered his hand to Midna, helping her out of the water. They held hands, smiling at each other, before starting to make out. After a couple minutes, Link and Midna snapped back to reality and lay down next to each other, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes with smiles on their faces.“I love you, Midna.” Link said.“Thank you so much, Link.” Midna the Zora replied, “For everything.”THE END
Link x Telma short storyOur story begins with Link strolling through the empty streets of Castle Town, heading into the alleyway where Telma’s bar is located. It is late at night, but there is no sleep for Link right now, he’s up for some drinks as he needs relaxation after defeating Ganon and saving Hyrule, he knocks on the wooden door and Telma’s voice comes out, “Come in.” Link turns the knob and opens the door, Telma is waiting for him, wearing her trademark outfit –the long skirt with the revealing shirt jacket- and at her counter. “Well, well.” Telma says, “If it isn’t that handsome hero, Link, savior of Hyrule and ally of the resistance. You were very brave, handsome. What can I do for you tonight, sweetie?” Link walks up to the counter, “I could go with a beverage right now.” Telma gives him a seductive wink, “Anything for you, Link. Just make yourself comfortable and I’ll get the drinks.” Link sits down at the table the resistance members sat at during their meetings back when Ganondorf and his lackeys terrorized all of Hyrule, there is nobody there now, just him and Telma at night. Telma walks out, holding a glass of beverage for Link, even a beer for her. Link is confused, what is Telma trying to do right now, seduce him? While he admits Telma is attractive, he still has a thing for Zelda, he does care for her and she is the princess of a kingdom. Telma gives Link the beer and sits down next to him, smiling sweetly. Link nervously drinks his beverage, making sure he doesn’t get drunk. Telma sips her beer, not wiping the smile from her face as she taps her foot and moves her other hand close to Link’s hand. “So, Link.” Telma says after a few minutes of silence as they finish their drinks, “What do you think about me?” Link looks confused, “Um, you’re pretty.”“What about Zelda?” Link nearly chokes on his drink, “Um, what’s going on, Telma? You’re being a bit more seductive than you are.” Telma smirks, “Why, Link. You’re a handsome man and I dig a very handsome man, in fact, I found you very useful all those weeks ago during that terrible ordeal. But while you’re into Zelda, that’s not going to stop my advances on you?” Link got up from his seat, gulping nervously, “Are you saying you love me?” Telma grins, “Correct, handsome. I need you, Link. I could still use a man like you.” Link tries to make his way towards the door slowly, hoping to escape this, “If you think I got something for you, no way!” Telma runs forth and blocks the door, even locking it. “You can’t escape, hero. You’re all mine, I saw you staring once and you were not looking at my face, you were distracted by my jugs, weren’t you?” Link shook his head, “Nuh uh, the only chick I dig is Zelda.” Telma advances on Link, swaying her hips as she snakes her arms around his neck, “Say it handsome, you like me.” Our hero has no choice but to surrender, he doesn’t want to upset anybody, “Yes, I love you.” Telma purred, “Good, good. Now let us begin.” She pulls Link into a kiss, Link has no choice but to smooch back, their lips lock and Link puts his arms around Telma and their bodies press against each other’s as Link pushes Telma against the wall. The kiss breaks, Link and Telma look into each other’s eyes. Telma beckons him to follow her upstairs, Link obeys and the two enter a bedroom where Telma pulls off his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, before helping him get rid of his shoes. Telma backs towards the bed, she removes her shirt, shoes and then casts aside her skirt. She sits on the bed in her orange bra and matching thong, beckoning Link to join her. Reluctantly, Link does so Telma has him lay back and the two of them start kissing again. The kiss breaks and Telma shuts off the lights, Link cannot believe what has happened, he has been seduced by the most attractive woman in Hyrule next to Zelda. How is the princess going to react? They would have to find out tomorrow… The two say good night and Link falls asleep with Telma resting against his muscular torso. Looks like Link will be stuck with Telma forever.The end
Link x Malon: Under a Starry Night SkyNote: Link and all other Legend of Zelda characters are the property of Nintendo so I have no ownership of them except for the original characters I can create. Please enjoy the story.Rated Fiction T Link –Age 19│Malon –Age 18 Link sat upon the grassy plains of Hyrule field outside Lon Lon ranch, relaxing beneath a brown oak tree, Malon at his side. A few years had passed since Ganon was defeated and peace restored to the world, during that time, Link had admitted his feelings for Malon and they’d been very happy together. When the two of them had first met as kids, Link thought Malon was cute and Malon thought Link was cute too. Little did they know what the future had in store for them back then, they didn’t know they’d fall in love years from then. But now, almost a decade after their first meeting, the two were happy to have one another by their side. The sun had set over a bright orange sky and the stars had come out, accompanied by an orange crescent moon, which lit up the night sky and illuminated the world below. An owl hooted in a nearby tree before