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MYth: Trick or Treat line-up by zeldacw

Hi! Zelda here. I’m busy with Hephaestus comic pages so I will make this contest as simple as possible. I know you might be busy as well, so thank you for reading this, and hopefully you’d participate. Let’s make another interesting Halloween Chibi Parade for this year Halloween~ ^__^


1. Draw/ sketch your favorite MYth character in a costume you find …interesting/ funny/ fitting/ appealing/ good looking.

2. Post it on your tumblr/ facebook/ deviantart/ (or any other website/ blog you use that supports image). Message me with the link to your entry and include your email address.

[DEADLINE: October 24, 2015]


For the chibi parade, I will pick the designs that make me go…

“Ooooh! interesting…”
“aww~~ so cute~”

*like I said, I’m keeping this simple =u=.
Unfortunately, this time I will only pick each character once. Meaning if I receive many entries of Hades, I can still only pick one. Judging from 2013′s entries, this could be difficult… there were many good ones T^T 


1. All entries selected for the Chibi Parade will receive the Chibi Parade image file in full size. (This is why you must include your email address when entering)

2. Out of the Chibi Parade, one Best Costume Award will be awarded. Winner will receive a personalized color sketch of your costume design from me.

Thank you for reading. 
Happy drawing/ sketching~ ^___^

MYth Halloween 2014 by zeldacw MYth Halloween 2013 by zeldacw

… … … … … … … … … … … …
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Completed MYth short stories:
My Seasons (Hades & Persephone)
Eternal Gift (Poseidon & Amphitrite)
A Promise (Story before the Olympians)
Will (Hera’s decision)
Distillation (Birth of Athena)

MYth 12 Titans Shine Calendar standard edition and MYth titles standard editions now available~
*all titles available except [Distillation]

I have been in contact with the company since October of last year to resolve their recurring printing defect. The latest test prints were finally satisfactory, but since the company does print-on-demand (meaning they print after order is placed), it’s still possible for their quality to waver after my test prints. (This is why it took so long to sort things out with them…T^T ) Please do contact customer support if you receive books with defect such has incorrect full bleed/ over-trimming. Thank you so much !

The new prints I prepared for artist alley is also available at port of zelda storenvy now ^^
(I totally forgot to post about it on DA...Orz )

So, take a look and I hope you find something you like~ ^u^
print catalog

Also available but not listed here are: Bookmarks (MYth, Sailor Moon, MLP), new MYth button set (Artemis & Apollo only), MYth Distillation book (at-con only special price & bonus), stickers, and MYth 2016 calendar (limited quantity/ at-con special price/ no pre-order bonus. click here for important info regarding MYth calendar storenvy pre-order and AX pick up ).

[+] Artist alley and my E68 TABLE LOCATION (at the end of row E) :

At-con commission: AX artist alley is currently the only place I accept commissions. This year I will be doing watercolor sketch and double sided paddle fan. Visit my table for more info. Slots are limited. ^ ^

ART only Tumblr: zeldacw
Personal Tumblr: zeldacw-love

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Visit my Patreon page to download the sample pdf file and see what it'd be like.

Other rewards include access to patron only activity feed where I pose weekly sketches, w.i.p, and exclusive preview art. 
Please look at my patreon page and consider the list of reward I prepared if you'd like to support me.

Besides monetary support, I deeply appreciate everyone supporting me through following, watching, reading, commenting, and also sharing.  Thank you all. 

I will continue working hard to present you more stories to read and enjoy ^__^
I got many people suggesting me try using Patreon now that I no longer have monthly income from inkblazers. I looked it up and also checked out a few other artists who currently use Patreon.  I got one big concern... I don't know what to offer as rewards/ perks for my patrons...O_Ollll

and I also fear that I lack the time to prepare the rewards...Orz

If you are interested in becoming my future patron, please comment and give suggestions on possible rewards.
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For most up to date information regarding my work, please visit my website Port of Zelda

MYth Distillation and Will limited edition is available at my storenvy.
I will continue posting MYth on Smackjeeves
, and also recently added MYth on Tapastic  (I used to post my other comic sketch there...)
Although MYth doesn't really fit the vertical viewing format because it's intended for print, I'll keep the vertical format in mind when making new pages. Hopefully I can make the new pages flow naturally either way. 

