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The Redeemer
The Redeemer
I was born in darkness
and silence.
Chains were held about
world like slaves
in captivity.
I was the Light
that you sought,
the music that filled.
It was up to you
to listen,
to hear.
I came as your King,
but you wanted mighty
and grand majesty,
not the lowly
that I was.
I was rejected
by my own,
then put to death.
Forgive them-
for in their blindness
have I saved the world
and shown it
my love
and redeemed it.
Look at these holes
in my hands
and this wound
in my side.
My agony
was your quickening.
Be rejoiced,
for the old things
are filled and
are made new.
Laws finished and
replaced by
for I have taken
away the keys
of Death and Hades
and made life
a possibility.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 3 2
Spiriling Again
Spiraling Again
I've lost
my sense of feeling
as it should be.
Where's the connect
who I am
and my heart and mind?
It's broken.
I'm afraid.
They say
it's normal
for someone like me-
who's abnormal.
But when will the
routine stop?
passes the time,
but frustration
I've slept
away the day.
it's back
to bed.
The cycle is
"Do you want to
get better?"
I know they're worried,
but their questions
are irritating.
Cigarettes and anti-depressants,
because it's all just one
big bet
to see if it will
And it turns out
what hurts
is what actually
brings healing.
Some days I feel fine,
and hope is easier
to discover.
But many days I'm low
and, oh, I just
if any of it's even
worth it.
I'm sleepy again...
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 3 0
The Three Witnesses: Chapter One
The Three Witnesses: Chapter One
Diana had come, as she'd walked closer and closer, to find two things: The first was that there was actually a pathway leading her in the direction of the something, made of dirt that was smoothed and packed down. She couldn't help but find it odd that no one had thought to use tar or concrete. She was sure rainy days made it miserable to find one's way.
The second thing was that the unknown something that she was heading towards was a wall. In fact, it was a huge wall. She had no idea how tall and wide it was exactly, but whoever had constructed it must have put in a good bit of effort and time.
With these two things in mind, Diana quickly came to the conclusion that the wall was part of some sort of public building, if not a city. It had to be, since it was much too large of a creation to be someone's home.
Coming within a few feet of the wall confirmed the latter: It was a city. People were moving in an out and their voices r
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 2 5
The Three Witnesses: Prologue
The Three Witnesses: Prologue
She didn't think this would be where her mind would go if she fainted. Perhaps a nice spa with a cup of tea or just something a little less hot?
Granted, one could not actually control where their mind went to during a fainting spell. Hallucinations weren't exactly something you could just say: "Yes, now!" or "Nah, I'm good." Most did not experience them, but when they did, it was an uncontrolled phenomenon.
But that didn't negate the question of Why here?. Or even the question of why she had fainted in the first place. As far as she could tell, in concerns to the latter, nothing had brought such a fit on.
Diana Necate had simply begun the process of making that morning's (first) cup of coffee, pleased with a rare day off work, when the world had begun to dip and spin.
Everything went black.
Until now.
Where she found herself staring at a certain...something that was in the not-so-far off distance, sand belo
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 3
Smoke, Highs, and Fire: A True Story
Smoke, Highs, and Fire: A True Story
It's morning. I blink a couple of times, then sit up off the couch. I'd been much too lazy to move to the room, having wanted only the darkness of sleep. The sun shines brightly, and it's a bit hard for me to look at. I take a wild guess that it's from the aftereffects of last night. I can't help but smirk as I remember the previous events...
"Zelda, breathe in!"
I lean over the bottle and suck in, trying to inhale the smoke. The makeshift water pipe is hard to work with, and I, frustrated, can't help but think how much
easier joints are to use.
I manage to suck in a second time and the water from the makeshift pipe bubbles. I cough a few times.
"You got it that time," my aunt, though only 2 years my elder, congratulates.
"No fucking kidding. I better get high off this. I hate coughing like that." I grumble as I cough, before voicing my preference for the joint version.
She tells me this is better, that it's not as dangerous be
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 0 0
Ruby Red by Zelda85044 Ruby Red :iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 0 11
my clothes.
my fingers
Red staining
my vision.
Red staining
Red dripping
in water
once clear.
smooth skin.
crimson tears.
too quickly
and we forget.
But then
Red returns
to soak
and cloud
and stain
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 4 10
Why the World Loves You
Why the World Loves You
The world loves
because you
have gold intertwined
The world loves you
though you are
perfect in loving,
you are
imperfect in being.
The world loves you
despite the wear-and-tear,
you've never
torn apart.
The world loves
you are who
you are.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 0
What's Inside?
What's Inside?
that you
can't escape.
I'd love
take you
ask you
You pretend
the anger
cure it all,
all I can
is a
But maybe
that's why
you know
that I don't.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 1
If You Were Gone (All Would Fade)
If You Were Gone (All Would Fade)
Where is the Earth
if you aren't
in it?
My world
is centered
around you.
Ay, the skies
are dark
your smile
the lights
no shine
your laugh
to fill them.
To leave
is to banish
the mere definition,
the syllable
of joy.
Let it not be
again as
long as I live!
if you
were to leave me.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 3 1
Cover Up Stories
Cover Up Stories
She said
"I'm fine,"
even though she
wasn't okay.
He said
"I'm not hungry,"
even though
he was starving.
Can't you see
the bags
under her eyes,
and the
dry smile that hides
the tears?
Can't you see the
peaking under
his shirt?
Did you not
once hear
the sounds
behind the
as his throat
You say
"go away"
but I wonder
if it means
for me to
Because I
saw the bruises,
and heard the screaming.
I heard you begging
"Daddy please,
not me;
it's me!"
"I'm better"
"I'm okay"
the games
I know them well.
By the school yard,
covered in thorns
we pretend
these illnesses
and abuses
are all
just harmless
and will
go away if
we let them.
We may hope
it takes
than a star
to make
these dark nights
turn to day.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 1
I Wanted to be Like an Adult
I Wanted to be Like an Adult
I'm not like an adult,
so they said,
so I
drank until I was
-Itas and shots
I lost
myself in
(And will I lie?
It was fun!
I found
a bit of freedom.
A way to forget
the insult to injury.)
And then
I woke up the
next morning
with my head
"Why did I do it?"
The guilt won't leave me
with the
r e p e a t.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 3
Life Drunk
Life Drunk
If I'm not
wanting to be
on words,
I want to
be drunk
on wine.
And if I don't
want to be
drunk on wine,
then I'm willing
to be drunk
on love.
I've tasted
the burn and the
as the rivers
run down
my throat.
They let me forget
let me
be someone else,
someone better
than me.
I've heard the
Siren sing to me
as she
tells me
prose and poetry
brings me
to life and
with letters
and stories.
But ne'er have I
tasted love
as of yet.
Never has it called.
And all of what
I've sent is
left in
the boxes
And still
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 2 1
Perfectly, Uniquely Singular
Uniquely, Perfectly Singular
My desire
to be alone
is worrying
to many.
They wonder why
I cannot connect
and find myself
in the reflections
of the eyes of others.
In this society,
we are taught
that groups breed
the best of us,
and that we can only
be great if
we learn to be great
But I was never together,
was never part of a "we."
I learned best of all
the word "me."
And why is that always such
a bad thing?
Why can't I be
singular and strong?
Why must I break and
assimilate and try
to destroy myself
to fit a society that
never wanted me anyway?
Because you realized I was
too unique and
you are too afraid.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 2 5
When My Mind Has Dark Days...
When My Mind Has Dark Days...
I'd love to
tell my brain to
shut up.
To stop and
keep quite to
let me breathe.
But sometimes
I remember
people like
Van Gogh,
who used darkness
to paint Starry Nights.
I'd like to think
that my brain
being on
and misunderstood
and so insane
is the creative price
I must pay.
Maybe I'll be one
of the greats.
When I die,
they'll say:
"At twelve, she
began writing
and- in a modern sense
has been compared
to many legends before her..."
I will be someone studied
and taught and
someone somebody will
hope to be
just like Shakespeare
and others were
to me.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 4 5
A Poem of Finished Hopes
A Poem of Finished Hopes
Talking to you
is like trying to
get through to
someone on the
other side of a
brick wall
without any tools;
I've done my best
to explain,
but explaining to
the fool is causing
me to lose the wisdom
I've gained.
I can't afford it.
So I've lost hope.
I'm done trying.
Here's a sip,
a glass full,
to the words I've
spoken and wasted
and kill'd on
the one
who never bothered
to listen.
:iconzelda85044:Zelda85044 1 4
Got Poetry? Why, yes, yes I do! They're new and waiting for you! :aww:

Random Favourites

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Practice Poem - Artistic Frustration
Practice Poem - Artistic Frustration:
Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG!
Everything is wrong.
'As then sun dew drips from her eyes'-
Do I really think that'll be good enough?
Hours spent on each piece -
Punctuated only by sound of ripping paper -
To lie crumpled upon my wooden floor,
Unable to be forgotten.
As the hours pass and the day wears on,
More and more worlds are crushed by my hands.
Realities sprawled upon a single piece of paper,
To die as quickly as they are formed.
A man's whose romance is torn in two,
A vampire about to meet his prey.
A werewolf standing against an army
And a boy facing the world alone.
These are the lives that I hold in my hand;
Fictional lives, but precious still.
Yet as soon as I see their imperfections,
I destroy the evidence in a throe of shame.
These crumpled masses that now surround me,
They aren't the proof of perfection's pursuit...
They are merely my feeble, worthless attempts,
To disguise my own ineptitude.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 15th Decembe
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 430 112
Practice Poem - Poor Little Timmy
Practice Poem - Poor Little Timmy:
Down into well, poor Timmy fell,
Down he fell into the pits of hell.
Brought into hell by an eldritch spell,
Poor little Timmy who fell down the well.
Alone he cowered and shivered and shook,
He shook for hours, so long it took,
So long it took for him to feel well,
Well enough to explore this hell...
Through pathways littered with scenes most gory;
Most gory indeed was little Timmy's story,
A story of fear and suffering defined,
Poor little Timmy, he ran out of time...
Now then, I think I'll go welcome my little guest...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 14th December 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 258 141
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My deviantART story [actually doing this]
Since everyone is doing this and my inbox is blowing up with journals from other artists telling their story, I guess I should tell a little bit of mine as well and get a badge. Woohoo.
I'm going to be extremely shocked if anyone actually reads through this.
I joined back on January 16th, 2010. I came across deviantART at eleven years old, curious of other artists and wanting to see some great art and fanfiction. I was involved mostly in Warrior Cats and the Powerpuff Girls, hence the username, Puffedwarrior. My first deviation was posted two months after I joined, and it happened to be of two original cat characters whom I don't use anymore.  Back then I was still using my mouse to draw, and I was very new to Photoshop.  I don't remember the day I joined all that well, but I do remember that I was very inactive for a few months and was very unpopular.
That is, until I ended up watching a certain episode of a certain show that made me
:iconfrostedpuffs:frostedpuffs 14 32
Here are different works by all of you WONDERFUL people out there, including: stamps, poems, prose, and art. :gallery:

Journal History




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey, guys!

I'm back - for how long? I have no idea...Until I have to make a following journal that says: "I'm grounded again!" let's just enjoy the time I'm on here, eh?


So, here's the update since I last was here:


Do I even want to discuss this? Yes, I know I should, but...*le sigh* My grades are dropping to not very great levels and I'm definitely experiencing "senioritis" - I just want to be done already! I'm tired of having my mom over my shoulder fussing constantly and threatening to call the school to withdraw me. (Yes, she's actually done that.) I will be so thrilled when the last school bell rings and I know that my HS/grade school career is behind me and the only thing that's left is GRADUATION.


I'm going to be majoring in English - most likely for Pre-Law studies. My minors will be French, and...I don't know. Perhaps Christian studies? I've considered it...Maybe poetry? I've also considered that as well.
I am in the process of applying to two in-state schools (since out-of-state would cost way too much and I could not be able to handle living too far away from my family.)

I'm thrilled about college because I know I'll have a lot more free time, which means less stress. I also won't have to go to class every day. While I do know the responsibilities (ex: studying, getting to class, etc.) will be much greater, I also know the freedoms will balance those out.

I'll also be living on campus, so I'll be on my own! Yay!

Emotional State:

If this were a grade, it would probably be an F- at worst, C- at best.

I had a one week period where I was off my depression meds because the doctor(s) didn't get it refilled so...that was fun! Also, being in a house with my mom's very "Type A" personality doesn't exactly help either. I mean, I love her, and I know it seems like I'm bashing her, but, well...I'm a "Type B."

Look those personalities up, and you can guess how often me and my mom clash.

Have I also mentioned I attempted suicide a couple weeks ago? No? Well, I did.

I'm probably going to write a story about what happened- but for now, I'll just leave it at that.

I'm fine now, but I think there's a part of you that is lost- or at least shaken- when you do something like that...

Physical State:

Probably the only part of my life that's either not fucked up or driving me towards being fucked up.

I'm having minor twitches because the depression medicine is trying to rework itself back into my body- but nothing too major.

Of course, there's the usual muscle pains but that's fine. It is what it is. :)

Not much to say here...

Poetry & Writing:

As always, I have a thousand ideas in my head, but only too hands! :giggle:

Now that I'm back, I'm planning to write a lot- so be prepared! :D


Over all, I'm just trying to climb out of this hole I've dug. I have a psychiatrist appointment on March 20th where they'll check my medicine and see (also) if I have ADD- something my counselor and I suspect.

I know I need to keep a smile on my face and my head up. God is watching, and He's clearly not ready for me to come Home just yet!

As always,
Blessings, Love, and Grace from Above:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, and welcome to my page! I am so glad you stopped by! :hug:

Since you so graciously took the time to come by my page, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Zelda, and I am a teen poet from the Southern United States.

I have been writing poetry for about six years now, and cover a wide variety of topics, from nature to love to pain. I also write stories, on occasion, in order to practice description and think "outside the box," as well as be different.

I am one who is always willing to make friends, so if you ever wish to reach out, just ask! I am always open to respond to comments or notes or any sort of thoughts or words you might have. I don't bite, so just talk to me! :D

Among other things, I am an anti-bullying advocate, due to my experiences with the issue. I have felt it personally because of my Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and other physical and mental disorders. If you ever need to talk to someone on the subject, don't hesitate to send me a message so that I can be in touch with you. I would be glad to give you comfort.

I am also a Christian. While I waiver and am not perfect, I know that I am truly born again, and will see Him again someday.


Other random facts:

-I speak French.

-My favorite color is black.

-I love country music.

-I love Fall Out Boy.

-I am a vegetarian.

-I am bisexual.

-I have an obsession with smoothies.

-My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.



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Thank you so, so, so, so *deep breath* much! I really appreciate it! c:
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :D
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