taking flight and crickets chirped and sang amongst one another while birds tweeted as they got ready to fall asleep for the night. Link felt the warm summer breeze upon his smooth skin and his face, he wore a simple blue shirt and green shorts (instead of his hero tunic) along with gray sandals. Malon looked very pretty tonight, her red hair was tied back in a ponytail and she wore sandals (just like Link) along with a bright blue revealing tank-top and brown short shorts. The two lovers sat in silence, listening to the sounds of nighttime and breathing in the fresh night air, looking up at the stars and trying to see if they could make out any formations and potentially spot a shooting star. It had been a while since any of them had seen a shooting star, which either streaked across the sky or actually hit the ground like a meteor.When Malon was young, her dad Talon had taught her the concept of wishing upon a star. As a little girl, Malon’s wish was that, one day, a really handsome man would sweep her off her feet. Another wish was to stargaze with the man of her dreams, which was what she was doing with Link, the two of them sitting under a tree and enjoying the night air. They sat next to each other, none of them moving away from one another for they cherished their intimacy and never wished to leave each other’s side. For Malon, Link was there to keep her safe and happy. For Link, Malon was there for him and had helped him many times. He owed her for letting him borrow Epona, who’d proven herself useful countless times. It was 9:45 P.M on the clock, Link and Malon had been out here for 20 minutes now and had eaten dinner a short while ago. Talon, who was still around and working on the ranch, had been the one to cook while Malon had helped set the table and Link, who’d proven himself to be very helpful on the ranch in the past few years, did most of the dishes.Talon had gone to bed early and Ingo was busy taking care of the horses and the cattle, this left Link and Malon to do whatever they wanted. They could get intimate with each other without Malon’s father and uncle interrupting them, the two Hylians appreciated having uninterrupted privacy and all the peaceful times they’d shared helped contribute to their happiness. “I see one, I see one!” Malon exclaimed happily, pointing to the night sky, “I see a shooting star.” Link looked to where Malon was pointing and watched as a bright stream light streaked across the sky. “What’s your wish, Link?” The redhead asked giggly, shaking his arm. Link chuckled, “My wish, Malon, is for all of Hyrule to prosper and have good luck.”“Is there another wish you have in mind that you want to come true?” “That’s pretty much it, Malon. What’s your wish, assuming you made one?” “My wish is for us to have a daughter, a really gorgeous baby girl.”Link smiled at Malon, wrapping his arm around Malon’s neck, “You act as though we already got a kid on the way.” Malon giggled and kissed the Hero of Time on the cheek, “What are you talking about, silly? We haven’t conceived yet? What made you think otherwise, forest boy?”“You said you wanted a daughter and the way you said it made it sound like we already had a baby coming very soon in about 8-9 months. Are you messing with me or am I dreaming?” “Link, when I say I want to have a baby, I really mean it that I do, but we don’t have to do so right now. We can always wait until later, if you’re interested.”“Malon...” Link took his girlfriend’s hands, “You know I love you no matter what, right? I would be happy to have offspring with you as I’d be thrilled to see somebody carry on our legacy and help us keep Lon-Lon Ranch active as possible. If there is anything you’re worried about, remember that I am by your side, if you have bad dreams, I’m here to comfort you.” “That’s what I like about you, sweetie.” Malon said, looking into the hero’s eyes dreamily as she wrapped her arms around his neck, “You’re compassionate, handsome and caring, just like that man riding a white horse in my dreams. The one thing I can say right now besides ‘I love you’ is thank you... for being there for me, Link.”Malon sat up on Link’s lap, wrapping her legs around his waist as the two of them melted into a passionate kiss, Link placing his hands upon the red haired rancher’s smooth hips as he held her close to him. The heroic blonde lay back upon the ground, Malon atop him as they deepened their kiss, the fires of passion burning in their hearts, their bonds unbroken and inseparable.Link and Malon began to French-kiss, their tongues twirling and dancing like snakes surrounding each other as they invaded their mouths. They flipped so Malon lay upon the ground, Link atop her and still kissing her as he put his hands up to the sides of her head and Malon wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. The kiss lasted for ages until Link and Malon broke the kiss, Link pulling away as they gazed into each other’s eyes, Malon wiping away a saliva strand that was between the two of them. She smiled as Link sat up, taking her with him. Malon kissed the hero on the cheek and the two looked up at the starry, night sky, watching as stars and the moon glow in perfect unison.The End