Update April 2015:
I'm taking a break from comic making to work on a different project for upcoming convention. I will continue working on Inflammation later this year and posting the pages as I finish them.

Thank you for your patience.
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Please follow me on my tumblrfacebook page, DA, and or twitter to get future announcements and updates regarding my work in the future.

Regarding the future of my web-comics...

MYth Inflammation will continue, but with Inkblazers shutting down.... I have no more monthly chapters requirement to meet but I also lost a huge amount of monthly income, so I'll have to work on other things that help pay the bills...therefore, the updates would slow down…probably by a lot.

Most likely I will continue posting the pages on Smackjeeves again like the old days before switching to manga magazines/inkblazers, and maybe start posting MYth on Tapastic as well. (With Inkblazers closing, Tapastic suddenly gets a huge increase in titles because it looks like everyone from Inkblazers switched to Tapastic... =u=lll )

The bigger problem is regarding my regular edition books of my earlier titles My Seasons, Eternal Gift and A Promise. I don't have those books with me anymore, and I just took them down from lulu book shop because of their recent print quality issues and linked everyone to my inkblazer shop for books... before I figure out a better way, I'm sorry to say the earlier titles won't be available for purchase. Now only limited edition of Will and Distillation are available on my Storenvy, and Sunnyis available as e-book on

I feel sad that they didn't notify the authors in advance and just suddenly dropped the bad news. (One month isn't enough to prepare for this. O__Q)

I wasn't as shocked compared to many other users because I actually have always been concerned about this when I think about the huge amount of financial support they try to provide all the comic artists with the preview program. I was hoping it could continue for as long as possible, but sadly it has come to an end. I sincerely appreciate everything IB provided for me and the funding I was able to receive through this website over the past 3 years. It was a huge help for my family especially during my mother's illness. 

Thank you Foster, for inviting me.

Thank you Victor, for all the help

and thanks to all the hard working staff of Inkblazers/ Manga Magazine for making this place so beautiful and easy to use.

Thanks for everything!

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Pre-order now open to all!
Please visit this page to place your pre-order:

pre-order ends November 28
shipment starts shortly after that.

Thank you all for supporting my works. ^__^
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Storenvy Shop Now Open

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 9:17 AM

the same prints I had available at Anime Expo artist alley is available at the shop ^  ^
MYth: Will limited edition still available as well. 


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Back from Artist Alley

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 26, 2014, 2:57 PM

The girl who bought the yuuko wind chime on day 1 of AX, please contact me~~!!! O_O

This year's preparation was a rather rough one. I had to stay up through all 3 nights to prepare more prints because I didn't print enough T^T. The positive side was the good business...TuT but I'm so tired and worn out.

also glad that people liked the wind chime commissions ^__^
Thanks to everyone who stopped by~ Thank you for supporting my work. 

and soon as I'm done setting up my online store, I'll be back to work on MYth Distillation. @_@

These are the fan art prints I have this year...

The only MYth book I will have available is MYth: Will limited edition. [$12 each]

I have a few MYth character prints 5x7 sets still available

Bookmarks are all available

Persephone & Hades charm straps

all large prints are $15 each

I will bring what I have left of the MYth character prints to AX, but ALL MYth character prints are available at my online print shop. Carrying and displayingall of the MYth sets large prints at AX has always been a challenge…and it’s even harder to prepare the stock since I can never tell which character sells more, and I end up with not enough of one print and too many of other print…@_lll  (For example, one time at AX, poor Apollo didn’t sell at all..XD)

If you know for sure that you want to pick up a certain MYth print (or any other print) at AX artist alley this year, send me a note/ email so I can prepare your prints beforehand. I did this one year. It helped a lot~ ^ ^

*this post will be edited when I get more stuff ready.

*update: Artist Alley map:

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website updated…
(I pretty much forgot about my website..Orz)

+List of my places online 

Port of Zelda homepage

youtube channel

Livestream channel



facebook page



tumblr (art)

tumblr (personal)


Storenvy Shop

+comic works:


~shi~ on tapastic

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Back from AX + MYth Pre-order shipment

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 10, 2013, 11:27 AM

*Low quantity of MYth A Promise III limited edition left in stock.

email/ DA note me if you'd like to get one ^ ^ 

Pre-Order MY: A Promise III by zeldacw

back from AX~

look!! Mushroom Alien plushie~~~!!!

handmade gift from Jackie~~Thank you Jackie >w< !!



LOOK~ AX mascot cosplayers
came to my artist alley table to say hi~~>w< !!



*and this is my table…HUGE Thanks to my genius sister who set up the entire display~


ah~ and because I was behind the table all 4 days and didn't know what was going on at AX….only until I got home on day 4 did I find out…Makoto Shinkai was there…=___=



(=__= )

(=_  _= )

( = _     _ =  )  <- *zelda is now broken.


….I got over it later…
I was able to get over not seeing TVXQ when they were so close to me, I shall be able to get over anything now…TT__TT

Anyway, I FINALLY finished all the pre-order bonus character sketches

here are some of the sketches….(please understand they're NOT all MYth characters, I sketch random characters too.)


I shall never do this again. or maybe put a limit like…only for the first 50 pre-order or something… Orz (oh my hand~~the pain~~!!)

so now I'm preparing the shipment of all the pre-orders.  I plan on have them all (or at least first batch) shipped out this weekend. OwO!!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly~ ^__^

Anime Expo + MYth: A Promise III Pre-Order

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 16, 2013, 11:16 AM
MYth A Promise III pre-order
. Pre-Order MY: A Promise III by zeldacw

:bulletred: Pre-order comes with an original sketch card ^w^
:bulletred: Pre-order ends July 3rd, 2013
:bulletred: Book shipment begins in early July


I will be at AX 2013 artist alley, table E9

Items available (more detail coming later):
-MYth: A Promise III Limited First Edition. 

-11x17prints, 5x7 prints, 4x6 mini prints, & bookmarks
MFX Goddesses by zeldacw MFX Gods by zeldacw MYth: Chibi Bookmark PV by zeldacw
Athena x Ares by zeldacw  
and others....but I don't have thunmbnails to show Orz

-Original hand drawn paddle fan 
*each fan is ONE OF A KIND.  $30~$50

-MYth Persephone Hades charm strap $6 EACH/ 2 FOR $10

-$10 sketch commission

-$30 character board commission

So far I'm not sure if MYth A Promise III books will be ready in time for artist alley. Pre-order anyway but make sure to let me know that pick up at AX is an option for you by adding a note.  If by chance the books are ready by AX, I'll post about it so people can come pick up and get their shipping fee refunded.

MYth Translated into Many Languages!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 7:44 AM

Thanks to all my kind translators...OwO!!

MYth has been translated into several different languages and you can access them on Manga

MYth: My Seasons Cover Art by zeldacw

:bulletyellow:MYth: My Seasons
Japanese (full)…
Dutch (chp 1)…
Italian (full)…
Portuguese (full)…
Russian (chp 1)…

MYth: Eternal Gift Cover Art by zeldacw
:bulletblue: MYth: Eternal Gift
Japanese (chp 1)…
Italian (full)…
Portuguese (full)…

MYth: A Promise by zeldacw
:bulletred:A Promise I
French (full)…
German (full)…
Italian (chp 1)…
Japanese (full)…
Portuguese (full)…
Russian (chp 1)…

MYth: A Promise II by zeldacw
:bulletred:A Promise II
French (full)…

MYth A Promise III by zeldacw
:bulletred:A Promise III

Someone also offered to help me translate MYth into Hebrew and Greek, unfortunately Manga Magazine doesn't have those two language option yet... ( OxO )