CVGW story -A Crazy Game Night with Gaming Icons_____________________________________________________________________Writer’s Note; I own myself but I do not own the game characters in the story. Enjoy. Rated DG for dang good and AC for absolutely crazy…_____________________________________________________________________Triforce Bar, Hyrule Castle Town9:30 PM at night_____________________________________________________________________[The Crazy Video Game Wizard sits at a wooden table playing a card game with Sonic, Boom Eggman, BoTW Link, Sora and Samus Aran. The game has already started.][Amy Rose, BoTW Zelda and the bartender, Ganondorf, are all watching.]The Wizard (to Link): Hey, Link. Got any threes?[BoTW Link holds up a card with three triangles that are red, the Wizard looks at a similar card and takes Link’s card.]Boom Eggman: Hey Sonic, bro to bro. Got a two?Sonic: Nope, go on a fishing trip, Egghead!Boom Eggman: GRRRRRRR! IT'S ‘GO FISH!’Sora looks at Samus, holding up his own cards.Sora: Sammy, got a three or a four?Samus: Go Fish!Ganondorf: This is gonna turn into one heck of a game night!BOTW Zelda: Yes, but Link is completely mute, making him utterly useless.[Amy sighs happily.]Amy: My Sonikku will be numero uno.[The Wizard looks at the cards he’s obtained so far and looks at B.E]CVGW: Boom Robuttnik!?[Boom Eggman glares at him.]Boom Eggman: What?CVGW: Got any kings?Boom Eggman: KINGS? I’M AN EGG EMPEROR!!! GO FISH!!!CVGW: Oh, I will go fishing, Eggpiss![Sonic is shocked, Samus yelps, BoTW Link lets out a shriek and Sora nearly falls out of his seat. Boom Eggman is now furious!]Boom Eggman: EggPISS? EGGPISS?! I’M DOCTOR EGGMAN, BOOM EGGMAN![He presses a button and there is a beeping sound beneath the table under the floor!!!]Sonic: A doomsday bomb device!Boom Eggman: I hate this already. I’m gonna beat you all and leave before the explosion!CVGW: Okay, Samus got a three?[Samus gives him a three. Link takes a five from CVGW and Sonic takes two nines from Sora and Eggman starts to take some cards, but realizes his mistake happening until its too late as the beeping picks up!]Boom Eggman: Oh no…[BOOM! The bomb detonates and the bar explodes, sending everyone and some scorched cards n’ boxes flying into the air!!!]The Wizard: I should not have used that word!Boom Eggman: Shouldn’t have overreacted.[Everyone falls through a portal and crash lands in Goron City, in the presence of Darunia, who kindly scoops up the cards.]Darunia: Whoa-ho. You guys are crazy enough to do something stuntman-ish!CVGW: Hey Darunia.BoTW Link: ???Sonic: Who’s this?-One hour later-[Sonic gets a total of 18 or 20 cards as CVGW, Samus, Boom Eggman, BoTW Link and Sora admit defeat.]Sonic: Ha, game over guys. I beat you.CVGW: Not bad, Sonic.Amy is fan-girl squealing.Amy: Congrats, Sonikku![The Wizard shakes hands with Sonic, Boom Eggman and the others.]CVGW: That was quite fun, but in the end, this was one crazy game night.{The End}
Original Princess Zelda Cosplay by AnnieChie
Original Princess Zelda by AnnieChie
Majoras Mask - Into the forest... by Rariedash
Majoras Mask by Rariedash
ALD: Page 5 Chapter 3 by RandomLot
The Fairy of Thorns - Prologue part 3 by Webmegami
ALD: Page 4 Chapter 3 by RandomLot
The Fairy of Thorns - Prologue part 2 by Webmegami
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.:. Links In Trouble! .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
.:. Forest Temple Poes .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
.:. Whats Wrong Link?? .:. by xSakuyaChan510x
Courage and Wisdom by AceL97
Possessed Zelda by LTE-T
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Pervy Toon Zelda by LTE-T
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Blupee Art Doll - Breath of the Wild by thedomi
Celtic Triforce Slave Bracelet 2 by FeynaSkydancer
Legend of Zelda series - Ganon by Kaminskyyy
Twilight Princess With Wolf Wooden Book Box by ChibiPyro
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HW Definitive Edition - (BOTW Link and Zelda) by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors - Phantom Zelda Results Screen by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors:  Character Selection - Miss Tetra by ObsessedGamerGal86
Hyrule Warriors DLC - Adventurous Corsair by ObsessedGamerGal86
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Zelda, Princess of Hyrule by HaleyHylia
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Twilight Princess: Smol Heart Container Icon by AsterianMonarch
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All together for Halloween by Lunabandid


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Hello, guys! It's TheDarkXelloss! Now known as NeonSoul-Art :iconneonsoul-art:. I know I haven't made any updates on the journals for a very long time, it's like there's no time to do anything anymore. BUT there's now a trailer for the sequel of Breath of the Wild and the excitement is impossible to contain, that's why I wanted to make this journal for our members to talk about their opinions on the trailer, theories about what is coming in this new game, even if you want to go crazy about short-haired Zelda (internet is going crazy for her, it's amazing!), go for it! :D

I'll include the trailer below if anyone hasn't seen it, but I'll also include a very interesting backwards version where you can hear that the background music have interesting lyrics to them.

Can you decipher them? and what do you think they mean :)





It has also been revealed that this game might be even darker than Majora's Mask and that the map will be the same as the first game.

My theory is that even if the map is the same Nintendo wouldn't give us the same place to explore twice, basically making it the same game, instead, Hyrule might be corrupted in some way (maybe like Twilight Princess but more twisted?) making everything recognisable but really twisted.


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