Help My Mother Fight Breast Cancer

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 10:02 AM

Ways you can help:

:heart: Contribute ANY amount (please see my campaign page
:heart: Share, read, subscribe ($2.99 per month), or follow my comic weekly for free on Manga This would help increase my monthly funding!  (…)
:heart: Share my campaign page or this journal to others who might be able to help.
:heart: Your kind words, encouragement, and prayers.
:heart: Purchase this print: Blossom by zeldacw

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  

Without my mother, there wouldn't be an artist named Zelda C. Wang
She is everything to me.  Recently she has been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and several other health problems. It's overwhelming and highly stressful for her, yet instead of concerning about her health, she worries about the medical expense more...

My mother raised three kids by herself, but never complained about her stress and workload.  
The artwork depicts my childhood memory of her, always working late into the night to pay the bills and feed the family.  

My mother has always been supportive and proud of me. I am happy being who I am right now and it's because of my mother.  She allowed me to come to this world and allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming an artist.

I will keep doing what I do best with this gift of talent she gave me. I will keep drawing and promoting my works, because I could REALLY use the monthly funding from Manga Magazine now...  If you could help in any way, please do.  Either by contribution or share the page, I'm forever grateful!

Please see my campaign page for more details, I have also prepared some perks such as my original sketch, painting, and art prints... hoping more people would help.

:bulletred: Please see my fundraising page here-

THANK YOU :heart:

from Zelda C. Wang

Read MYth on Manga Magazine

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 12, 2012, 8:50 AM

:bulletred: MANGA MAGAZINE…

:bulletred: MANGA MAGAZINE…

:bulletred: MANGA MAGAZINE…

MYth 2013 calendar pre-order

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 18, 2012, 3:11 PM

MYth A.D. 2013: Grace by zeldacw

Now taking pre-orders of MYth 2013 ~Grace~ special 13-month calendar.

- Pre-order and regular order of the limited 13-month edition is the same price (only pre-order comes with bonus items and signed calendar)
- Pre-order ends Nov. 22, 2012.  After this, regular order of the limited edition begins on Dec. 1st and ends Dec. 25.
- After Dec. 25, standard 12-month edition will be available at $24.99

Visit to place your pre-order.

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Dear Santa + MYth 2013 calendar

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 5:10 PM

I am not very picky, so any of the following would be great:

- Byakuya of Bleach in handsome winter clothing
- Sebastian and Ciel of Black Butler with snowy day setting.
- Aladdin and Sinbad of Magi in winter setting.
- My OC Hades and Persephone of MYth in winter setting.

*If you could please add "For Zelda" somewhere either in the picture or as the title.
That'd be GREAT....OwO///
Thanks Santa...!


Aside from secret Santa...

The 2013 MYth calendar is currently in production.
This time I'm considering making just standard editions, which you buy from directly.
unless people really want to have the calendar through me to get it signed and get extra prints, etc...
let me know which you prefer more...

*standard editions are priced at 24.99 while limited editions are $30 and comes with some extra exclusive stuff...

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MYth: A Promise II Standard Edition On Sale Now

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 7:49 AM

:bulletred: MYth: A Promise II Standard Edition is now available on

:bulletred: commission is now closed through October.
However, you may email me/note me to reserve a spot.
I'll get back to you ASAP.
For more information, see my commission link (see journal header).

:bulletred:New item up at my print shop~ (click the "shop" link above )

you can find new prints including:
MYth: Portraits I by zeldacw   MYth: Portraits II by zeldacw
Portrait of the Princesses by zeldacw   Friendship is Magic by zeldacw Earth x Water by zeldacw Air x Fire by zeldacw

Another new item is the MYth phone charm of Hades & Persephone:

and of course all 16 of the MYth character collection 2011 prints~
here's a few of them.... MYth character: Hades by zeldacw MYth character: Zeus by zeldacw MYth Character: Poseidon by zeldacw

**MYth: A Promise II limited edition is now out of print.

Please take a look at my print shop~
Thank you for your support!

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